The Eagles Might Have an Anonymous Source Problem

Carson Wentz NFL Live
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This is getting a bit problematic for Howie Roseman, Doug Pederson, Carson Wentz, and the Eagles. Less than 24 hours after Josina Anderson’s anonymous Eagles source returned to publicly drag the team’s inability to trade for cornerback Jalen Ramsey, Anderson went on NFL Live and dropped this nugget about either Doug Pederson, Carson Wentz, or some combination of the two:

The Eagles source also talked to me about how they feel like that offense is functioning. One of the things that they said is, “We need to make bleep simpler. Sometimes we need to just handle what is manageable.” They said, “Even Peyton Manning knew when to check it down.” Carson Wentz right now is 38% on passes that travel 15 air yards, has three interceptions on passes like that, which is tied for most in the league. He also has 148 passes on those that are ten yards or fewer. He has nine touchdowns and zero interceptions on passes like that. So, I do think it’s a apt point.

Let’s clear the air here. It’s been widely speculated that Alshon Jeffery is Anderson’s source, including the time a source openly questioned whether the real issue with the Eagles’ offense in 2018 was more a result of switching QBs than a Super Bowl hangover. The speculation appeared to have some merit due to Anderson having cited direct dialogue with Jeffery in the past, including that he was going to sign with the Eagles ahead of the 2017 season:

Having season-ending surgery:

And providing practice updates a few months later:

Is it an issue for the Eagles? Maybe, maybe not. I’d argue that the team’s #1 receiver expressing doubt in his head coach and/or quarterback’s play calling and decision-making is cause for concern. That said, assuming it’s Alshon, the team unlikely take any action. For an offense devoid of reliable, sure-handed skill players, suspending or even cutting him makes little-to-no sense.


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  1. he doesn’t check the ball down? This entire offense is nothing but 8 yard curl routes, 3 yard slants, line of scrimmage WR screens, 4 yard crossing routes, 10 yard ins. I love Carson but he is wretched at the deep ball. The entire damn offense is a check down.

    1. You literally just described every offense in the nfl. You’re an idiot who plays madden and thinks he knows real football. You don’t know shit.

    2. Wretched?? Really?? Perhaps if he had receivers who could get some separation and could actually catch some contested balls you would be talking about how good he is with the deep ball. Wentz is not the problem, the receivers around him are a problem.

  2. it’s Lane Johnson using Josina so that it will appear to be coming from Alshon.
    Lane is also the source of the stories last season critical of Wentz.

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  4. Typical rule of thumb for good journalists is to make sure they have at least 3 sources providing the same information before reporting anything an “anonymous source” says as newsworthy. Josina Anderson clearly doesn’t care about being a good journalist.

  5. The anonymous source is right, Carson Wentz is so overrated and sadly Wentz cult members are too blind to see it.

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