Your Guide To Super Bowl 54 Prop Bets

super bowl 54 prop bets
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This year’s Super Bowl matchup is almost set and that means plenty of breakdowns and analysis is soon to follow. It also means Super Bowl 54 prop bets, and plenty of them.

In addition to standard Super Bowl odds, sportsbooks offer a range of ridiculous and crazy prop bets on items such as the length of the National Anthem, color of the Gatorade to be dumped on the winning coach, and, of course, my personal favorite, the coin toss.

While not all of these props may be available in states such as Pennsylvania and New JerseyIndiana has moved to allow betting on these frivolous events. So let’s take a look at some of most popular (and ridiculous) Super Bowl props we can likely expect.

Before we get into it– here are our guides on where and how to bet on the Super Bowl:

PA Super Bowl Betting

NJ Super Bowl Betting

National Anthem Props

Demi Lovato will perform the “The Star-Spangled Banner” ahead of Super Bowl LIV, marking her first public performance since 2018. Lovato has performed the national anthem prior to big sporting events a number of times, most recently prior to the much-hyped 2018 Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight.

Anthem Length

Typically, we can expect the over/under for anthem length to be set around the two-minute mark. We have seen the current number set at 1:59 by multiple offshore books.

For what it’s worth, Lovato’s last anthem performance checked in at 2:11, and last year’s performer, Gladys Knight, hit the over with her rendition which lasted 2:01.

Demi Lovato Specials

Length isn’t everything, at least when it comes to the National Anthem. Some sportsbooks are currently offering odds on all sorts of Lovato-related outcomes:

  • Nail Polish: Yes (-2000)/No (+900)
  • Hair Color: Blonde (+300)/Black (-250)/Other +275)
  • To Omit a Word: Yes (+900)/No (-2500)
  • Microphone Color: Black (-150)/Silver or Gray (+150)/Other (+300)
  • Fireworks Right After Bombs Bursing in Air: Yes (+150)/No (-200)

Other Anthem Specials

If you’re really into the pregame drama surrounding the anthem, then these prop bets are for you:

  • Scoring Drive To Take Less Time Than Anthem Length: Yes (-200)/No (+150)
  • Any player to Take a Knee During Anthem: Yes (+1000)/No (-2500)
  • Any player to Raise a Fist During Anthem: Yes (+500)/No (-2500)

Super Bowl Commercial Props

Of course, the Super Bowl viewing experience wouldn’t be complete without the handful of people in the room who are “only care about the commercials,” so, of course, there’s a betting market for, you guessed it, Super Bowl commercials. Here are just some of the commercial props to bet on:

Which Auto Brand Will Air First?  

  • Hyundai (+175)
  • Kia (+300)
  • Porsche (+300)
  • Toyota (+400)
  • Audi (+400)

Which Beverage Brand Will Air First?

  • Anheuser-Busch (-150)
  • Mountain Dew (+150)
  • Coca-Cola (+300)

Which Food Brand Will Air First?

  • Doritos (+125)
  • Snickers (+150)
  • Cheetos (+300)
  • Avocados From Mexico (+500)

Those are just some of the biggest markets being offered. Certain offshore books are offering hyper-specific markets on outcomes like Billy Ray Cyrus or Nas X to be in a Doritos commercial, MC Hammer to say “hammer time” in a Cheetos commercial, and the monocle to come off of Mr. Peanut in a Planters commercial–yes at -150 odds is the play on that last one, by the way.

Super Bowl Halftime Show Props

The Super Bowl halftime show is always one of the night’s highlights. It will be Jennifer Lopez and Shakira sharing the stage for this year’s show, creating several possibilities for prop betters.

First Jennifer Lopez Song Performed

Which J-Lo song will we hear first? Here’s a list of the top contenders.

  • Let’s Get Loud (+300)
  • On The Floor (+300)
  • Live It Up (+500)
  • Dinero (+600)
  • El Anillo (+700)
  • Get Right (+1000)
  • Waiting For Tonight (+800)
  • Jenny From the Block (+1200)

From this perspective, it’s a total crime if she doesn’t come out firing with Let’s Get Loud, though Jenny From the Block was an absolute banger back in 2002, so there’s some big value there.

First Shakira Song Performed

There are quite a few up-tempo Shakira hits that could set the tone. Here are some of the top contenders.

  • Whenever, Wherever (+250)
  • Dare (La La La) (+300)
  • La Tortura (+400)
  • Waka Waka (+600)
  • Loca (+1000)

Whenever, Wherever has to be the play here. Total jam.

How Many Songs Will Jennifer Lopez and Shakira Perform Together?

The co-headliner halftime show creates some uncertainty about the structure of the performance. It’s almost certain that the pair will perform together at some point, but wagers can be placed on the total of 1.5 songs being performed together.

Will There Be a Wardrobe Malfunction?

Nobody will ever forget the infamous Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake wardrobe malfunction during the Super Bowl 38 halftime show, so much so that this prop continues to make its way into the list every year.

  • Yes (+1000)
  • No (-2500)

Will There Be Other Celebrity Appearances?

You never know who or what to expect during a Super Bowl halftime show, so there are some props about potential appearances from special guests during the halftime show. Here are some of the top names:

  • Pibull: Yes (-700)/No (+400)
  • Will Smith: Yes (+300)/No (-500)
  • Enrique Iglesias: Yes (+500)/No (-1000)
  • Ricky Martin: Yes (-140)/No (+100)
  • DJ Khaled: Yes (+130)/No (-170)

That line is screaming that we will see a drop-in by Pitbull. Might be the lock of the night.

Other Crazy Super Bowl 54 Props

Odd or Even Total Points

Yes, you can bet on the combined final score to finish at an odd or even number. As you can see, “odd” is currently the favorite at -137. That makes sense given that 30 of 53 Super Bowl have finished with an odd total of points, though “even” is on a five-game run.

  • Odd (-137)
  • Even (+107)

First Super Bowl MVP Mention After Receiving Award

I just wanna thank________.” Fill in the blank. This prop asks who or what will be the first person/thing thanked by the Super Bowl MVP.

  • Teammates (+150)
  • God/Religion (+250)
  • Coach or coaches (+500)
  • Winning City (+500)
  • Family (+700)

Gatorade Color Dumped on Winning Coach

The color of the ceremonial Gatorade dump has become one of the more popular prop bets to play in recent Super Bowls years. There has been some extreme variance in the Gatorade color dumped on the victorious coach.

Blue was the winner that splashed down on Bill Belichick following Super Bowl 53, while Doug Pederson saw yellow the year prior. Belichick actually escaped the bath after Super Bowl 51, while orange was appropriately doused atop Broncos coach Gary Kubiak in Super Bowl 50. Here are some early odds on this market:

  • Lime/Green/Yellow (+275)
  • Red/Pink (+300)
  • Clear/Water (+300)
  • Orange (+400)
  • Blue (+400)
  • Purple (+1400)

Will the Winner of Super Bowl 54 Visit the White House?

A simple yes or no proposition here. It was widely assumed following the Patriots’ Super Bowl 53 win that they would head to the White House for the customary celebration just as they did after their previous championships.

It never happened.

In fact, more and more teams have skipped the Presidential pleasantries in recent years, with teams like the Golden State Warriors and Philadelphia Eagles never making it to Washington.

Jersey Number of the First/Last Touchdown Scorer

This is one of the more interesting Super Bowl prop bets out there. We don’t know what the number will be set at this time around, but it was 27 last year. Bettors had to wait three-plus quarters for a winner, but the under finally hit when No. 26 Sony Michel scored the game’s first and only touchdown.

Using No. 27 as a baseline, here’s what we can tell you. The first touchdown scorer of the Super Bowl has been No. 27 or higher 39 times and No. 26 or lower a total of 14 times. This includes the last three Super Bowls in which Alshon Jeffery (No. 17), Devonta Freeman (No. 24), and Michel (No. 26) each found the end zone first.  Meanwhile, the last touchdown of the Super Bowl also has been scored by a player wearing No. 27 or higher 39 times and 26 or lower 13 times.

The more you know.

Super Bowl Coin Toss Props

Head or tails. That is the question and these are the current prices, courtesy of DraftKings Sportsbook:

  • Heads (-103)
  • Tails (-103)

If you have absolutely no patience and want to get in on some quick action prior to kickoff, this is your go-to prop bet. Historically speaking, tails, which has hit in five of the past six Super Bowls, has a 28-25 all-time lead, coming out on top at a rate of roughly 53 percent overall.

