Jess Camerato is Out at NBC Sports Philadelphia

Per her:

I’m told her contract wasn’t renewed.

Jess did pretty much everything in her role, essentially functioning as the network’s Sixers beat reporter while also appearing on the anchor desk in pregame, halftime, and post-game roles. She was one of the few traveling media members and was a regular at practices, press conferences, and shoot around. Jess was one of the more active reporters when it came to asking questions and getting video clips and quotes up on social media.

Camerato follows Molly Sullivan and Marshall Harris out the door and probably to greener pastures. NBCSP is neck-deep in a head-scratching rebuild and also let go of a number of behind-the-scenes people, some in creative services, to go along with their on-camera restructuring.

I’d assume the recently added Taryn Hatcher, who is not related to Derian, will absorb some of Jess and Molly’s responsibilities in whatever new streamlined role they’re giving her. Whatever the case, it’s always disappointing to see decent people let go as more media jobs are slashed.

Edit: the “Sixers Nation” Twitter account mentioned Hatcher as a replacement for Molly as this year’s sideline reporter, and she clarified that she WON’T be assuming that role:

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28 Responses

  1. So let’s get this straight

    Solid hard working people like Jessica and Molly are shown the door.
    Harris gone too, and he was a good dude and really knew his stuff
    Young hottie gets hired

    Yet this crapola network still has these people employed
    * BARKANN — Biggest tool in local history. Full of himself. Sucks up to everyone. Gushes over a win like he played. Becomes an analyst when teams lose
    *FADOOL – – Mistakes after mistakes. Tries to be funny and fails miserably. Acts immature during college basketball season. Reminds everyone of her Kentucky fandom
    *ROOB — When was last time he posted a real story of substance? Instead its lists of the top ten this and that. And nobody gives a shit about his going to 74509 music shows a year

    The real ass hole in this whole thing is this dude

    Shawn Oleksiak

    Here is his twitter to shame him

    1. You ingrate, Roob is a national treasure. I can’t live without his top 10 lists. I love his disheveled hobo look, it makes him look 5-10 years older and more mature. I’ll take roob over known snitch K.Kinkead any day of the week. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    2. Oleksiak’s boss Michelle Murray is the main problem. Since she became GM in 2015, it’s been failure after failure (BOB) and a mass exodus of talent from the network. There’s nothing wrong with streamlining the operations to keep up with the times but there’s a way to do it without sacrificing the content and she’s missing the mark.

    3. No not Jessica. She provided great info on the sixers. First Molly and now her. Why can’t they just get rid of Amy Fadool. She is nothing special. She is slightly overweight and annoying to listen to. Now we will be stuck watching her non stop talk about the Sixers.

    4. Amy Fadool must be hilarious, Marc Farzetta laughs at everything she says.
      Never mind, he laughs at everything everyone says.
      Who ever decided he would be a good host of a show should be shot. Didn’t they ever listen to him on the radio?
      And he looks like an idiot the way he wears his tie.
      Barkann was bad, Fadool/Farzetta are atrocious.

      1. I will pause my normal duties for a moment to applaud this. Every last word is the truth! Also Farzi buttoning his shirt ALL the way up then rolling up his sleeves- all while wearing jeans- is such a bad look that whoever shoots the guy in charge of putting him in a hosting roll needs to save a round for wardrobe.

  2. Thankfully, the Crossing Broad guys are revolutionizing the way important stories are covered. Jay Ajayi’s food preferences? Trade rumors that readers already saw on Twitter? Trade scenarios on Crossing Broadcast that make WIP callers look brilliant? This place has it all.

    1. Yea, Kevin is a terrific writer but the other content is fairly mundane to say the least. I pay for The Athletic and Kyle wants me to pay the same for this site. I literally have hundreds of articles available to me with the Athletic from the viewpoint of numerous cities yet Kyle really thinks a blog site that posts 5 or 6 items a day is worth as much.

  3. I don’t get it. Why are they firing people who actually know what they are doing? It is just bizarre. If Comcast wasn’t illegally withholding their channel from the sat channels, I would be gone in a minute. We will be moving in 5 years or so and I will gladly buy the packages that allow me to watch the games without being married to NBC.

    1. Provided they pay the price and now that the 6ixers are back, Fightin’s are competitive and the Flyboys are on the upswing it’s going to be more. If you think it’s going to change go ask the the majority of LA when they are going to be able to watch the Dodgers. The local sports networks all think people will pay any price to watch sports programming.

  4. Roob is a national treasure. I don’t know what I would do without his top 10 lists. I love his disheveled hobo look too, it makes him look a year or two older. I’ll take Roob over known snitch Kevin Kinkead any day of the week.

  5. Then you don’t have to watch CSN/NBC Sports Philly or any of the “personalities”. Switch to SiriusXM so you don’t have to listen to Philly sports radio.

  6. Maybe they can hire that tasty POA Dei Lynam back.
    She sure is ‘sweet’!
    A lot better looking than Soul Glow………….

  7. lol is anyone watching any of these shows? replace the aging uglies with the young hotties, big deal, get over it geeks. go join antifa if you want to whine

  8. I don’t see how people are having a hard time understanding these moves. We’ve heard over and over how NBCSP was struggling to keep eyeballs on its more traditional shows and pre/post game broadcasts. They’re dropping personalities that didn’t move the needle and they’ve hired a rocket for hosting and reporting duties. Who knows if it’ll work but that’s obviously plan.

  9. So why not just go topless? It’s obvious people have no attention span and don’t want valuable insight or good informed reporting or are getting it elsewhere.. They should offer a topless sports hour, then a “Shag the host/hostess game show”, Stop pretending already that sports journalism exists anymore.

    1. I will go topless so you can see my freckled torpedo tits! Really takes the edge off my snaggletooth!

  10. Broke broads are the best broads! She be ” b l o w i n’ Cohen” for a 20 spot by the end of the month!

  11. Can who ever is in charge of Phillies broadcast? He is so slow with his analysis that he an inning behind.
    And all the excitement he shows is hard to handle.
    I’m surprised the attendance on games he does isn’t higher just so people can watch the game without listening to him.

  12. Looks like NBC is going for glitz and glam instead of the girl next door who actually has brains. As for Amy you guys don’t like that she can hold her own with the guys. And Roob and Barkann both have the having a few with the guys charm. Hope they don’t ruin that aspect. And the guys who want T&A reporting they have gentlemen’s clubs for that.

  13. Whoever is doing the hiring for the Comcast sports tv shows must be both deaf and blind!! This crop of talent is seriously deficient both in talent and style!! Don’t they pay this farzetta character enough to dress appropriately? He looks like he rolled out of bed with rumpled clothes , and I guess it’s good he’s bald cause Iam sure if he had hair, it would be rumpled as well. Pretty bad for what ? The nations 6th largest city!!

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