In Addition to Throwing Things onto the Field, Boorish Dallas Fans Pummeled Each Other

from twitter @yofavcuz

Gotta laugh at the Cowboys. I know the Eagles got their asses kicked down in Tampa, but they were an 8.5 point underdog. Dallas was a division winner and home favorite.

In addition to their fans throwing shit onto the field, and hitting players in the process (they said they were aiming for the refs, as if that makes it okay), they also decided to pummel each other in the stands:

The clip is only nine seconds long, but we have some punches thrown. A guy slips on beer or food, and then another guy has his butt hanging out. His ass crack is totally showing.

It’s one thing to get into a fight with opposing fans, which happens everywhere, but Dallas folks seem to fight each other at an elevated rate. Back on Thanksgiving, you might recall that concourse melee, where the food vendor jumped over the counter, slipped and face planted, then proceeded to go 1v2 against a pair of women in Cowboy jerseys. It was friendly fire! Dallas vs. Dallas. The cucarachas like to do battle amongst themselves.

Truly, the Dallas Cowboys and their fans are an embarrassment. Bet you won’t hear about it though from the national media. If Eagles fans were involved, it would be the lead story on Good Morning America and then Rick Williams would start the 11 p.m. news with it before tossing it to Dann Cueller. Good evening, Dann.