Here’s a turn your brain off, Friday afternoon, counting-the-minutes-until-you-drive-to-the-shore post to get you through whatever little bit of work you have left.

If you missed it last night because the press conference started at 2 a.m., Daryl Morey was asked about the James Harden contract situation, describing it as a “mutual lovefest” –

Kinky. Lets throw out some of the best “mutual lovefests” in Philly sports history from the past:


Chris Long/Fletcher Cox a.k.a “LongCox”

Fletcher Cox and Chris Long are the ultimate bros. These two were fast friends. Why? Bonding over dick jokes of course. If that doesn’t tell you about how men pick friends I don’t know what will.


Jeff Carter/Mike Richards

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Probably could’ve thrown cocaine (allegedly) into this mutual lovefest, but we don’t want to get sued. The Crossing Broad archive tells the entire story of Jeff Carter’s career, from single guy kicking chicks out of bed, partying with the most Canadian-looking bros ever, getting married and spending the honeymoon at Kix in Sea Isle, and bringing the Cup back to Sea Isle on another team.


AJ Brown/Jalen Hurts

The newest mutual lovefest! Before AJ Brown was even traded here Jalen Hurts was working out with him, at his daughter’s birthday party, and the day Brown got drafted. They were even spotted working out this week together. Jalen’s really going to test the bond of this relationship when he’s throwing worm burners to the sideline on a big 3rd and 4:


Ryan Howard/Chase Utley/Jimmy Rollins

These three came up together, won a championship together, and manned the infield together. They should all have their numbers retired (including Cole Hamels) if the Phillies didn’t have that stupid rule that players had to be in the Hall of Fame to retire their jerseys. The three greatest Phillies of my lifetime.


Donovan McNabb/Hugh Douglas

Fighting the most talented wide receiver in franchise history because the insecure QB hates him. The 2005 Eagles everybody.

Plenty more we could do. Drop some of yours in the FB or Twitter comments. I know the olds are gonna hate me for not including Mo Cheeks and Dr. J or Pete Incaviglia and Vuk or something like that. Apologies, I’m 29.