Coronavirus: Howard Eskin Wants to Know Why Sixers Players Haven’t “Stepped Up”

Howard Eskin vs. technology (Photo Credit Nick Piccone)

Unfortunately social distancing doesn’t prevent us from firing off ridiculous tweets, like this one from The King:

Okay, let’s go over some facts here:

  1. Comcast-Spectacor will be paying Wells Fargo Center employees through the end of March. We reported this last week via official word from the company.
  2. Sixers owners Josh Harris and David Blitzer own the Prudential Center and will be paying hourly and event staff for an undetermined amount of time.
  3. Harris and Blitzer do not own the Wells Fargo Center, but they will similarly pay the hourly and game night staffers who work 76ers games in South Philly. We reported this last week via a team spokesperson.
  4. The Phillies put together a $1 million dollar fund to help staff affected by the postponement of the season, reported first by Jim Salisbury Wednesday afternoon.
  5. I asked Aramark for a statement about the food and concourse workers down at the Wells Fargo Center and didn’t hear anything back from them.
  6. Ben Simmons donated a ton of money last year to the Australian Wildfire relief effort.
  7. Tobias Harris, in October, donated $1 million dollars, which was split between nine different charities.
  8. Joel Embiid has a foundation that does charitable work for youth in his home country of Cameroon.

Maybe the Sixers’ highest-paid players will decide to also chip in to the Coronavirus effort, but to call those three out specifically is a bit corny. Simmons, Embiid, and Harris have all put their money towards charitable endeavors in the past, while Al Horford, who isn’t mentioned and makes a lot of money, has also done extensive work in his home country of the Dominican Republic.

Howard is a troll these days and thinks that Crossing Broad is “insignificant,” so it’s very easy to rip him.

But, to his credit, he’s done a ton of charity work in the past, so it would be equally corny for me to not mention that, since The King is good with fans and the local community and typically puts his time and effort into doing positive things for other people.

Still a dumb tweet though.

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22 Responses

  1. It is hardly a dumb tweet. Players have to step up if for nothing else to be a good example. These hourly employee will be paid till the end of March….then what???
    Not surprising he thinks your INSIGNIFICANT…..because you are acting like you should be.

  2. Australian wild life fund lol you mean the fires that were started by mu$lim$ that the media went dead silent on, but wait! it was started by global warming lol.

    1. Makes sense to me.

      Another conspiracy.

      The world is against us. We are stuck in a row and those lines are living the life.

      They must be in debt.

      I know a rich plumber who financed his cars for 5 years so he can afford the payments. He sure is smart.

    2. Fact checker”Snopes” calls this claim “FALSE”. Oh wait a minute, I’m arguing with an idiot, which makes me an idiot. Never mind…

  3. That old geezer Eskin will try anything to get his name out there and unfortunately, you’ve given that old fart, thee attention he’s been looking for.

  4. “They” are known as horrible tippers, so I am not surprised that “they” have not stepped-up.

    1. That is an absolute fact!!
      What’s the difference between them & a canoe?
      A canoe tips!!!

  5. Howie worry about Chip Kelly boy being on your coaching staff and worry and Shaggy being a fraud like you. Foles got the ring not the fraud you love Shaggy! Now go back to your fraud radio station that know nothing about sports. All loud mouth malcontents.

  6. Repeats the same ridiculous things over and over. Social Media, It’s not social and it’s not media. Your joke wasn’t funny the first time you said it. Your lame if you can’t come up with something original after saying it 100 times.

  7. this is an obvious attempt at trying to stay relevant when there is absolutely nothing to talk about he has had an agenda regarding the Sixers for years now (Phillies too) but can never say anything wrong about the Eagles. Why doesn’t he say anything about why Wentz hasn’t stepped up, or Giroux, or Cox, or anyone other than Sixers? No one should ever talk about anyone else’s money, it is none of their f’in business…..

  8. It’s easy for you to say that was a dumb tweet. It’s not so dumb when I hustle behind those bars and get everybody lit while they watch sports and I’m not getting paid a cent. Aramark is not paying us.
    As of March 11, 2020 we have no idea where our next form of income is coming from. Other arenas food-service workers who also we’re not going to be paid had their players or owners step up for them and pay their salaries as well. I live a few blocks from the Philadelphia Sports Complex and you wanna know what I hear coming from there… CRICKETS!!!! Not only do Philly sports have the best fans in the world they also have the best workers in the world but nobody seems to be worried about the people that keep the place running. I run in circles behind the bars along with 800 other people that I work with in the building. So, no, Howard Eskin‘s tweet wasn’t dumb. It was as real as the Coronavirus!

    1. Get a Union! Get paid $30.00 an Hour. Tell Eskin to help with an Email to Aramark management and Mayor Kenny. Tell the Sixers ownership to have Brett Brown pay you.

      1. We’re in a union. We’ve done it all! Tomorrow is a final decision. Here’s hoping they think Aramark employees as the Heartbeat of the Wells Fargo Center just like they describe their ticket takers and ushers who ARE getting paid. I’m glad for them but I need to be glad for us as well! Or…… Maybe Meek Mill will pay us!

    2. We asked Aramark for a statement and they gave us nothing. The problem is with Aramark not communicating to the media or to their employees what their plan is. Howard just said a bunch of shit without doing any research or gathering any facts.

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