The day has finally arrived. It’s a day that every Flyers fan has waited for since December: Oskar Lindblom has completed his chemotherapy treatments.

The Flyers’ young forward was in the midst of a true breakout season when he received a diagnosis of Ewing sarcoma, a rare cancer, just before Christmas. It’s been a long journey for Lindblom and his family over the past six months, including positive moments like Lindblom appearing in public for the first time back in January, to joining his teammates for the annual photo, a positive update on Instagram from his girlfriend, and most recently him taking the Skate Zone ice.

Lindblom offered up some thoughts on what completing his treatments means to him, saying it feels like having, “A birthday, Christmas, and all of those holidays at the same time.”

It shouldn’t need to be said, but since it’s been all over Twitter and Facebook since we confirmed he was finishing up his final few treatments: Oskar Lindblom will not return to play with the Flyers when the NHL resumes play later this month. He could, however, work his way back into hockey shape ahead of the 2021-22 season, which is something I didn’t expect to type back in December. The most important thing is Oskar Lindblom has worked incredibly hard to get through his treatments and his team of nurses and doctors deserve a ton of recognition for the work they do every day.

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