Tuesday evening John Clark reported that Frank Vogel interviewed with the Sixers, confirming the Monday rumor he was on a plane to Philly:

Shoutout to Frank Vogel. Knowing you’re not going to take the job but still flying out on the company’s dime just so you can spend your holiday down the shore is an all time grift. I hope he made Josh Harris’ helicopter fly him to Wildwood and drop him off on a high school field during a soccer practice. I’m going to need someone to send us a picture of Frank getting after it at Keenan’s while the Juliano Brothers bring the house down.

Vogel has been strongly linked to the Dallas Mavericks, where he’d become an assistant until Luka gets bored with Jason Kidd and they promote Vogel. He seems like the fourth or fifth choice among the Sixers fanbase out of the candidates Woj released last week. I want nothing to do with him. I’m sure Frank’s a good dude. I gotta think most of the salt of the Earth, blue collar lifers of Wildwood are, but his defense-first philosophies and need to have certain personnel guys to run his stuff doesn’t seem like the direction or fit the Sixers should be heading in. It’s a great story to sell some papers, but it feels like some sort of sports redemption movie. Add Ben Affleck, some alcoholism, and a South Jersey accent and the Sixers are re-making The Way Back. Nick Nurse, Sam Cassell, or Monty Williams. Don’t hire the local guy/former assistant. Don’t be the Flyers.

I’d hate to have to release this picture: