Your Monday Morning Roundup

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The Nets are on the brink of elimination.

After a dominating Game 3 win win Ben Simmons crushing, Game 4 was a much different story. To start, it was chippier by a long shot. First off, there was a scrum on one end of the court that saw Jared Dudley and Jimmy Butler both ejected.

But the drama on the court heightened late in the game. After Joe Harris gave the Nets the lead on a lay-up, Mike Scott won the game on a corner 3 for a 112-108 Game 4 victory.

But his IG post after the game should be the team’s motto.

That is a mood.

There’s no game tonight, both teams get back after it tomorrow night for Game 5. Feels long, but I’ll take it. Toronto has a 3-1 lead on Orlando so it looks like we’ll play the Raptors if everything holds up.

With that, enjoy Joel Embiid’s voice in a Earth-friendly Lil Dicky video.

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The Roundup:

While the Sixers had a good weekend, the Phillies were nowhere near close to that. They lost three of their four games in Colorado, including one of a Charlie Blackmon walk-off homer on Friday. Cesar Hernandez didn’t have the best of games either on Sunday.

Plus, Scott Kingery and Jean Segura are now on the injured list. So that’s fun. They’ll pick things up.

Team’s back out east later tonight as they take on the Mets at 7:10 PM on NBC Sports Philadelphia. Jake Arrieta faces off against Steven Matz.

It’s been a weekend for the Flyers as well, mainly off the ice at Xfinity Live. After the Yankees dropped Kate Smith, the Flyers dropped her rendition of “God Bless America” (which wasn’t played at all last season) and covered up her statue. Some guy wasn’t happy about the decision and decided to spend time to put signs on it.

Well that statue is now gone.

From the Flyers:

There you go.

Donovan McNabb thinks the Eagles should get rid of Carson Wentz is he can’t get the Eagles past the second round of the playoffs because of his health. Lane Johnson didn’t like that and ripped on McNabb.

Speaking of Eagle quarterbacks, Jaguars owner Shad Khan dreamed about getting Nick Foles. Well now he has him. Good for him, dreams do come true.

In other sports news, Tomas Hertl and the Sharks forced a Game 7 against the Golden Knights with a 2-1 win in double overtime.

The Bruins also forced a Game 7 against the Maple Leafs.

The Celtics became the first team in the NBA Playoffs to advance to the second round with a sweep of the Pacers.

TJ Yeldon signed with the Bills.

In the news, two people were killed and four were injured in Easter shootings in Philly.

Multiple bombs marked a grim Easter in Sri Lanka.


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  1. Im sure you are happy as a good little soy boy that a Flyers icon is being made to go away magically because of something 70 years ago that was most likely not considered a problem at all by 99% of the people living at the time. You goofball progs love to judge people of the past by the standards of today. There are many more then 1 person upset by the Flyer’s cowardice. Kate Smith was responsible for millions of dollars of bond sales for the WW2 war effort Im sorry you are butt hurt she sang something with questionable lyrics in it 70 years ago.

    1. They need to replace the statue with a true icon like meek mill. White middle class suburban men from all across the Delaware valley will meet here to praise this man of honor and peace while making sure to mention how much they loved the movie black panther and would have voted for Obama a third term if they saw someone who looked slightly different then them.

    2. I am sorry you are butthurt that a statue was taken down.

      Toughen up, snowflake.

  2. I understand plans are underway to replace it with a statue of Asa Khalif. The Flyers are helping us all become woke by this necessary move.

    1. 70% of colored babies are born to unwed mothers
      Coloreds are 13% of the population and are responsible for 50% of the murders
      Generations on welfare accepting everything for free with both hands out from the gub ment (overwhelming majority of whom are White)
      Stop blaming Whitey for all of your problems
      No positive male role models in the home
      Colored males killing each other at alarming rates

      These are the problems the coloreds must fix

  3. This Kate Smith thing has turned into the funniest thing all weekend. I love all the angry white dudes crying that everybody is too sensitive. Meanwhile, they are having complete tantrums on Twitter and Facebook that a statue was removed.

    Yea, I know already, you are “not even angry,”

    1. Pray with me at the statue of meek mill as we beg for him to forgive our sins and for those who didnt think black panther was really that much better then any other marvel movie.

  4. Long time reader, first time commenter.

    Can we please get some better proofreading of blogs before they’re posted? The morning roundup is the easiest thing to write on this website, and there are multiple mistakes that middle schoolers wouldn’t make. “Win” instead of “with,” “of” instead of “off,” etc.
    C’mon, guys. That’s just effort. Poor effort.

  5. Black people is too racially sensitive …when the racism is directed at them. Lots of black people love their redskins.

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