Mike Milbury is Done at NBC

Flashback to August, when NBC condemned Mike Milbury’s “insensitive and insulting comment” about women and the NHL bubble.

With hockey resuming after the COVID postponement, Milbury was calling a game between the Islanders and Capitals when he said that there was “not even any woman here to disrupt your concentration,” which got him dragged on Twitter and resulted in an apology.

Now, as a new NHL season begins, Milbury is done at NBC:

This was a long time coming, if we’re being honest.

For starters, Milbury just seemed bored with his job. You’d get more exciting and energetic color commentary out of somebody plucked off the street and dropped into the broadcast booth.

Beyond that, Milbury is a former Boston player and coach who didn’t even try to hide is disdain for the Flyers. He criticized Tuuka Rask for opting out of the playoffs for family reasons. He also implied that Jake Muzzin was faking an injury to buy time, when it turned out that Muzzin needed to be stretchered off the ice. Oh yeah, and there was the other time that he said Dan Bylsma should have “taken off his skirt” to go confront the Flyers during that famous altercation of 2012.

The guy was crotchety and cranky and this was inevitable.

Here are the 2021 NBC NHL broadcast crews:

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