Looks like UFC judges were in charge of this one, because John’s Roast Pork got robbed:

Look, no disrespect to Corropolese, which is a Delaware Valley institution. Amazing local bakery with one of the best tomato pies around.

But this was a potato chip competition. Tomato pie does not work on a potato chip. It’s the wrong canvas for the flavor. We had it ranked third (last) after also trying the Korean BBQ and Roast Pork flavors:

“It tastes exactly like a tomato pie with the Corropolese OLD WORLD flavor. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Depends if you like tomato pie or not.

The thing about this chip is that the flavor is on the back end, and it’s sweet, so if your tastes are on that side of the spectrum and not the savory/salty spectrum, then you’d probably like this one. It tastes a little bit like a pizza-flavored Combo or Pringle. I thought it was fine as a novelty, but couldn’t see myself buying a bag and bringing it over to someone’s house for the Birds game or whatever.”

A Philly Voice story notes that 17,600 votes were cast, apparently by people without taste buds. Joe Corropolese was quoted in the Franki Rudnesky article:

Unfortunately, with the contest over, the tomato pie chips are no longer available in stores. Corropolese said he has expressed to Herr his hopes of continuing production, to no avail.

“I was trying to talk (Herr) into continuing to make them, because I know my customers would buy them and we would sell a lot of chips,” Corropolese said. “But yeah, that didn’t get me anywhere.”

And that’s the rub. If the chips were so good, Herr’s would have kept making them. But they’re not, they’re just a novelty. The ROAST PORK was the only flavor worthy of regular production. ROAST PORK deserves a spot on ACME and Weis shelves in the Delaware Valley, in perpetuity.

Roast Pork got robbed. We need Sal Pal to put on his Kenesaw Mountain Landis pants and begin a forensic investigation.