Everybody wants to suckle on the teat of Mike Vick. Including those who don't even know him- shocking, I know.

John Gonzalez has a tremendous piece in today's Inquirer, which talks about the latest attempt to use Vick's name for profitable gain.

The feminine itch relief product sounding SEVAA (which we told you about yesterday) is using Vick- and comparing him to Jesus- to promote an event they are having on March 26th. The event will help SEVAA get out of $33k worth of debt.

Gonzo called Michael Muhammad, Chairman of SEVAA, to ask if Vick planned to attend. Muhammad confirmed. Vick's people, however, denied that claim:

Vick's PR handler said that Vick was "aware of the organization's intention to honor him" but that the SEVAA event "isn't on his calendar at this time, and he has not confirmed with the organization whether he will attend."

The Eagles said the same thing.

Vick has been associated with all sorts of institutions and events since being propped up as the Eagles' chief agent for social change. Some of those organizations are legitimate; others have shamelessly attempted to exploit and profit from Vick's name. You can decide for yourself which category the SEVAA falls into, though I'm betting on the latter.


Good bet.

As Gonzo pointed out, this wouldn't be the first time Vick has been exploited. His party last summer in Virginia and the Mayor Pro Tem of Dallas giving him a key to the city are but just two examples of Vick, who scores fairly well with brothas, being used to promote events. Even ones that he doesn't plan to attend.

Last month, I called the Ellis Dean, promoter for Vick's second scheduled Super Bowl Party, which was to take place at Mr. Bigs in Dallas. Dean said the party's logistics were run by both the Eagles and the NFL. Later that day, when Jeff McLane of the Inquirer reported that Vick had no plans to attend the party, I called Dean back and asked him if Vick was really scheduled to attend. He stated, rather clearly, that Vick was supposed to be there. Someone was lying, and I'm beginning to think it wasn't Vick.

Apparently, you can suckle from afar.