Y’all know Kyle Brandt.

He’s the Good Morning Football host who has delivered myriad Philadelphia eagles rants, appearing in skits like The Wolf of Broad Street and offering motivational speeches to the disrespected playoff underdogs.

Today he’s unloading another passionate bazooka, this one aimed towards COVID-19 naysayers:


“I don’t know who they’re trying to score points for or who they’re trying to impress, but these are the people telling you, ‘dude it’s just the flu, chill out, wash your hands, shut up and go to work.’ Thank you doctor, I feel so much better now, especially when you tell me that it only affects old people. So now I’m concerned for my mother and my father and I don’t know what it is guys, but there is some sort of pandemic blood lust that these people need that they won’t be satisfied until there are actual zombies walking in the street.”

It’s a good rant, but of course people don’t like being lectured or told what to do. That’s why if you want real results and want to get out in front of this thing, the people in charge of cities and sports leagues (and the country) need to issue ultimatums and “shut that shit down,” as Negan from The Walking Dead would say: