Philly Sports Media Power Rankings: Radio

Hello, minion beings.

Yesterday, we established a pecking order of relevance with our Philly Sports Media Power Rankings for TV. Today, comes the radio folks.

Buckle TF up.

This is a difficult list to create, because some personalities are inextricably linked to their partners, at least at the current stage of their career. In some cases, brands rise above individual. In other cases, individuals command their place.

I want to make one thing clear: this is not based solely on the ratings. Because there is one local host who will undoubtedly email or text me after this to deride an ostensible peer as being “irrelevant” because no one listens to them.

Total audience is of course a part of it, but we find that factors such as relevance, uniqueness, positioning, and current juice should all play a part.

While this doesn’t include him because he’s not currently on the air, want to give a special hello to Big Daddy Graham. Hosts a quizzo at 7 in Sea Isle, drives to Philly to do this radio show until 5 a.m. Hard to match that work ethic and joy for the job he has. We wish him well and can’t wait to hear him on the air again.

The list.

10) Natalie Egenolf

Natalie is well liked at both 97.5 and NBC Sports Philly, as evidenced by the announcement of her new show, Birds Outsiders. She serves a great role on Mike Missanelli’s show. She’s an ample sidekick (along with Tyrone, who just missed the cut) who serves as a sturdy foil to Missanelli.

9) Joe Giglio

I disagree with basically everything he tweets, but Giglio has carved out a niche in the mold of Eliot Shorr-Parks where the hotter your take is, the better. It’s the Art Of The Take, really, and Joe has mastered it, for better or worse. Got to respect the game.

8) Sean Brace

Sean was basically just handed the keys to a radio station, 102.5, FOX Sports The Gambler– an FM band dedicated, mostly, to betting which also simulcasts national FOX Sports shows. It’s a good space to be in right now, and being the lead at a station on the come up, as they say, is even better.

7) Harry-Eytan-Mike-Tony and the 97.3 ESPN crew

Odd choice here. Odd choice. But if Eytan is to be believed, 97.3 recently cracked the Philly market stream ratings for the first time ever, likely due to Harry and Eytan constantly pushing their show hard. The recent addition of Tony Bruno three times per week makes the station, run by Gill (whose show I’ll be on at 4:30 today tune in and we’re totally not biased), all the more relevant. There’s something to be said for local names going out and finding a way to keep themselves out there, and everyone here has done just that. Kudos.

6) Marc Farzetta

Judas. Kidding. Farzetta was Angelo Cataldi’s longtime heir apparent, something something went and got married in Italy, and then returned only to announce (for us to announce) that he was headed to the 97.5 morning show. Many rumors peg Cataldi as being NOT THRILLED about these events and vowing to stay in radio long enough to destroy Farzetta. I like a good grudge. Anyway, Farzetta gets increasingly important roles in Philly sports media. That’s power to me.

5) Jon Marks and Ike Reese

Hard to argue with the 2 p.m. slot on 94 WIP. Marks and Reese have been around individually it feels like forever, and both have fallen up into drive time roles on the preeminent local sports talk station.

4) Anthony Gargano and Jason Myrtetus

Gargano was cast aside from the morning show and, per birdies, was given the option to take or leave the mid-day show. To his credit, he took it– a time slot better suited for his persona. He pairs well with Myrtetus, who has held roles in local radio ranging from assistant PD, to Mike Missanelli’s producer, to now co-hosting with established talkers like Gargano.

3) Glen Macnow and Ray Didinger

Both guys are accomplished enough to get their own spot on this list (Ray is on our TV list), but they come as a package deal on the radio now, and I’m sure they’re each fine having it that way. While they might win a popularity contest, we can’t in good conscience put them any higher seeing as though they’re on mostly weekends.

2) Angelo Cataldi

He is the OG and has full autonomy at WIP. Not much needs to be said. He loses points for doubling down on his shtick, being rigid, and occasionally and needlessly burying local sports persons for ridiculous and unfounded reasons. But, he’s entertaining and an excellent interviewer. One could imagine a world where he, not Mike Missanelli, had his show on NBC Sports Philly, but I suspect he’s too set in his ways to change any element of his show for TV.

