Jamie Moyer vs. Chris Carpenter = Not very fair.

The Phillies vs. Any Team Lately = Not very fair.

Chris Carpenter (Young-ish) gets through the first inning on 6 pitches. 

Jamie Moyer (old) leaves the game after the first inning with an injury. 

No he didn't break a hip (though you would think).  He left the game with a left elbow strain.  This put the Phillies bullpen in charge of this game and yes, it's as scary as it sounds. 

Andrew Carpenter, after switching places with Kyle Kendrick, got in some early work tonight during a 7-1 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals.  He looked good after facing his first batter, but it quickly went downhill.  Randy Winn (who?) hit a 2-run homer, his second in as many games, to start off the scoring for the Cardinals.  A wild pitch brought Yadier Molina in and effectively took Andrew Carpenter out.

In comes Dannys Baez a.k.a. The White Flag and a 3-run homer is given up to Matt Holliday putting the Cardinals up 6-0.  David Herndon, Jose Contreras, and Ryan Madsen also pitched tonight.

Madsen pitched the bottom of the 8th, giving up one run on a Randy Winn (Seriously, who?) single to right field extending the Cardinals lead 7-1. 

The Phillies only run came from back-to-back doubles by Jayson Werth and Shane Victorino.  

The Phillies now fall 7 games behind the Braves and have lost 5 out of 6 after the All-Star break.  

This is the kind of season this team is having.  A mix of bad play and terrible luck mixed with some Kyle Kendrick and not-so-good fan interaction.  Every poker player (including Jayson Werth) knows that this isn't a good recipe for success. 

With this team needing some serious fire under their asses, don't be surprised to see some fresh faces in the Phillies dugout before the trade deadline — namely, Domonic Brown.

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It's been fun.