The Cuz never uses social media.

In fact, his last Twitter foray was back in June, when he re-tweeted a series of promos for a sports trivia night on some  app called “HypSports.” Actually, his entire Twitter feed dating back to January is nothing but HypSports promotional tweets.

That’s why I was somewhat stunned to see this pop up today:

Ah yeah? Hell no to that trade. I wouldn’t give up a 7th rounder for vile Pitt Panther LeSean McCoy, who can stay in Buffalo for the remainder of eternity for all I care.

The more interesting thing is Gargano’s source on the matter, which I’m pretty sure is Bills head coach Sean McDermott himself. I vividly remember the Cuz coming down to Talen Energy Stadium a while back to take in a Union game, and who do I see him yucking it up with after the game?

Sean McDermott!

The Cuz and Sean McDermott, just shooting the shit for 20 minutes after the game. The connection here is that Sean’s brother, Tim, is the Union’s Chief Business Officer and a former Eagles and Sixers employee, so I don’t doubt that Gargano was chilling in the luxury box with his kids before or after going into section 136, which is where the Sons of Ben sit.

The McDermott connection is even more obvious when you recall that time Sean, looking for a head coaching job, went on the Cuz’s show two years ago to read his resume.

You can still listen to the audio on the 97.5 the Fanatic website. It’s somewhat cringe-worthy, if we’re being honest. It was typical Cuz, blowing sunshine up somebody’s butt a la “Spags” or Baldy or whoever he had on The Meat Locker at any point over the last few years.

This specific interview took place in January of 2016, five months after the pair were spotted by me at Talen. Sean McDermott, then-Panthers defensive coordinator, was enjoying a bye week as #1 seed Carolina kicked back to watch the Wild Card weekend. The Eagles had a head coach vacancy and Sean was coming off an excellent season in Charlotte.

Wrote Kyle at the time:

McDermott, a head coaching candidate interested in a head coaching job, was a good get. It’s rare that you get the target of a coaching search to speak during the search. It’s rare because… it’s very lame. Like, at some point over the past day or so McDermott and his agent had a conversation and decided that this could help him get an interview. Yet, McDermott was with the Eagles for 11 years. Lurie knows who he is. He fired his brother. If he’s interested, he’ll call. Hopping on local radio to win over fans and rehearse your interview answers, should you be granted an interview, does nothing but make you look weak, like the type of small-ish Irish guy who would inspire no confidence on the sidelines. Still, McDermott came across well enough and touched on all the right points. Jim Johnson? Check. The defense he’s structured in Carolina? Check. Players being accountable? Check. Toughness? Check. His team’s 15-1 record? Check. His defense being in the top 10 for four straight years? Check. Tradition? Check. Relating to players? DING DING DING THE CHIP KELLY HOT BUTTON. SHOW ‘EM WHAT HE’S WON, CUZ!

So let’s rewind here:

We’ve got Anthony Gargano composing an original tweet for the first time in a more than a year.

The tweet involves the Buffalo Bills, who are coached by Sean McDermott.

McDermott appeared on Gargano’s show two years ago to angle for a head coaching job.

The Cuz and McDermott were kicking it at Talen Energy Stadium a few months before that interview.

I can’t prove it, but I’m 99.999% sure I know who Gargano’s source is. Smells like a pretty typical “help me/help you” situation, and both guys would benefit from working together here. Gargano would get a pretty good scoop and McDermott would be able to leverage trade negotiations by controlling the media narrative.

What’s that saying about smoke and fire?