Lets Take an NFC East Temperature Check

The Eagles offense put on a show in open practice Sunday night and the defense seems to be HUMMING.

Now let’s check in on the rest of the NFC East.


Dallas Cowboys

Everyone couldn’t stop talking about Trevon Diggs getting torched by a practice squad player last week. Diggs couldn’t deal with it so he went right ahead and deactivated his Twitter account:

Honestly, Jalen Reagor should be studying Diggs’ off-field and on-field habits since he might one day be a former WR converted to DB to save his job in the NFL.

Cowboys fans are chirping Dak after he took his third sack in one drill. Here’s an idea to upgrade your middle of the road OL: don’t take one projected in the third round with your first pick:

“Fuck it. Jerry’s up there somewhere” –

Speaking of Jerry Jones, he’s had a hell of a camp. He had to apologize on the first day after calling his former coach “a midget” and now he’s going after people for calling him petty for keeping Jimmy Johnson out of the Cowboys Ring of Honor:

A year after looking Jimmy in the eye and saying he’d put him in:

New York Giants

TRAINING CAMP FIGHT! I feel like this was the first good one we’ve had all camp:

Monkeypox in New York is getting out of control:

They call the 10 speed on the Giants JUGS machines DIME speed:

Washington Commies

Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but Carson Wentz’s accuracy is being questioned:

I can’t believe it took this long for a reporter to ask Ron Rivera if he was worried about Carson Wentz’s accuracy. Then again, Wentz tore apart DC every time he got the chance in Philly:

Remember Commies fans, Carson Wentz doesn’t care how many passes he misses because God doesn’t care. You continue to get pooped on while the Commies win four games because it’s all according to God’s Plan:

I’m not going to comment on this next one. I’ll leave that to Russ Joy, who is an expert in African-American Greek life rituals. They do look like they’re channeling their inner Gene Simmons though:

Eagles 2022 NFC East Champs. Hang the banner.