Angelo Cataldi Deactivated His Twitter Account

A Crossing Broad reader notified us today that Angelo Cataldi’s Twitter account is no longer active.

What happened?

After about 3 minutes of half-assed sleuthing, this was the tweet that broke the camel’s back (h/t Matt Mullin at Voice) –

That’s just Angelo being Angelo. The tweet is not overtly “offensive” or “sexist,” it just gives off more of a “creepy old man” vibe. I’d honestly give this a 1 out of 10 on the arbitrary scale of “pervy things Angelo has said about younger women over the years.” The difference now is that the standards are higher than they were back in the day.

It was probably in Cataldi’s best interest to delete Twitter anyway. He took a lot of flak for the recent tweet about returning to sports during the George Floyd protests and demonstrations, with DeSean Jackson, Jeremiah Trotter, Ike Reese, Scott O’Neil, and others calling him out publicly. In April, he tweeted that Mike Trout was a spoiled and pampered brat, and a fraud, which also got him the ratio.

Time’s yours.

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35 Responses

  1. Heard the woke are trying to get country music banned from Apple Music claiming its r@cist

  2. Gotta love hypocrite kinks passing judgement once again onf SHlT that he himself has done
    but refuses to acknowledge.

    This is a lot worse than calling mexicans racyist names like P.U,T.O
    isn’t it kinks?

    1. hahaha

      The problem with sports radio is that all of the hosts, that have not played sports professionally
      over a sustained period started out as idiot blog fucks like kinks and kyle.

      That is why those types of shows suck and they have to have ex sports type on there.

  3. Spirinac is more about ‘eye candy’ attention making her money than about sports ability.
    otherwise she’d dress a little more classy and not with the tight clothes.
    She’s obviously showing off to get ‘offers’.

    Just another Anna Kournikova / Danaica Patrick – both never won SH*T and just showed off.

    I’m not complaining, but i wouldn’t bet on her to win anything either.

    “It Is what It Is”

  4. What about 97.5’s entire morning show crew, getting canned and temporarily replaced with Jason Myrtetus?

  5. “Hot Take Boomer Radio Host Learns You Can’t Screen Callers on Twitter” — News at 11.

  6. Male cheerleaders (3)
    Male cheerleaders named Kyle (2)

    They could still probably add another Kyle before season starts

    1. Are all ‘male’ of the species named Kyle gay?

      could care less personally.
      none of my business.
      just curious
      asking for a friend.

  7. Really looking forward to my trip to Atlanta tomorrow, staying 3 nights at the Four Seasons … wait …. no police , civil unrest and rioting???? Umm no thank you.

    I think I speak for us all when I say Trump 2020!

  8. Bra! Y’all see Biden? Lol that dudes a straight clown! Lol all us black folk be votin fo Trump. Y’all know how it is!

  9. I don’t know how this dickhead keeps getting new contract. Same act as 20 years ago. Old tired, worn out boring. I haven’t listened to him more than a handful of times since around 2005.

  10. After reading about Biden’s Crime Bill, I can not vote for him. He is a bad guy.

    1. maybe you should throw a fit, punch out your producer, go back to being a sh**ttty DJ for 4 years
      And then come back to sports radio like the fucking hypocrite that you are and act like nothing ever happened.

      fucking m0r0n

  11. The fact that Hollywood celebrities have raised $20,000,000 for rioters bail & $0 for looting victims speaks volumes about the sick elites

      1. well they all refuse to wear masks so we don’t have to worry about them.

        With a little luck when they kick off i can grab that realestate at a discount.

  12. Looks like Joe the Dumber was drunk and lonely again last night.

    What a sad life. Poor guy sat around hitting refresh and talking to himself again.

    1. Lol. You’re up at 5am? Ahhh memories. I remember when I had a boss. Lol. How’s life college boy? Lol!

      1. It’s called being employed. I thought that was a good thing. Poor broke Joe. Trump has no chance. Biden is going to tear him apart at the debates.

        1. I am employed college boy. Who cares if I was online last night talking to myself. I am laid off. I can do what I want. Don’t really care that I have no family or life!! My fantasy internet life is plenty!!

          1. at first i said what the fuck?
            someone went to college to learn to be a plumber?

            them i figured this had to be right.
            only a trump chugger would be dumb enough to waste 2+years of there life going to college to be a plumber.

  13. FOX news polls show Trump leading in one demographic – Uneducated White Males!

    He is losing everything else, but the dumb ones are behind him. Take that libs!

    Trump 2020 ! Woooooooo

    1. The polls in 2016 had Hillary winning easily, yet Trump won. Polls aren’t reality.

  14. I always wondered what kind of dolt would listen to Cataldi in the morning then I saw those knuckle draggers out defending the Columbus statue and it all made sense.

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