Union Trade Le Toux to Vancouver…

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You're not in Kansas anymore

Wait, what?

Two weeks ago, it was believed that Sebastien Le Toux would be sold to Bolton of the English Premier League (Le Toux even attended a match last weekend), but the deal fell through because Le Toux didn’t impress Bolton during a tryout.

Now, Le Toux, who is back in Philadelphia, has been traded to what I would imagine is the worst place on earth for Soccer– Vancouver. He confirmed the move on his Twitter:


Screen Shot 2012-01-31 at 10.32.19 AM


Whatever is going on with the Union is puzzling. Yes, they have a promising core of young players, but in the last two days they’ve parted ways with their starting goaltender, Faryd Mondragon, and their best player, Le Toux. Some think this is all to free up money to obtain full rights to their Columbian sensation, Roger Torres. We shall see.

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  1. What is Union?
    Is that a team?
    What do they play?

  2. Was Paul Holmgren introduced as GM of the Union and we all missed it?

  3. does any1 but those soccer dork hipsters care?

  4. Uh, hey Mike, most soccer fans aren’t hipsters – me included. I actually play.
    Anyway…what the f?!? Is this a joke?!? Who possibly thought this was a good idea?!?

  5. The only thing worse than playing soccer is watching others play soccer.
    For “men” anyway. You’re good, Union Girl.

  6. DOOPid move…unless they lock-up Torres for a chunk of time. Man, Lil’ Dorothy has some great thighs.

  7. Whats that pic from ? Is dorothy guiding it in ? Looks like some dare dorm shoot.

  8. That girl is shaming her family

  9. @ Mike Gundy, stop using my handle.
    Get your facts straight and come back and see me. I’m a man. I’m 40.
    The real Mike Gundy. Often impostered, never outclassed.

  10. Colombian sensation… in the MLS. Being a good player in the MLS is like going to a really good Community College.

  11. C’mon Kyle – don’t fall for the twitter hype on Torres.
    He’s 5′ 5″, looks like any cleaning guy at one of the low-tier retail stores on Market St in Philly, and gets pushed around the field like a rag doll.
    But, the fans love him because he runs all over the field like a bird, and his name fits well into chants. He’s far from a sensation.
    However – the whole LeToux trade just comes off terribly in the press. We’re a 2 year old team that’s already made it to the playoffs – but it’d be nice if the front office actually makes a statement on this one.

  12. Are you guys really discussing SOCCER?

  13. who they f is this loser dry humping dorothy???

  14. @ The Real Coach Mike Gundy

    January 31, 2012 at 12:31 pm

    @Mike Gundy- I’ll let you have the handle becuase you made me lol with that iron balls mcginty line
    The real Mike Gundy. Often impostered, never outclassed

  15. Its amazing that everyone seems to be trashing soccer, but has probably never actually watched a game. If you sit in the Sons of Ben section I guarantee you will love it. Put down your can of bud, get off your couch and stop watching American football, the most boring sport there is (when do their feet touch the ball? (a total of 3 seconds a game?), 11 minutes of action over 3.5 hours?, the commercials must be awesome).
    This is a stupid move for the Union. 45 combined goals and assists over the last two seasons, and he played every minutes over the same amount of time. No one is going to replace this. I would have been fine seeing him going to the EPL, but to another team in the MLS!? I want some of whatever the front office is free basing

  16. @ The Real Coach Mike Gundy

    January 31, 2012 at 1:36 pm

    @Flauf- honestly I’m just baiting the union fans because I know I’ll get a reaction

  17. Also, in response to the “who cares” question, the Union have a higher attendance average the the Flyers and Sixers.

  18. Hahahahaha.
    Union has better attendance than the Flyers?
    Stop. Now its silly.
    Union tix are either free or dirt cheap, they play in a larger arena, and there are 12 season tickets holders.
    And I guarantee if I sat in the Sons of Ben section I’d want out as soon as possible.
    Soccer blows, period.

  19. It’s okay, his penis is a licensed proctologist

  20. Maybe Fatty Fat Fat wouldn’t be so fat if he went out and played soccer once in a while.

  21. Mellonhead Shaun Ritchie

    January 31, 2012 at 2:31 pm

    I’d like to know what iron balls balls mcginty thinks of the union

  22. Soccer vs American football? Hipster vs non-hipster? The hell are we talking about here? It’s a legitimate team that represents Philadelphia. They’ve made some questionable moves, let’s comment on that. If you aren’t interested, why comment? If you are only interested in bigger market sports,you can always listen to the radio or follow some other less reliable source.

  23. The funny part is that the union’s average home attendance this past season was 18,259, while the sixers is currently 14,743 (they are even in first place!) Not only to people care about the union, but they care about it significantly more than the sixers. Add that to the fact that Chester about 20-30 minutes further for a majority of the fans coming from the philadelphia area.

  24. @The Drama King | – you on making sense

  25. If you’re going to watch soccer…why the hell would you watch MLS?

  26. any girl who dances like that has no class

  27. Then sign me up for all them classless bitches!

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