That Andrew Bynum Sleeping with the Coach’s Wife Rumor is Complete Bullshit

Kyle Scott —  December 31, 2013 — 45 Comments

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 3.53.51 PMPeople have been sending me this like crazy and I tried to ignore it. I tried real hard, because these [insert player or coach] is sleeping with [insert teammate or coach's wife or fiancée, or student] rumors are almost always not true. Jayson Werth didn’t sleep with Chase Utley’s wife. Jeff Carter didn’t sleep with Scott Hartnell’s wife. And Jay Wright didn’t bang a student. They’re all bullshit. But like those tales, this Bynum thing has reached critical mass.

He has been suspended for conduct detrimental to the team*, and I bet he did something real shitty. But he didn’t sleep with an assistant coach’s wife.

The original report came from, an entertaining site, but one which has a history of throwing shit at walls. They claimed that Bynum was sleeping with assistant coach Jamahl Mosley’s wife:

The Cleveland Cavaliers announced Sunday that they have lifted the suspension of center Andrew Bynum, but he still remains away from the team, excused from all basketball activities for the foreseeable future. Was it a case of Bynum being Bynum, or is there something else going on behind the curtains? According to our tipster, apparently Bynum got together with one of the assistant coach’s wives, we’re being told it was Jamahl Mosley’s lady. When they found out, that was the final straw. The Cavs should have stayed far away from Bynum, especially after his disastrous stint in Philly.-TO -

Here’s what that post now looks like:



It was removed, most likely under the threat of a lawsuit.

The Cavs also issued a statement to Black Sports Online, which had ran with the report:

Please be advised that the report on your website involving Cavaliers center Andrew Bynum, Cavaliers Assistant Coach Jamahl Mosley and his fiancée is entirely not true.

Let me give you a couple of red flags to look for when it comes to these types of stories:

1) If it’s a [insert player or coach] is sleeping with [insert teammate or coach's wife or fiancée, or student] rumor, it’s probably not true.

2) If the search results for a [insert player or coach] is sleeping with [insert teammate or coach's wife or fiancée, or student] rumor look like this…


… it’s probably not true:

3) Don’t believe everything you read online.

Now, let’s talk about those Mike Trout to the Phillies rumors.

*In that original post, I joked that he probably boinked someone’s mother. Didn’t expect it to hit the mark so damn quickly.

Kyle Scott

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45 responses to That Andrew Bynum Sleeping with the Coach’s Wife Rumor is Complete Bullshit

  1. Bossip has a good mix of reliable and unreliable stories. As you know sometimes the C&D’s that get sent out are intimidating and most bloggers fold under pressure. He should have just kept the story up as the damage had already been done.

    Rule #1 Never Remove Content to a C&D
    Rule #2 Always send a funny response letter to the over paid lawyer who drafted the original C&D.

    • not sure about that. there is a liability possibility out there for bloggers, just like traditional print media or any other private citizen who “publishes” false and harmful statements. so, a blogger can be sued and when you have an organization like the cavs who have millions and millions of dollars to waste on high-priced lawyers, i wouldn’t play games with them.

      • In returning from vacation and catching up today, I will tell you, your fake me posts were so dumb I’m going to stop trolling you. I still disagree with everything you say, but Jerry Jones and Coatesville Cowboy really win the award for the dumbest fuck on the site. I’m going to go with a cease fire for now, in hopes those two start posting again.

  2. Jay Wright does fuck students. \\// is for vagina.

  3. So delonte west didn’t bang lebron’s mom?

  4. If your going to give us Bynum can you please keep the “Images Of A Loon” in the title?

  5. And Ed Rendell never cheated on his ex wife

  6. Guys, my Villanova brother Kyle isn’t wrong. I didn’t bang A student. I’ve banged multiple. I’ve done like 3/4 of our women’s soccer program by now. It’s pretty much a part of the freshman orientation process these days.

  7. Shane Victorino never cheats on his wife either. Complete bullshit

  8. “But he didn’t sleep with an assistant coach’s wife.”
    Kyle, how could you make a statement of fact like this?
    Unless there was a witness, the only people who know the truth are the two parties involved, but you don’t know for certain that this didn’t occur, anymore than anyone else knows for sure that it did.

  9. The whole premise of this post is so stupid. Because the cavs are sending out C&D and no major news is willing to touch the story… IT MUST BE NOT TRUE. Actually, cheating in our society is highly prevalent, and you often see sports athletes and celebs “swapping” wives. For you to say this shit never happens is such a joke. Of course no major news networks want to touch this shit until some stupid broad wants to get a paycheck and is willing to go on air with her story.

  10. Once more we play our dangerous game. The game of chiess, with our old adversary. The American navy. For 40 years, your fathers and brothers before you played this game, and played it well. But today the game is differnet. We have the advantage. It reminds me of the heady days of sputnik, an yuri gegerin. Where the world trembeled at the sound of our rockets. And they will tremble again, and the sound of our silence!

  11. Candy from the Oak December 31, 2013 at 1:43 pm

    I don’t think he did it either it’s just a rumor some made up or somethin

  12. Candy from the Oak December 31, 2013 at 1:45 pm

    I love tall black men

  13. Candy from the Oak December 31, 2013 at 1:50 pm

    Thanks fake candy, I took the over in fake me for the year n the 3 post put me over :). Money will go to Candy’s kids foundation

  14. Fake candy sucks

  15. Candy from the Oak December 31, 2013 at 2:04 pm

    Hey thanks now my husband can molest more kids through my candys kids foundation

  16. Ok candy that’s not even funny you took it too far with that one

  17. All yous suck n need to get a life

  18. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine December 31, 2013 at 2:23 pm

    Dude your not funny, stop stealing peoples handles n get a life

    • **You’re

    • Basically, here’s what I’ve figured out in looking at these simpletons posts. Someone is trolling Informed other than me… Using his username for the last few days to troll him, something I wouldn’t waste my time on.

      Informed, lacking intelligence, assumed it was me making him look stupid, so he has been posting as me making dumb, fake posts on here.

      Kids these days.

  19. Candy from the Oak December 31, 2013 at 2:25 pm

    What can I say Greg, all these fake losers are trying to be me

  20. I did some bangin in the paint with delonte but dont nobody let that fool bynum near me. He look like he hiding some romney kids in that fro.

    • Get it? Cause I had sex with delonte? And bangin the paint is a basketball reference which is the sport they play? Do yous get it now?

  21. Oh cause your so respectable and reputable than those sites you pointed out. FYI, you’re the same level of low brow. But at least those sites dont go a week without posting anything. Keep up the hard work.

  22. kyle snott obamabot December 31, 2013 at 3:34 pm

    “this isnt true because I say so” says the liberal faggot who has never worked a day in his life

  23. nick papagiorgio December 31, 2013 at 4:20 pm

    I’m with kwame….bring back jerry Jones and coatesville aka #1 saints fan…..

    • I know and then this spring and until the fall until football starts again, he will use Ted Turner as his name, I feel like they are also Pens Fan Who Is Failing Out of Temple.

      Love those guys.

  24. nick papagiorgio December 31, 2013 at 5:19 pm

    Temple?….my money was on devry institute..

  25. Mike Babcock’s hat = trying to hard for retro look

  26. Well Dave Martinez slept with Ryne Sandberg’s wife. 25 years later Davey boy can’t get the Cubs managerial job.

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