Mike Missanelli Says He’s Off Until Next Week

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Mike Missanelli is not on the air today, following Tuesday’s argument and headphone throwing incident. 

Kyle texted Mike, who told him that he’s off until next week, saying the following:

“I have five weeks of (vacation). With sports starting soon, I’ll never be able to take it then.”

I left a voicemail for Eric Camille, who is running 97.5 the Fanatic on what I believe is an interim basis right now. Coach Camille was the Assistant Program director under Eric Johnson, who was fired a few months ago. As such, Camille inherited that role, but there was never any kind of formal announcement, at least not that I’m aware of, which would make me think that Beasley Vice President and Market Manager Joe Bell is calling the shots right now.


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  1. Sorry your wrong Kevin.
    I’ve talked to several people in the ‘know’ and Missanelli was FIRED.

    1. I hope you’re right. How many chances should this anger-controlled blowhard get?

  2. If elderly most at risk [known][knowingly] why order COVID-19 positive patients back into nursing homes?
    Hospital capacity?
    USNS Comfort capacity?
    Ignorant [A] or deliberate [B]?
    [Accountability] options outside [other than] ballot box?

    1. Much like Comet Ping Ping there was some stuff going on in the nursing homes we can’t discuss here. Pepperoni. Sausage. Hannity knows about it. Secret tunnels to a basement that isn’t there. We need action. The liberals are doing it again. Hillary is the leader. Hannity knows. Shhhh


      The Intel is good on this one.

  3. Michelle Missinelli has had plenty of tantrums (both verbal & physical) on the job. Time to get rid of the 65 year old Princess.

  4. he can finally retire with his millions and run that winery and leave us to NO sports talk during the afternoon

  5. If just taking vacation days, Tyrone would have addressed it at the start of the show.

  6. So I waited all day for the space shuttle launch and nothing, try it again Saturday.

    1. try watching it sober this time and you might get the details right.
      You’re obviously a Dumpf supporter because you’re an idiot.

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