1) Mike Missanelli

There’s really not much of a debate here. Mike has been doing his thing in the 2 p.m. slot for years now and is about as steady as they come. He’s competitive, and would probably tell you that he deserves to be number 0 on this list, because there should be no list, only Mike, but that’s part of what makes him successful. Credit for the willingness to try new things with his show on NBC Sports Philly, and generally accept other local media jobs he doesn’t have to take on. He’s the best.

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47 Responses

  1. The only sports talk radio I really enjoy is the WIP mid-day show of Joe DeCamera and Jon Ritchie. So of course you omit it. Ridiculous in my opinion, since so many others on your list (Cuz – ugh! vomit-inducing, Farzetta (are you joking?), Jon Marks – unbearable) make me turn off the radio right away. Angelo gets votes due to sheer age but I don’t enjoy his clown-act and is the least knowledgeable about actual sports – the show is decent on his days off due to the others (Keith Jones, Al Morganti, Rhea, Jon Johnson). But Ritchie / DeCamera have the best show, period. Just the opinion of someone who’s followed Philly sports for several decades now.

      1. Innes is a total loser. He is a thin-skinned bully, is not nearly as funny as he thinks he is and really outdated. That morning zoo schtick is way past its expeiration date.

    1. Came here to say this. Joe and Jon are the only sports talk I’ll listen to these days. Great dynamic and they weave in off topic stuff beautifully. No fake outrage and stupid takes like Grandpa and the clown crew and no fake personality like Mikey Miss.

      1. Ritchie and the Hammer is easily the best sports radio show happening in this town, idk how it doesn’t make the list especially with goofs like Brace and Farzetta on the list. I love CB’s vain attempt at “diversity” by including Nat Egg because she nods in agreement and laughs at missanelli’s stupid remarks. I guess she knows where her bread’s buttered. I never used to like Ike Reese on radio, but i feel bad for him having to listen to the shit that pours out of Marks mouth every day. Guy talks in constant circles because i’m not sure he knows anything about anything. Same goes for Myrtetus (Martinez).

        The old heads are whatever, but back to Joe and Ritchie and oddly enough you managed to list the absolute worst part of their show at #9 Joe Giglio. This fucking geek sucks the life out of the show and at times is just a straight up asshole to both the hosts. The two have a great chemistry since their polar opposites and the show can be flowing wonderfully and then this nerd can never shut up once he starts talking.

        1. In total agreement re: Joe Giglio. He seems to know nothing about real sports and I think he enjoys stating ridiculous opinions.

  2. Lazy eye Natalie doesn’t belong anywhere near this list. She is talentless and utterly useless. At least give Salcuinus the last spot. Jesus.

    Ike Reese is the most underrated. He knows his shit, not just in football but basketball and baseball as well. And most importantly, he’s articulate, at least compared to the babbling idiots Hollis Thomas and Tra Thomas.

    1. agree 100% on Ike Reese. He’s really good. Hollis is a pretentious a-hole. “I’m a man so I’m right” – it was funny the first time, not so much the next billion times. In the end, he’s just bullheaded and not very bright. Tra doesn’t do much for me, but he seems likeable at least. Also agree 100% on Natalie, she brings nothing besides looks.

    2. You’re an asshole for making a comment about her appearance. I’m sure you’re twice as utterly useless.

    3. I’ve grown to absolutely hate Marks and really enjoy Ike Reese putting him in his place every time he utters another stupid Eagles take. I trust Ike’s take more than any other talk show host in the area..BUT…I still can’t understand how he doesn’t think dinosaur bones are real..T hat one’s a head scratcher.

  3. When’s the last time Brace was on the Radio?

    Ritchie & the ‘Hammer’ Belong above Brace, and Natalie.

  4. No Decamara and Richie? Is it an oversight or some petty bullshit? In all seriousness, in negates any credibility this list could ever have.


  5. All in good fun for sure. Natalie is making inroads. She can be a little rigid in her thinking, which is true of everyone on that show. They’re right and everyone else just has to be wrong if they disagree.

    I agree with Joe Giglio being on the list and you have him listed right around where he should be. Sorry, but Sean Brace does not belong on this list at all. I don’t like Eytan even a little bit but it’s a nice bone throw to Harry and Tony. They deserve it. Sure, why not?

    Mark Farzetta is just unlistenable as a #1 guy. Just horrible. I don’t really listen to Marks and Reese, but on the occasion that I can, they’re okay.

