You know Scott Zolak? Pittsburgh guy. Former Patriots quarterback from the 1990s. He does the color commentary for the New England radio broadcasts and two years ago accused the Eagles of pumping in fake crowd noise at Lincoln Financial Field.

Zolak found himself back in the news on Friday because he thinks rap music is distracting Cam Newton and believes the Patriots should turn it off at practice.

From a recent appearance on Boston sports radio:

I see some people on social media going with the “dog whistle” angle here, i.e. Zolak is out of line to say that the black quarterback is aloof during practice and distracted by music while the white quarterback is just keeping his head down and working. I dunno. Only Scott Zolak knows if his take is racially motivated or not. If Cam was dancing to The Rolling Stones instead of hip hop, would the opinion be different? What if Mac Jones was headbanging to Black Sabbath between reps? Would there be a complaint there?

Regardless, the take is dumb, because people have been pointing out things like this:

This is a thing in the NFL and all sports, really. They play rap music in the middle of regular season NBA game, for crying out loud. They play rap while players are taking reps in training camp.

Keep in mind, the New England radio dudes don’t seem to like Newton very much. In the past, they’ve complained about him dabbing, and one guy was close to tears when they brought him back this season. Zolak’s take seems to fall in line with Felger, Mazz, and the other doofuses up there.