DraftKings Casino has been available in select states for some time but just this week it has completed its migration to standalone app.

The DraftKings Casino app is now available as a standalone app on both iOS and Android in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Users can download the app directly from the iOS App Store or through a direct download link on Android.

Get it here:

DraftKings Casino

States: PA, NJ, MI, WV



Previously, DraftKings’ online casino was contained inside the DraftKings Sportsbook PA app. Now it’s off on its own.


How To Get The DraftKings Casino App

The DraftKings Casino app is available in the Apple App Store in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, but you should first register online to get a $500 deposit match and $100 free Blackjack credit.

Here’s how:

  • Step 1: Click this link
  • Step 2: Sign up and fill out the registration field
  • Step 3: Then use the download link to download the app from the App Store or directly on Android
  • Step 4: Play casino games

Pretty straightforward.

In addition to the $500 deposit bonus, DraftKings offers $100 in free Blackjack credits. But there is a substantial play-through requirement on the deposit bonus.


The Shift to Standalone

Sportsbook operators like DraftKings and FanDuel originally, or ostensibly, had little interest in offering casino games alongside their popular sports betting features. But the legalization of iGaming paved the way for both brands, with large install bases, to capitalize on the highly popular (and lucrative) wave.

DraftKings was first, offering its casino app in New Jersey with best-in-class online Blackjack features that included a live custom-branded studio with a modern feel. They scaled up from there and hopped across the river into Pennsylvania. The FanDuel Casino app quickly followed suit.

But the signup experience proved confusing for many. While there is certainly overlap among hardcore gamblers, casino players look distinctly different than sports bettors, particularly the ones to which DraftKings’ app appeals. That meant a slightly older demographic looking for online slots was often met with proposition for sports bets when trying to find slot games inside the app.

draftkings casino ios app screenshots

Spin it off, baby.

The solution was obvious. DraftKings spun off its casino product into its own app, but casino games are still available inside the sportsbook app itself.

This allows sports bettors the sample the casino offerings, while segmenting out traditional casino players into a more focused product.

Though the global pandemic and its associated shutdown had largely brought sports betting to a halt, big-name betting brands like DraftKings Sportsbook and FanDuel Sportsbook shifted their focus to their online casino apps in Pennsylvania.

Everything ranging from slots to table games to sports-themed Blackjack and Roulette are available in DraftKings Casino. Live dealer is coming later this year. Thus far, all of this has existed inside the “sportsbook” app, making it confusing to new players searching for “DraftKings Casino.”

That all changes for users in Pennsylvania.


Online Casino a Major Growth Source for DraftKings

In case you haven’t heard, DraftKings went public a few months ago and watched its stock (ticker symbol: DKNG) run up almost 400%… before settling at a roughly 250% gain in recent days. Not bad. All of this during a time with no major sports.

One reason is because DraftKings is one of the few legal sports betting plays– they have little exposure to physical casinos and are entirely US-based.

But the other, more subtle reason is that DraftKings, along with rival FanDuel, began offering online casino games to its players during a time when casino-goers shifted their attention to the web. This opens up an entire new market for DraftKings beyond its young male, sports fan demo.

Per sources we talked to, DraftKings realized that separating its casino audience from sports bettors probably made sense (don’t worry, you can still share a wallet between all of DraftKings gambling apps) to make it easier for customer to find what they were looking for (and also reduce bloat in the app).

Pennsylvania, following in the footsteps of New Jersey, became the second state to legalize large-scale online gambling, thus making it a huge focus for gaming operators.

DraftKings Casino app becomes just the latest example of that.

DraftKings Casino

States: PA, NJ, MI, WV