Jason Myrtetus is Returning to 97.5 the Fanatic

Not permanently, but he’s doing a weekend shift, per him:

You might remember Jason was let go in October when Beasley cut a few positions. He had been with 97.5 for a long time, previously serving as Assistant Program Director, Mike Missanelli’s producer, and a co-host alongside Harry Mayes and Anthony Gargano (aka The Cuz).

This would suggest to me that there were no hard feelings between Myrtetus and Beasley when the October move was made. No bridges were burned. For what it’s worth, Program Director Eric Johnson was fired a month after Myrtetus left, so he’s no longer in the picture as 97.5 tries to adjust during a global pandemic.

It’s my understanding that other similar moves could be in the works.


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  1. more kinky sports talk radio content. Kinky loves sports talk radio blog posts. Soon, he’ll have all day everyday to listen. Maybe Myrt can have him on as a guest.

    But the CB pods are different than terrestrial radio. Or so they say. There’s even one about soccer where the pod host blogs here, but it too embarrassed to promote his Always Soccer pod here any longer.

  2. I’m happy he loves hockey and doesn’t pretend it doesn’t exist. I liked him on middays. Good

  3. who gives a shit!
    I have to pay mortgages on 3 houses and 250 G’s in overpriced school loans.
    And i’ll sell as many fake illegal shirts as i like.
    fuck you

  4. kkevy is just a loser bl0ggerz and lazy person.
    He goes around reporting on what other people have reported on already
    and then tries to turn people into degenerate g@mblers so kyle can get his URL kickback.
    He’s lower than a ditch digger.
    He never wrote sports article in his life.
    Only ST0LE content , changed a few words around and
    called it his own.

  5. The money has to come from somewhere but the station made the boneheaded decision to continue to pay Nat’s salary and let Jason go,

    1. She’s a hot piece of a$$ on a station where 95% of listeners/viewers are male. Great move on their part

  6. I know I’m a dinosaur but I really like Joe Stasak and Myrtetus. No BS , straight sports talk. Harry and Tony are my favorites on Sirius

  7. Greaseball Meatball Gargano can only work in Phila. This city is so parichial and will only accept local sports talk. He and his phony South Phila upbringing make people think he’s one of them. He attended St Jude’s Grammar School in BLACKWOOD, NJ and Paul VI High School in HADDON TWP, NJ. He lived in Turnersville, N J, AKA Guinea Gulch

  8. Phil From Mount Airy Back Soon Too ?

    That Saturday afternoon show is Still a great memory in 2020.

    “Woke up this mo’nin, got yo’self yo’self yo…”

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