There’s a story at The Athletic titled “Could Alshon Jeffery be part of the answer to the Jets’ receiving needs?”

Not sure about that, but he certainly isn’t the answer in Philadelphia, turning in a below-average and injury-shortened season while being accused of snitching to Josina Anderson in an outrageous saga that also involved Howard Eskin and Jeff McLane. More on that later, but here’s the tidbit from the story that should be of interest to Birds fans:

Jeffery found himself at the center of midseason drama, too, which seems a key cog in Philadelphia’s interest in a divorce. With the Eagles offense in a slump, ESPN cited an anonymous source who ripped quarterback Carson Wentz and the group’s ability to function. Radio host Howard Eskin outed Jeffery as that source that week. While ESPN’s Josina Anderson denied it was Jeffery, several other Eagles reporters confirmed it, too. League sources told The Athletic that Wentz and Jeffery never saw eye-to-eye and their relationship was testy.

The Eagles are looking to move Jeffery, league sources confirmed to The Athletic. And Jeffery would welcome the change of scenery.

Right, and I think we all figured that going down this road would be the best course of action for both sides, a clean break and restart for everybody.

But anyway, the Josina/Howard/Jeff thing will go down as a top-10 day in the annals of Philadelphia sports media. Eskin came out and said Alshon was the snitch, which resulted in a denial from Anderson and led us into this exchange between McLane and Doug Pederson:

McLane: Doug there was a report that Alshon Jeffery was behind the anonymous quotes to ESPN. Number one, is that true?

Pederson: I think that was last week’s news, so I’m not gonna comment on that. I don’t know. I don’t know.

McLane: Number two, that person, the person who reported it doesn’t technically work for the Eagles but he’s on the sideline with the Eagles. He flies with the Eagles. He wears a Super Bowl ring given to him by the Eagles. Are we to assume that because he reported it that it’s something the Eagles wanted out there?

“He wears a Super Bowl ring given to him by the Eagles”

Absolutely savage line by McLane. I only awarded him five points at the time, but we’re going to go back and retroactively award him FIFTY points for the dismantling.

Then, later in the day, Mike Missanelli went in hard on Eskin, calling him a “water boy” and claiming that Howard purchased his Super Bowl ring. The results of a Crossing Broad investigation determined that to be false, but we did confirm that Howard purchased another ring separately, which was given as a gift, so Mike was 50% correct.

This was a phenomenal sports day in Philadelphia, right up there with Les Bowen and Jeff McLane getting physical with one another almost nine years ago.


This is from Alshon’s agent –