We’re less than a week away from one of the most highly-anticipated Super Bowl matchups in recent memory– a battle of the generational quarterbacks. Tom Brady and his Tampa Bay Buccaneers will play host in their regular season home stadium to Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. While there’s plenty of analysis and breakdowns to come from every angle, the arrival of the big game means on thing: Super Bowl 55 prop bets.

There’s no shortage of Super Bowl 55 crazy prop bets. Bettors can wager on a wide range of ridiculous props. This includes action on the coin toss, National Anthem, television broadcast, halftime, and unique in-game props. Read on for more information on how to bet the craziest Super Bowl props.


Where To Bet on Super Bowl 55 Props

Some sportsbooks in legal sports betting states are rolling out aggressive new user signup bonus around prop bets.

Players in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Indiana can bet $25 on a team to win and get $75 if their quarterback – Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes – completes a pass with Unibet.


Bettors in all legal sports betting states can get 2x their money if either team throws a touchdown pass. DraftKings Sportsbook is running a double your money Super Bowl promotion if Brady or Mahomes throw a touchdown pass. The max bet is $50. 

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Keep in mind, not all of the ridiculous prop bets listed in this post will be eligible to be bet on at legal sportsbooks. Some – like Gatorade color and coin toss – are available, but others that are more easily influenced are generally for fun.

Let’s dive into some of the zaniest Super Bowl 55 prop bets.


America The Beautiful Prop Bet

  • Over/under: 81.5 seconds

Before the Super Bowl begins, there’s a performance that resonates throughout the stadium and into the homes of millions. However, many people seem to forget that prior to the singing of the Star Spangled Banner, another American classic is sung. Last year, Yolanda Adams tore down the house with her rendition of “America The Beautiful,” doing so in 1:51.


National Anthem Prop Bets

Before the teams go to battle on the gridiron, viewers will be treated to a bit of a rarity: two performers for the National Anthem. Jazmine Sullivan, a 12-time Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter from Philadelphia, will be joined by country music star Eric Church. The presence of two performers could lead to some wild results in the ever-entertaining National Anthem prop bet market.

National Anthem Length

  • Over 2 Minutes: -125
  • Under 2 Minutes: -105

Over the course of the last 28 Super Bowls, the average length of time it’s taken to perform the Star Spangled Banner has come in at 1 minute, 55 seconds.

Alicia Keys’ 2 minute, 35 second performance at Super Bowl XLVII and Jennifer Hudson’s 2 minute, 10 second performance at Super Bowl XLIII are the two longest performances since Super Bowl XL. Interestingly enough, Hudson’s represents the last time the big game was played in Tampa Bay.

It’s worth noting that Jazmine Sullivan’s performance at the 2004 NHL All-Star Game wrapped up in 1:38. However, the Sullivan/Church pairing represents just the second time in Super Bowl history a duet will perform the Star Spangled Banner.

The other duo featured Aretha Franklin and Aaron Neville, who clocked in at 2:08 ahead of Super Bowl XL.

Will the duo treat us to a double “the brave” controversy like Lady Gaga back in 2016, leading to a massive debate about the official length of the performance?


Will Jazmine Sullivan or Eric Church Forget or Omit a Word While Singing the National Anthem?

  • Either to Forget: Yes (+500), No (-900)
  • Jazmine Sullivan: Yes (+1000), No (-5000)
  • Eric Church: Yes (+1000), No (-5000)

Unless they want to end up facing controversy like Christina Aguilera in 2011, Jazmine Sullivan and Eric Church would be smart to look over the lyrics to the Star Spangled Banner. Aguilera sang the words, “what so proudly we watched at the twilight’s last reaming,” in place of, “o’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming.”

The oddsmakers seem to believe the duet will nail it.


Who Will Sing More Words?

  • Singer: Eric Church (-135), Jazmine Sullivan (-105)

Speaking of words, assuming that Sullivan and Church manage to get through the performance with nary an error, the question will be, who sang more words? While it’s possible they’ll sing in unison throughout, it’s more likely they may trade phrases of the anthem.


Will Eric Church Wear Sunglasses During the National Anthem?

  • Yes: +900

While most people will be focused on the performance of the National Anthem, some will be just as concerned with what’s on Eric Church’s face. That’s because, you guessed it, there are odds on whether or not he’ll be wearing sunglasses during the performance.


Which Coach Will Be Shown First During the National Anthem?

  • Andy Reid: -130
  • Bruce Arians: -110

A week ago, Andy Reid appeared prior to his counterpart Sean McDermott of the Buffalo Bills. The caveat in this one was that the Bills remained in the locker room for the performance.

On the NFC side, Bucs coach Bruce Arians was also shown ahead of his counterpart Matt LaFleur of the Green Bay Packers for the same reason.

