Tails never fails, right?

Well, not exactly when it comes to the Super Bowl coin toss.

Tails hit in 30 of the 57 Super Bowl coin flips, while heads hit 27 times. But you aren’t limited to just a bet on heads or tails.

You can bet on which team wins the coin toss. Both teams have the same odds as the heads and tails props. FanDuel lists all four of those options at -104, while DraftKings set them at +100. If you’re sports betting in New Jersey, or combing through various PA sportsbooks, you’re going to find varying offers the further you dive into specialty props.

FanDuel also has two specific prop options for the coin toss winner to win the Super Bowl and to pick the specific team from that prop.

The coin toss is one of the few novelty props that everyone turns to during Super Bowl week.

The others, of course, are Gatorade color and national anthem length. The Gatorade prop bet has gotten too mainstream, in my opinion, because people have actually researched this and asked questions of both head coaches about which Gatorade they prefer. This is supposed to be a fun bet, not one won with analytics. It’s Gatorade after all.

DraftKings posted the Gatorade odds on Thursday afternoon. Purple is the front-runner ahead of the classic yellow/green (which I assume is the GOAT lemon lime) and Orange (another classic) and blue (Cool Blue is a top five Gatorade, but never No. 1 on the Gatorade power rankings) –

DK put up the Reba McEntire national anthem prop at 90.5 seconds.

The country music superstar went under that number in three significant prior anthem performances. She had a 78-second anthem at the National Finals Rodeo in 1985 (I’m sure you all remember that vividly) and anthems of 66 and 83 seconds at two World Series in the 1990s, per Nate Chute at The Oklahoman.

Of course, all of those anthem performances occurred twenty-plus years ago and the Super Bowl is where everyone usually gives their best performance.

You can only bet on the Gatorade and anthem props in specific states, so check with your local sportsbook to see what’s available.

Kinkead: DK has an interesting prop bet called “combined TD scorer jersey numbers,” with an over/under set at 121.5. If Travis Kelce (#87) and Christian McCaffrey (#23) get in, that’s 110 right there. Feels like an easy over to me, unless we get some fugazi low-scoring game, or Mahomes and Purdy somehow get in with their feet. But I’m gonna throw a unit or two on this and hope for tight end scores.