Angelo Cataldi Had to Straighten Out Fake News Jon Heyman

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If Angelo Cataldi can get every sports writer in this country to work hard enough to cite something other than the time we threw snowballs at Santa in 1968, I’ll forget all the bullshit and fake outrage he’s given us for the last twenty years. Here’s a clip from his interview with Jon Heyman, who wrote a terrible column the other day, asking everyone to “lay off” the Astros:

One thing they shouldn’t be able to cite is this dumb story that somehow has taken on a life of its own after being debunked by everyone. The broken window in the Justin Verlander video:

What are we doing here? This is a guy that’s supposed to be a reporter right? Collect all the facts and then analyze what he has. How does he not know that the “Phillies fans shattered the window” belief isn’t real? Even after having the story confirmed by Verlander himself. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills:

I thought our reputation as fans was overblown with a lot of the media, but holy shit they think we’re absolute mongrels. They think we’re fucking zoo animals. It’s a couple of boos here and a fuck you there. It’s not that serious. And if you ask me, JD Drew was asking for it.