    Sadly, Marks can’t put a cogent though together. He speaks out both sides of his mouth and winds up saying nonsense. He definitely has ADD and it runs rampant.

    Glen and Ray all day. The only weekend show that’s listenable on WIP. It’s is and has been quite enjoyable.

    Cataldi is a tool, always has been and always will be. Has no sports knowledge. And although almost 70 years old, he thinks and argues like an eight-year-old. I have no time for him.

    Mikey Miss is an arrogant prick sometimes and likable other times. His second level thinking crap is nonsense as he can barely out-think a shoe box. And I’m afraid he’s lost a lot of passion. Not much juice anymore. But he is a go-to show when I’m in the car at the time. He definitely needs others around him. So they’ve balanced his show well.

    Some glaring omissions: Jack Fritz, Jamie “the Bro” and Tyrone Johnson

  6. Nice freakin list …. not . Natalie egenolf? Please dude .
    Sean Brace ? Marc Farzetta? Yeah No.
    king Missanelli and his white guilt aren’t relevant to me . Long live Howard Eskin!

    1. Real world 7. But Kylee has always sniffed after the lower tier Philly media cooze…tit freckles Jilly, hoarse-toofed K.C., and so on.

  7. Ike Reese should finish last every damn time. A guy who sounds like he swallowed glass and regularly butchers the English language has no place on the radio, let alone a top 10 list. Practically any other former Eagle currently on radio is better than Ike. Seems like a good guy, but I literally can’t listen to any show he’s on. (I call that “The Josh Innes Effect”)

    1. To this day I can’t beieve Ike “I don’t believe In dinosaurs” is On radio. Marx deserves a good partner .

  8. Someone tell Fredo mike miss stop telling us how to think . That pussy should stick to sports like my man the cuz does

  9. This list just confirms what a talent dearth we have in this city at the moment. Brace, Nat Egg, Eytan, and Giglio shouldn’t be anywhere near a microphone. The Cuz is washed up, Mike Miss and Cataldi are mailing it in, and I had enough of Farzetta when he was the coffee boy at the other station. I used to like Marks, but he is becoming a caricature with his contrarian opinion on everything. The only ones worth listening to are Glen and Ray as long as you can keep Glenn away from politics. Sad that 336 hours of programming gets you 6 worth listening to.

  10. Fun drinking game. Take a shot every time Mancow says “Ray”. You’ll be dead of alcohol poisoning by the second break.

    Macnow is also an insufferable know-it-all when he holds himself out as an expert on tv, movies and beer. Wish the guy would retire already.

    1. Ray is great but Macnow has become increasingly harder to listen to. Who gives a flying f what foods or films he likes, I sure don’t and turn it off when they get to those stupid segments. His endless boring food hunts are the worst. I actually tune into sports radio to hear sports. Granted, they have to fill up a lot of hours, but what Glen stuffs his fat face with, doesn’t interest me, nor what tv show is his favorite of the week …

  11. WHERE the hell is Jon and Joe (94.1 middays)??? This list has zero credibility without them on the list, they are the best show period. You put Gargano??? And not them? Is this a joke? Natalie? Really? Nothing against her in particular but putting the likes of her and all of the other jokers on this list and leaving out Ritchie & DeCamera makes you a fool and this list worthless, sorry

  12. The Hammer, Ritchie, AND James Seltzer. Where are they??

    Natalie? Really? Not much thought went into this.

  13. Mike Miss reminds me of the type of guy who walks around the gym locker room buck naked for as long as possible

  14. Decamera , Ritchie and Seltzer are the best as stated above ! Mikey miss is hot trash and you know it

  15. Wow more comments than almost any other subject. Dropping the ball on WIP midday.


  16. Natalie Egenolf??? She’s smoking hot, but can’t do a live or copy read to save her life. Maybe a remedial course at Connecticut School of Broadcasting would help

  17. As someone who works from home 4 days out of the week there’s no better show on sports radio in Philly than Decamera & Ritchie. It’s not even a competition. Also, Natalie Egenolf is only getting love on NBC Sports Philadelphia because she’s cheap labor and the show requires zero crew. All they have to do is find a sponsor and they make money regardless of the ratings. It’s a win win for them. Good for her though: I want everyone to be working and making money. But I can’t take this list seriously once I notice you leave Decamera & Ritchie off the list.

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