The Joe Judge Era in New York Has Come to an End

Josina Anderson strikes again.

She reported Monday that Joe Judge would be keeping his job, then reported Tuesday he would be fired, which was confirmed by Schefty and later the Giants:

Alrighty then!

But anyway, Joe Judge is out, which is disappointing for the rest of the NFC East. We were hoping for a long Judge tenure in order to guarantee the Giants remaining in the divisional basement.

Obviously the fake tough guy routine didn’t resonate with the Giants “organ-i-zation,” as the hockey folks say. Judge had the AUDACITY to lecture Doug Pederson for pulling Jalen Hurts in the Washington game, which kept the Giants out of the playoffs. Nevermind the fact that New York was 6-10 and total dog shite and didn’t deserve to be there in the first place. The Eagles do what’s best for the Eagles and the “integrity of the game” can take a hike. Philadelphia doesn’t owe anything to the Giants.

Perhaps Judge sealed his fate when he decided to run back-to-back quarterback sneaks on 2nd and 11 and 3rd and 9 this past weekend. Judge was playing the field position game, according to him, and threw up the white flag while essentially saying that his offense stinks and he can’t trust them to get one friggin’ first down. That is scandalous.

Finally, Joe Judge is an absolute disgrace to the great borough of Lansdale. It’s disappointing that I’ll never be able to use this line again, because it’s one of my favorites. It may be the last time I ever use it, at least until he resurfaces with the Souderton head coaching job. I’m told the Indians could use a “Harry High School” type of guy to lead those young men into battle against the likes of North Penn and Hatboro-Horsham.

But make no mistake, Joe Judge has no business showing his face in the borough he has now embarrassed. I may go to the township building and ask to have my mailing address changed from “Lansdale” to “Upper Gwynedd.” Judge should show up to the Lansdale Catholic homecoming weekend with a paper bag over his head. He should go incognito on Main Street, or else people are might say “hey didn’t you go 10-23 in the NFL while acting like a hardo doofus?

Let’s pour one out for the Joe Judge era in New York. It has come to an end.

Edit – what if the Giants hire Doug Pederson to replace Joe Judge? holy shit lol