There’s all sorts of DeSean Jackson stuff out there right now. Story is all over the news after the Eagles receiver apologized for sharing a fake Hitler quote and praising Louis Farrakhan on Instagram.

Jackson addressed the weekend posts in a video message while the Eagles released a statement condemning the behavior and explaining that the team will “take appropriate action” as they continue to evaluate the circumstances.

As far as actual news this morning, it would appear as though Sixers co-owner Michael Rubin got with DeSean and organized a trip to the Philly Holocaust Memorial Plaza at 16th and JFK, near Love Park:

Now this sounds like a productive and reasonable exercise. Here’s an opportunity to educate and inform and explain to DeSean that Hitler was a genocidal maniac and that Farrakhan is an anti-semitic weirdo.

Quick note on Farrakhan:

Yes, he does a lot to uplift black men and women in this country, but the message is rendered null and void because of the aforementioned flaws. White people wouldn’t walk around saying, “if you ignore the Ku Klux Klan thing, David Duke isn’t a bad guy!” It just doesn’t work that way. When you have a history of saying and doing unacceptable things, we can’t cherry pick the legitimate statements and opinions.

This reminds me a bit of the Shawny Hill situation from a few years back. He was the Flyers and Wings PA announcer who got in trouble for the “snip the ponytail” comment directed towards the Native American player. He wound up at the Museum of Indian Culture up in Allentown a few weeks later and seemed to accept the “let’s try to educate you on these topics” routine. Hill was fired anyway, which seemed odd considering his remorse, but in DeSean’s case maybe his status as a professional athlete will provide him with a second chance once he completes this impromptu educational course.

And isn’t that what we are as a nation? Don’t we give second chances to people who apologize and try to improve themselves? “Cancel culture” is a hot topic in America right now, this idea that we show zero tolerance for infractions of any kind, and you’re seeing a lot of people shouting “double standard!” because they think the political left is being quiet about this. It’s basically the Twitter version of fighting fire with fire, which might be effective but ultimately results in a massive digital inferno. It’s one thing to point out the hypocrisy here, but there are people who want to see DeSean get cut just to stick it to the liberals on Twitter, and that seems to be an immature and low-road approach to the matter at hand.

Anyway, it’s not up to us. The Eagles and the NFL will take it from here.