Michael Vick Goes Undercover at Modell’s

Like DeSean Jackson and Jrue Holiday before him, Michael Vick, whose new V7 clothing line is being sold exclusively at Modell’s, took part in a publicity stunt for the sporting goods store. 

Here’s Vick – er, Victor - working undercover at Modell’s. Like D-Jac (and unlike Holiday), Vick was easily recognized. Of course, those guys went undercover at local Modell’s stores. Megastar Vick? Times Square.

Perhaps not surpsingly, some are against Modell’s working with Vick. There is a Change.org petition protesting the “glorifying of a dog killer.” So far, it has 4,697 signatures out of 10,000.

via Terez Owens


  1. Tony Ballbags

    July 24, 2012 at 2:14 pm

    Undercover at PETCO would have been so much better

  2. “I’m a large. What size you wear?”
    Kid looked like he thought he was gonna get raped

  3. He paid his dues. I wish him a happy and successful season !

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