Your Monday Morning Roundup: March Madness Edition

It's arrived, the one week all year when gambling is cool. Play in our bracket challenge, win free shit- Flyers playoff tickets, a $50 gift card to a local sports bar, or a Philly Phaithful t-shirt. It's free to play, so what are you waiting for? Click here.

Few quick notes:

- NFL players have to get paid somehow. LeSean McCoy will be signing autographs at the Montgomery Mall on April 2nd from 1-3 P.M. Get tickets here.

- Can't make it that day because you're going to the Phillies game to see Clifton Phifer Lee pitch? We'll be tailgating with our friends at Philly Phaithful beginning at 3 o'clock- post coming later today with details.

- Speaking of Philly Phaithful, check out all of their new 2011 baseball t-shirts.

- I will be heading to spring training for a few days on Thursday. Ryan, John, and Adam will have you covered for the extended weekend. I'm sure the site will take on a heavy Temple slant with R. Gillon running the show.

The roundup:

- The Sixers' scoreboard signage on Friday was full of win.

- Gregg Doyel predicts Temple to the Final Four. Let's not get ahead of ourselves, Fran Dunphy has only won one NCAA Tournament game- he's not winning four this year.

Temple to Final Four. You heard it here first. If not, screw it. You heard it here 31st. Mmm, Baskin-Robbins …


- Philly Sports Daily has everything you need about the impending NFL lockout here and here.

- MLB The Show is soo real. Here's Oliver Perez sitting at the end of the spring training bench… talking to himself.

- Pat's or Geno's may have given food poisoning to the Timberwolves.

- Don't go believing all of those rumors about Sidney Crosby retiring.

- Anne Hathaway, Eagles fan, was in Philly this weekend.

- Villanova is thrilled with their underdog role… That's real great for a team that spent most of the season in the top ten.


  1. Nothing on the suckage that is the Flyers 3rd period?

  2. Grace: Is that catastrophe even worth mentioning? I say….HELL NO!

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