Doug Pederson Responds to Josina Anderson’s Anonymous Source Report

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The Josina Anderson anonymous source struck twice this week, first with a reaction to the Eagles’ failure to acquire Jalen Ramsey, then again when it questioned the offense. Doug Pederson addressed the former on Wednesday and tackled the latter topic on Friday:

Transcription after the jump:

Reporter: Doug, there was an ESPN report citing anonymous quotes that the offense is throwing the ball down the field… Carson’s throwing the ball downfield when checkdowns should be there. Are you aware of those comments and what do you have to say about them?

Pederson: I’ve seen them and I’ll tell you this: for those of you that know football and watch football, a checkdown is part of the game, but what people sometimes don’t understand is you may lose your back in protection. He may get caught up in the wash of the protection, he may not get out. It is an aspect of something we teach, that when the throw is not there down the field and if you have the availability of a back or a tight end in that position, we will utilize it. There’s a lot of factors that go into that. It’s not on the quarterback.

Reporter: Aside from the content of the message there, does it bother you that things are coming out from anonymous quotes?

Pederson: Yeah, you don’t like to have anonymous guys, but at the same time, I hate to say it, but we’re kinda focused on the Cowboys right now.

Reporter: There’s also an intimation that the offense can be too complicated at times. Do you think that’s fair at all?

Pederson: What do you mean by complicated?

Reporter: I don’t know what they meant, but…

Pederson: I’m not a smart guy and I can figure out the offense. It’s not that complicated. Listen, this is a tough sport and I’ve gotta have the right play hopefully at the right time against the right defense and ask eleven guys to execute that play, and we trust those guys to make the right decisions. If there’s complexity in that, yeah there’s complexity in that, cause you’re going against eleven guys who are really, really good and trying to execute that one play. That’s why we wear the “C” on our hat for “coach”. We gotta continue to teach and get our guys prepared every week.

Reporter: Did you address the anonymous quotes with your team or did you go to any of the players that you thought may have been behind the quotes?

Pederson: I have not, no.

Reporter:  Is that the first time anyone’s complained that there should be more checkdowns?

Pederson: I think so. I’ve never heard that one before. We’re not throwing it deep enough, and now we’re not throwing it short enough.

So there you have it. By the way, if you thought Alshon Jeffery was the anonymous source, Rob Maaddi reported the following:

The real question is, do you believe him?


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  1. Well, I suppose via the process of elimination, Carson Wentz is the source.

    Just win Sunday night and none of this matters….until we lose to the Bills on the 27th…..

  2. Everyone keeps thinking it’s a brotha for some reason, but I wouldn’t rule out Lane Johnson. Dude loves to run his mouth and has been outspoken and done dumb shit multiple times already. Obviously it was under Chip and that whole mess, but he was one of the players who ran to a reporter air his grievances.

  3. It’s Deshawn Jaxon. He thinks there was a conspiracy to get him hurt because he was starting to get too much shine. I’m not sure he knows what a checkdown is.

  4. Would Alshon really run his mouth after forgetting how to catch and ending their playoffs last year. I would think he would just be concentrating on not dropping passes.

  5. I kinda agree with the anonymous source. I cringe every time it’s like third-and-two or three, and Doug calls for a bomb…

  6. i work with a guy who is good friends with a 49ers WR. at a Pro Bowl practice, Michael Irving was on the field complaining about “not getting the ball”….Jerry Rice was on the sidelines and said ” Michael wants the ball”. the other 49ers WR says ” They all want the ball”

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