Beasley Extends Wage and Hour Cuts Through End of Year, Lays Off Four More Employees

Back in March, about two weeks after the COVID-19 pandemic really took hold, Beasley Media Group implemented wage cuts and hour reductions for staff. That was before the company notified the state of Pennsylvania that it planned to temporarily lay off 63 people based out of Bala via the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act.

Fast forward to June 9th, and the company is not out of the woods yet, extending those salary and wage reductions while implementing another round of permanent layoffs.

In an email sent to employees and obtained by Crossing Broad, CEO Caroline Beasley writes the following, in part:

Similar to other companies, Beasley has evolved the way we approach our daily operations as a result of the economic impact caused by the pandemic. Our initial plan, originally unveiled in March, was structured with the #1 goal of keeping our employees safe during these unprecedented times and resuming our business operations at the appropriate time (approved by state and local governments).

No one could have ever anticipated that several of our markets would not begin the first phase of the reopening process until June. As a result, we must continue to adapt to the new financial environment we are facing within each of our individual markets. We will be reducing performance based bonus distributions for bonuses earned Q3 and Q4, extending the 10% wage cut for salaried full-time employees and extending the 10% reduction in hours for full-time hourly employees. These cuts will be effective through December 31, 2020, respecting any outstanding contractual obligations. In addition, the company will be extending furloughs until the end of the year. Some employees may return sooner, based upon the needs of the company on a market to market basis. I will also personally continue to forego 20% of my compensation until the end of the year.

These cuts first became effective April 1st and were originally set to expire at the end of June, but have now been extended through the remainder of the year.

In a separate email, Market Manager and Vice President Joe Bell informed staff of four more layoffs. Those impacted were non-sports or corporate-related staffers not directly associated with 97.5 The Fanatic.

Locally, Beasley owns 97.5 the Fanatic, WMMR, 92.5 WXTU, 610 ESPN, 95.7 BEN FM, 860 WWDB, and 102.9 WMGK.

Rival radio company Entercom, based at 2400 Market, also had a significant round of layoffs in April, letting go of a number of hosts and some mid-level managers. WIP veteran Rob Charry was bought out in the process. Pay cuts were implemented across the local cluster of stations, which includes WIP, KYW News Radio, 1210 WPHT, 96.5 WTDY, B 101.1, and 98.1 WOGL.

Legacy media took a big hit with COVID-19 and terrestrial radio seems to have been hit especially hard.

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  1. Who crocodile teared the best? White guilt, I blame my temper on being Italian Mike? or I’m black, my opinion is the only one that matters Malcolm?

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  3. kinks

    Are you going to doctor up your resume and pounce on that marketing job?

    everyone knows you do everything at CB anyway while Kyle sits back and does nothing.
    You might as well go for it.

    When Beasley calls to confirm your chaannel 3 employment, just say you quit.
    Chaannel 3, by law, can only confirm you were employed there and they can’t say why you left.

    Fuck that little bstard kyle!


  4. it’s really simple, the feds relaxed the rules on employers having to have the same level of employees by the end of June that they had back in February in order to have their PPP loan forgiven. Now they have until the end of the year, so why hire anyone back? free money from the feds, and they can all keep collecting unemployment, funded by the states! it’s a win-win for the capitalists!

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  7. It’s hard to believe but a really large number of large companies began to reduce the number of workers and move them to a minimum wage in order not to go bankrupt. I read essays about the minimum wage and what it is in different countries and when it will be worthy of human labor. I think a lot of companies need to rethink their rules.

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