Allow me to pass along this editorial note:

The Super Bowl build up is a little odd, because you’ve got two weeks between games. It’s a little premature to start previewing the game 13 days in advance, and most of the stuff floating around out there last week involved plays/quotes/takeaways from the NFC Championship Game. So we share responses from the corny Niners radio guys, Dallas dorks, and that cool fan who talked about people needing to have a sense of humor. The first week is basically spent digesting a great win, then we turn focus to the actual game this week.

It’s funny, because we’ve adopted the “nobody likes us, we don’t care thing,” which Jason Kelce borrowed from the Sons of Ben, who borrowed from a soccer team in England called Millwall. It’s more of an attitude than actual exhibited behavior, because we respond with a LOT of vim and vigor to any bit of disrespect. When Chris Simms refuses to give Jalen Hurts credit, we become offended. When Brandon Aiyuk shits on the Eagles, we become offended, and the response is probably justified because the disrespect is typically not merited and coated with bias and butt-hurtedness. We’re all about giving credit where it’s due, and when people poo poo quite possibly the greatest team in Philadelphia Eagles history, you’d expect this kind of reaction.

To say “we don’t care,” however, is demonstrably false, and that’s alright. The saying should be rephrased – “nobody likes us, and we really care because we hate when our teams and players are unfairly shit on, so we’re gonna defend them.” Something like that. Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but it’s more accurate, because if we didn’t care, we wouldn’t share any of their shit in the media or waste time and energy responding on social media. That’s really an entirely separate point, the idea of entertaining people who are just fishing for engagement, but the philosophy at Crossing Broad and other outlets goes something like “hey look how much of a fraud this guy is.” Then we separate the genuine and authentic media from the fake frauds and keep the receipts. I think acting like an engagement dickhead is ultimately a net negative, because Twitter impressions don’t necessarily convert to contract extensions, unless you have a fantastic agent. My take has always been that attention is not currency.

But anyway, it’s okay to care, we just have to adjust appropriately. We can no longer say “no one likes us, we don’t care.” We can just say “no one likes us,” and leave it at that, at least for one week. We’ll try to keep it to Super Bowl stuff right now, focus on Kansas City, and do some real preview material.

Go Birds.