“There’s No Issue with Carson and Alshon,” Says Howie Roseman

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Eagles general manager Howie Roseman is making the rounds.

Thursday, he did a 35 minute, 1v1 interview with Eagles Insider Dave Spadaro, which preceded a conference call with reporters. This morning, he spoke exclusively with broadcast rights holder 94 WIP on topics ranging from free agency to the draft and some other stuff in between.

One of the more interesting exchanges was this one:

Angelo Cataldi: We sense from the outside, and we’re far outside, that there was an issue at some point between (Carson) Wentz and (Alshon) Jeffery. Is that cleared up now?

Roseman: There’s no issue with Carson and Alshon. There’s no issue, and they’ll tell you that. I think from our perspective, Alshon has to get healthy. When he’s healthy, he’s a good player, but he’s gotta get healthy, and that’s the first order of business, for him to get healthy. I think the narrative about Alshon as a player – and I just hear this, (Eagles Director of Public Relations) Brett (Strohsacker) does a great job of keeping me up to date – isn’t really fair. This is a guy who has been a really good player for us, it’s not a guy who is tremendously old, so we gotta get him healthy and get him right, and then go from there.”

It’s similar to what Roseman told Spadaro Thursday, but I guess the thing that interests me is that Roseman has now touched on the fan and media “narrative” surrounding Jeffery a few times now. Usually executives and coaches fake ignorance when it comes to these things, and say stuff like “well we don’t pay attention to that” when, in truth, they typically read everything written about them and their team in addition to daily briefings and media roundup emails prepared by the PR staff.

Still, this is the same franchise that came out and said Mike Groh and Carson Walch would be back, then fired both 24 hours later, so it’s always hard to differentiate lip service from words that actually matter.

Here’s the full interview:


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    1. Alshon Jeffery is 6’3″ 230lbs, and more than likely working with 10+ inches therefore, he’s going to be okay!

  1. They went to a Sixers game together.
    My quarantine is not bad at all. Staying on my 12 acres in Newtown Square. 6,500 sqft house which I built and owe hardly anything on at all. Tons of frozen deer and elk meat, because I’m a real man. Tons of top shelf liquor. Tons of high end New England ipa’s. No student loan debt. Life is good. Especially when you’re a white American man.

    How’s your little apartment treating you Rowhome?


  2. More learning for you. Lying is difficult. It’s hard to remember the lies.

    A couple of weeks ago you lived in a different town, had a smaller house and less acres. See how you are a simpleton?

    Anyway – at that time we went through your debt ratio and determined you did not make enough to cover your debts. You bragged about financing your fake cars for 5 years so you could afford your payments. That’s just idiotic.

    Anyway – we can learn about finance again if you need to.

    You seem like you are still angry! Now you are white again? You seem conflicted – especially about being a “real man”. What an odd thing to say. Sounds like you feel like less of a man sometimes. I don’t judge. It’s your body. Do what you want with it. Your real people frown on that severely.

    Have a great day. Maybe tell some more stories or butcher some economic history and theory.

    1. We all know college is a scam and the trades are where the real money’s at. Did your boss let you take time off for the quarantine?

      1. Khalil – more learning.

        “Where the real money’s at” – screams English is my second language.

        Try – where the real money is.

        That way when you are making asinine comments you don’t sound stupid twice.

        I am glad you enjoy your trade. It seems you need something positive in your life. Be careful when you are punching your time card. Could be some virus there.

        Oh and use your protection. 🧚‍♀️

        Again – have a great day!

  3. we paid him too much money, so we can’t trade him without eating @$20 million and getting nothing in return, so we will pretend that everyone gets along and go into the season hoping he is healthy and that we can get some return on our misguided investment

    sorry I missed that interview, but yeah I don’t listen to that moron anymore

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