The Eagles’ “All or Nothing” Series Begins on February 7th

Remember a while back when it was revealed that the Eagles would appear on Amazon’s All or Nothing series? They didn’t have a choice. The NFL told them before the season began that they would be the team hosting camera crews all year long, like a Hard Knocks type of deal.

According to the Eagles and the NFL, the series will debut on February 7th on Amazon Prime. They released a snippet below:

Hopefully the camera crews got Josina Anderson and her mystery source involved. I’d like to get some inside information on the locker room snitch. I also hope the video was rolling during the press conference in which Jeff McLane asked Doug Pederson if Howard Eskin leaks information for the Eagles. That would be a juicy tidbit to include in a series like this.

God willing, we’ll get some interesting behind-the-scenes stuff here.



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  1. I hope they don’t tell the story of why I took all the windmills down from my stadium.

    Remember folks, next year you will need to bring your own paper straw to the stadium. We will no longer be supplying them .

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