While it might seem logical to show the coach whose team plays at Raymond James Stadium throughout the year, Andy Reid’s squad are the defending Super Bowl champions.


Will a Player Kneel or Raise a Fist During the National Anthem?

  • Yes: +1200
  • No: -5000

Chiefs defensive end Alex Okafor took a knee and raised his right fist back on September 10, 2020.

Last week, no players took a knee or were shown raising a fist during the national anthem in their respective games.

Unless Okafor looks to make a message, the oddsmakers believe it’ll be unlikely as they’re offering identical odds on a player taking a knee or raising a fist.


Other Anthem Specials

If you’re looking to get in on any other anthem-related specials, there are more for the taking:

  • Will any scoring drive take less time than the National Anthem length? Yes (-350), No (+225)
  • Player to be shown first during the National Anthem? Travis Kelce (-130), Rob Gronkowski (-110)
  • Player to be shown first during the National Anthem? Tom Brady (-130), Patrick Mahomes (-110)


Broadcast Props

The #1 announce team from CBS will be on the call as Jim Nantz covers the play-by-play side of things, while former Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo provides dynamic insight. Believe it or not, there are a number of props related specifically to Nantz, Romo, and the telecast.

Primary Color of Jim Nantz’ Tie

  • Color: Blue (+300), Black (+350), Field (+350), Red (+450), Purple (+800)

Jim Nantz is not only the voice of the NFL on CBS, but the iconic voice of the NCAA Men’s Basketball March Madness. Part of the latter commitment is a ritual he’s brought to the tournament in which he hands off his tie to an impressive player from the winning team. While we’re not expecting him to bestow his tie on Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes, oddsmakers are taking wagers on the primary color of his tie.


Primary Color of Tony Romo’s Tie

  • Color: Blue (+200), Black (+400), Red (+400), Field (+600), Grey (+900)

Why should Jim Nantz get to have all the fun? Tony Romo’s stylish ties have caught some eyes and oddsmakers have set what they believe are the most likely colors to be donned by the best color analyst in the sport.


Halftime Props

The Super Bowl Halftime Show is one of the more anticipated musical performances of the year, though it’s become increasingly polarizing over time. This year, The Weeknd is slated to take the stage, but will he be alone? What will he wear? What will he sing? There are Halftime Show props galore.

First Song to Be Performed by The Weeknd During the Halftime Show

  • Song: Starboy (+350), Blinding Lights (+400), Can’t Feel My Face (+425), In Your Eyes (+450), Save Your Tears (+500), The Hills (+850), Heartless (+1000), Too Late (+1200), I Feel It Coming (+2000), In The Night (+4500)

The Weeknd has a number of major hits, any of which could lead the halftime show. The oddsmakers have set the odds on which of The Weeknd’s hits will lead the way.


Who Will Perform With The Weeknd?

  • Artist: Drake (+400), Maluma (+600), Ariana Grande (+600), Future (+800), Lana Del Rey (+1100)

As has become tradition, the headline performer typically has at least one other major performer join him/her on the stage. Given social distancing guidelines and health and safety guidelines, this could be a year where no other performer appears. The oddsmakers seem to believe someone will take the stage alongside The Weeknd.


How Many Songs Will Be Performed During the Halftime Show?

  • Number of Songs O/U 8: Over (-220), Under (+155)

This bet is obviously contingent in some way, shape, or form on whether or not there is at least one other performer taking the stage with The Weeknd. The oddmakers have set the over/under for the number of songs performed at eight.


How Many Wardrobe Changes Will The Weeknd Have During the Halftime Show?

  • Number of Wardrobe Changes O/U 0.5: Over (-380), Under (+240)

It’s safe to assume that barring a massive upset, The Weeknd is likely to change wardrobes at least one time. Typically the introduction of another performer gives the headliner an opportunity to get off stage and switch up their attire. Will The Weeknd change outfits during the Halftime Show?


Will There Be a Wardrobe Malfunction?

  • Will there be a wardrobe malfunction? Yes (+1000), No (-2500)

Of course everyone remembers the infamous moment when Justin Timberlake snared a piece of Janet Jackson’s wardrobe during the Super Bowl 38 halftime show, tearing it away and setting off a wave of viewer complaints to the NFL and airing network. While it’s unlikely The Weeknd will suffer a similar fate, it’s still a prop offered by oddmakers.


Last Song to Be Performed by The Weeknd During the Halftime Show

  • Last song: Blinding Lights (-240), Save Your Tears (+675), In Your Eyes (+1000), Starboy (+1400), Heartless (+1400), Too Late (+1600), Can’t Feel My Face (+1600), The Hills (+1800), I Feel It Coming (+2500), In The Night (+3000)

Every good show needs a great finale, and there are a number of songs the oddsmakers believe could be in consideration to close out a memorable halftime show.


Will The Weeknd Mention President Joe Biden or Former President Donald Trump During the Halftime Show?

