Solar Panels Are Now Installed at Lincoln Financial Field

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The Eagles may be the biggest laughing stock in all the land (literally), but that won’t stop Jeffrey Lurie from having the greenest fucking stadium this side of the nuthouse. 

As you know, wind turbines have already been placed on the Linc’s roof, there are solar canopies in the parking lot, Al Gore has manually tuned each blade of grass… and now we get the solar panels on the stadium roof. And perhaps if the Eagles harness all of their combined power, Jason Babin may, just once, be able to get through an offensive lineman sans spin move!

Anyway, these are pics forwarded along by an Eagles employee of solar panel installation that, we’re told, went on this week. 

The Eagles are 3-6.


  1. I would love to grab my baseball bat & just knock the shit out of those solar panels.

  2. Solar power is racist

  3. they need to save $$$$ to pay babin, vick and asumsuck

  4. Who’s asumsuck?

  5. @teamozzy ah sum bum

  6. also, can we publicly make fun of babin some more???
    He’s just going to leave this town with the last laugh
    When he leaves this town with the last laugh, he’ll say something in the media about the city
    When he says something in the media about the city, kyle will blog about it
    Don’t let kyle blog about it.
    Let’s get our shots in while we can give them.

  7. I didn’t know we were making up gay pet names for players we dislike. RIGHT ON!

  8. Yeah more babin stuff. I always enjoy ignorant Candy Oak’s take on babin & his family.

  9. Now they just have to clean the shit off the field and we’re set.

  10. And this is a bad thing how? What kind of asshole likes smog?

  11. @Jerem. Kill yourself you liberal pussy

  12. Rick, I’d like to put my solar power in the rear of your prius, if you know what i mean… call me.

  13. Let’s install the solar panels in the beginning of winter, not the beginning of the season when it’s 80 degrees and daylight for 16 hours a day.

  14. Triple Word Score

    November 16, 2012 at 1:30 pm

    I was at the Hurricane Sandy game and those damn turbines were barely moving. If that’s not windy enough to make em spin, what is?

  15. Triple – Those style wind turbines are designed to stop turning in really high winds so they don’t get damaged. They are engineered to work better on just average day gusts, which will be 90% of the time at that location and height.

  16. @MikeSaunders @BillRich @Rick … That’s some funny shit. Love it.

  17. We still suck

  18. @Rick – thanks for confirming you are the asshole who likes smog, now kindly go fuck yourself.

  19. Jimmy Rollins could use some solar power for his bat.

  20. Jeremy I would like to show you the solar power in my pants, if you know what i mean… hit me up on the celly son! Let’s date.

  21. These liberal pussies are ruining this country. These things look like poor pieces of modern art, not anything I would power a massive stadium with.

  22. Temple is embarrassed to share their field with these homos in green

  23. Yngwie Malmsteen

    November 18, 2012 at 6:04 am

    Great, now Vick can use renewable energy to torture dogs.

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