You can also bet on which team to win the coin toss:

  • Chiefs (-103)
  • 49ers (-103)

And if you’re really looking to make things interesting, you can also wager on a team to win the coin toss and win the game:

  • Chiefs  Yes (+255) No (-335)
  • 49ers Yes (+310) No (-420)

Is there any correlation between winning the coin toss and the game? No. Not at all. The last five coin toss winners have gone on to lose the game, and the winner of the coin toss has won only 24 of 53 Super Bowls overall.

Read our full guide on betting on the Super Bowl coin toss.

Super Bowl 54 Player and Game Props

We can absolutely expect to see all of the traditional player props offered for Super Bowl 54. These player props include popular bets such as player to score the first touchdown, over/under quarterback completions, over/under quarterback passing yardage, and over/under rushing and receiving yards. With the game matchup now finalized, let’s take a look at some of the early wagering options available on the prop betting market. All odds are courtesy of DraftKings.

Super Bowl MVP

If you want to bet on a Super Bowl MVP, then quarterback is probably the place to start. Of the 54 players to be named Super Bowl MVP (co-MVPs were named in Super Bowl XII) a whopping 29 have been quarterbacks. Running back (7), wide receiver (7, and linebacker (4) are the next most popular positions.

Patrick Mahomes (+110) is the clear-cut favorite, while Jimmy Garappolo follows at (+200). That makes sense. Not only are the Chiefs are short favorite, but Mahomes has thrown for 615 yards and eight touchdowns this postseason. Those numbers represent quite the contrast from Garappolo’s 208 yards and one touchdown pass.

As I like the Chiefs, I’ll probably play it safe with the square play and grab Mahomes at +110, but Damien Williams’ prolific postseason scoring rate (nine touchdowns in five total postseason games) makes him an interesting play at +3300.

Player to Score TD/Player to Score First or Last TD

Betting on which players will score is always one of the most popular player props. Those looking for a bigger payout can also wager on which player will score first or last. Patriots running back Sony Michel was the winning answer to all three outcomes last season as he scored the games only touchdown, and he did it 52 minutes into the game. I’ll go out on a limb and suggest multiple touchdowns will scored between the 49ers and Chiefs–and we may not have to wait very long this time around.

Kansas City’s Damien Williams and San Francisco’s Raheem Mostert are the two priciest options but for good reason. Williams has totaled eight touchdowns in four postseason games with the Chiefs, while Mostert is coming off of a four-touchdown performance against the Packers in his incredible NFC Championship Game performance.

Total Passing Yards

Total passing yards is always a popular player prop bet. The line on Mahomes has been set at 299.5 yards, while Garappolo’s number is a much lower 240.5 yards. Of course, Garappolo has only attempted 27 passes this postseason, including his eight-attempt performance against the Packers.

Mahomes has gone over 299.5 yards in 8 of his 16 starts, but faces the league’s No. 1 pass defense, one allowing only 173.8 yards per game.

Garappolo has eclipsed 240.5 yards in 10 of his 18 starts this season, but his two postseason yardage outputs don’t even combine to sniff the mark. His ability to go over the total will depend on whether or not head coach Kyle Shanahan plans to put the ball in his hands or keep it on the ground against a Chiefs run defense that yielded a generous 123.9 yards per game (including playoffs).

Total Rushing Yards

The opening market for total rushing yards lists only Chiefs running back Damien Williams at 50.5 yards. The 49ers’ situation at running back is a little less clear after Tevin Coleman suffered a shoulder injury in the championship game. There is some early optimism that he may be able to play, though that’s far from certain.

Total Receiving Yards

The tight end matchup figures to be a major focus with George Kittle and Travis Kelce going head-to-head. Kittle’s total has been set at 67.5 yards, while Kelce’s is 74.5. Though Kittle hauled in 85 catches for 1,053 yards during the regular season, he’s been quiet in the playoffs, with only four total grabs for 35 yards. Kelce has been much productive, catching 13 passes for 164 yards and three scores.

Other prominent receivers include Tyreek Hill (77.5), Emmanuel Sanders (40.5), Deebo Samuel (53.5), and Sammy Watkins (50.5).

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