  • President Joe Biden: Yes (+750), No (-2000)
  • President Donald Trump: Yes (+600), No (-1200)

Although it might seem odd to do so, it’s not inconceivable that The Weeknd could mention the current or former president of the United States during the halftime show, especially given the recency of the inauguration. But will he?


The Coin Toss

Coin Toss Outcomes

  • Outcome of the Coin Toss: Heads (-103), Tails (-103)
  • Coin Toss Winner: Tampa Bay (-106), Chiefs (-106)
  • Player to Correctly Call Opening Kick-Off Coin Toss: Yes (-106), No (-106)

Thanks to DraftKings Sportsbook, bettors can place wagers on the outcome of the pregame coin toss through a legal online sportsbook. This has quickly become one of the most popular Super Bowl props. This includes:


Coin Toss and Winner Parlay

  • Kansas City to Win the Toss and Win the Game: Yes (+205), No (-265)
  • Tampa Bay to Win the Toss and Win the Game: Yes (+355), No (-500)

DraftKings allows users to parlay the outcome of the coin toss with the team to win of the bettor’s choosing.


Super Bowl 55 Game Props

Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes to Complete a Pass

  • Yes: +300

Biggest no-brainer prop bet of the day for players in Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Indiana thanks to Unibet.


Any Player to Throw a Football Into the Cannon Porthole During a Celebration

  • Yes: +5000

The folks over at PointsBet have arguably the funniest and most outlandish celebration-related prop of the entire offering of ridiculous props. Will a player throw a football into the cannon porthole during a celebration and Raymond James Stadium?


Any Field Goal or Extra Point Attempt to Hit Uprights or Crossbar

  • Yes (+425), No (-800)

Both Ryan Succop and Harrison Butker have had some issues this post season with misses on field goals and extra point attempts alike. FOX Bet is offering odds on either kicker to hit uprights or the crossbar on any field goal or extra point attempt.


Most Passing Yards

Given the marquee matchup of Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady, bettors are likely to want to back either the reigning Super Bowl MVP or the man considered by many to be the Greatest of All Time. FanDuel Sportsbook allows users to pick which QB they believe will throw for more passing yards in Super Bowl 55. Will the young gun Mahomes (-155) outgain the four-time Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady (+120) through the air?


Player to Have the Most Receiving/Rushing Yards

BetMGM has some excellent odds boosts for the player with the most receiving yards and the player with the most rushing yards.

If you believe Kansas City tight end Travis Kelce will be the standout receiving star in the big game, you can get him at +175 odds to lead the game in receiving yards.

Bettors who want to back Leonard Fournette’s ability to eat up rushing yards can do so at BetMGM with favorable odds of +180.


Postgame Super Bowl Props

What Color Gatorade Will Be Dumped on the Winning Coach?

  • Color: Orange (+200), Red (+300), Clear/Water (+600), Green/Yellow/Lime (+700), Purple (+1100), (Blue +1500)

The sight of the winning Super Bowl coach getting doused in neon-colored liquid is one of the images firmly entrenched in the minds of those who take in the Super Bowl. Over the past 20 Super Bowls, the color has varied quite a bit. Yellow has been dumped on the winning coach three times, while clear had a four-season run from Super Bowl 39-42. Purple has had its time to shine twice, while blue has hit twice in the past six Super Bowls. The big winner, however, is orange, which showered Andy Reid at the end of Super Bowl 54. Orange hasn’t repeated since Super Bowl 44 and 45, which also marks the last time any color repeated. Sure, there’s a chance of no shower at all, as happened three times in the last 20 games, but where’s the fun in that?


Who Will Be Named Super Bowl MVP?

  • Player: Travis Kelce (+1500), Tyreek Hill (+1600), Any defensive player (+1900), Mike Evans (+2900), Chris Godwin (+3200)

Typically when one thinks about the Super Bowl, the winning quarterback is often the image that comes to mind first. The Super Bowl MVP trophy isn’t always given to the winning quarterback, but it’s given to the position more time s than not. Remarkably, this Super Bowl will pit last season’s Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes against Tom Brady, who’s won the award four times before. Fans are likely in for a treat as the GOAT takes on the young quarterback many consider the most talent player of his generation. Mahomes (+110) and Brady (+350) are the odds-on favorites to win the award, depending on which team prevails.

However, they’re not alone.


Who Will Be Thanked First by the MVP?

    • Person: Teammates/Coach (+250), Fans/City (+300), God (+500), Family/Family Member (+600), Healthcare Workers (+900), Owner (+2500), Field (+7500)

Whenever the winning team is being coronated, it will likely see one of its biggest playmakers receive the Pete Rozelle Trophy for the MVP of Super Bowl 55. But who will that man thank? Yes, there are odds for that. This market is final Super Bowl prop of the night.


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