Glen Macnow Shares a Lenny Dykstra Story

Today the 94 WIP Morning Show hung up twice on Lenny Dykstra, first during an argument with Angelo Cataldi and the second time after an exchange with Ray Didinger, who was in the studio with the regular crew.

The subject of the latter spat was $7,000 that Didinger claims he’s owed by Nails, after writing two stories for his magazine, The Player, at some point in the past.

Obviously that situation remains unresolved, and if I had to go out on a limb here, I’d say Ray is probably never getting that money. I’d also like to know how I can be paid* $3,500 per story, so if you’ve got a lead, let me know.

But anyway, Ray does the best radio show on WIP right now, weekend mid-mornings alongside Glen Macnow, and today Glen shared an article he originally wrote a few years ago titled Philly’s biggest sports creep? That’s easy, it’s Lenny Dykstra.

In the piece he tells this story:

My personal experience with Lenny was trivial compared to the issues that put him in jail. We had no run in and I wasn’t the victim. But I think it’s a telling story.

In August 1993, The Philadelphia Inquirer sent me to Atlanta to help cover the Phils pennant drive. I was waiting outside the hotel when Dykstra suggested we share a taxi to the stadium. He even offered to pay.

An older cabbie stopped and was thrilled to see Dykstra climb in. The driver, a huge fan, explained that he kept a bat in his taxi, and asked any star player to add his signature. He planned to give it to his young grandson as a family heirloom. He handed the Louisville Slugger over the seat. We saw the names: Tony Gwynn, Andre Dawson, David Cone.

Dykstra took the bat and a Sharpie from the driver. He agreeably signed, and then flashed me a conspiratorial grin. As he handed it back over the seat, he showed me: Rather than his name, Lenny had written, “Suck a D—” The driver, not noticing, put his cherished bat back in a protective case, anticipating how much his grandson would appreciate it.

“We got him good, didn’t we, dude?” Dykstra chortled to me as we left the cab. Like an idiot, I said nothing. All these years later, I still feel lousy about the incident.

Lenny, come on man. You can’t be pulling that kind of stuff.

I know there’s a decent human being in there somewhere, like the version of Nails who offered a message of kindness and love to the Angry Bagel Guy.

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22 Responses

  1. F*ck MacNow! The guy is the biggest POS reporter in Philadelphia next to Eskin and Gargano.You know damn well MacNow laughed his arse off when he got out the cab!

    1. I met Dutch in a bar called pro shop pub in Clearwater FL in the mid 2000s. He was slamming them down like an
      All pro drunk and talking to a bunch of guys until somebody said baseball players were wimps and miserable son of bitches.
      Dutch said ” Oh yeah? How about this”? He then laid under a Pool Table and bench pressed it off the ground about 3″ I couldn’t believe it!
      When he played the Phils had an awful team around him year after year, I was at one game in 91 where he got hit at home base , got up and walked over to the dugout where he fell flat down on the field.
      It was a pinched nerve in his neck. I asked him about that play and he said it felt like he got hit by lightning and his whole body from his neck down went numb for about 5 minutes. He said it was the scariest 5 minutes of hIs fucking life . He was also telling us some funny stories and his love for phillies fans and hk. Class act

    1. I legitimately laughed out loud at your comment.

      Good work.

      +1 as they would say on the Truly Dead Deadspin

  2. That story said more about Macnow’s character than it did Dykstra’s. Everyone knows Lenny is a first class POS. Not having the courage to stand up and say something shows what a coward Macnow is.

    1. Actually, Macnow has been telling this story for at least the past 20 years. I’ve heard him discuss it on the radio and he has also written about the incident.

  3. After he vacated the place allegedly he left a couple of surprises on carpet. To put it this way he was a long way from the bowl.

  4. Macnow is another prime example of a WIP carpet bagger turd. His entire “career” has been on someone else’s coat tails.

  5. That’s actually pretty funny . Shocked nails didn’t go in all and do a line of blow off the bar

  6. Macnow is a bleeding heart liberal. Should do a show with Rob Charry and call it, “Bleeding Heart Glen and Socialist Rob”

  7. Was told by a Phillies employee that Dykstra and Ashburn were playing tennis at an exclusive club in LA. Ladies were on the veranda having lunch. Dykstra was screaming the F word the entire match and also urinated in the corner of the court.

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