Mike Richards Wants Us to Get Off His Dick About Wearing a Yankees Hat



Mike Richards – Phillies fan – has been talking a lot about his team on Twitter as of late:

Watching the Doc operate!!!!

Another win for the phils!!!!!

I don't see why I can't wear a Yankees hat and still be a phils fan….. Aren't they in totally different leagues?


Two things of note here:

1) Richie really likes exclamations points (!!!!!!).

2) Who are these assholes that publicly voiced their displeasure with Mike's Yankees cap?

I can't. Imagine. Who.

Look, Michael, heres the issue with wearing a Yankees hat… Yes, the Phillies and Yankees are in different leagues. But since the 2009 World Series, and especially after the Cliff Lee sweepstakes this winter, the Yankess are, in a way, considered the Phillies' rival. They – along with the Red Sox – make up the other two parts of the top three franchises in baseball (with the Phillies). Seeing as though the Mets stink and we hate everything New York anyway, the Yankees may be our closest rival that stands between the Phillies and a World Series title.

You didn't grow up in New York, you didn't play in New York, and you never lived in the state. Your Yankees hat just reeks of bandwagonism. If you're truly a Phillies fan – which it seems you are – then take off the Yankees hat and rock the Phillies hat. It's that simple.

No one gives a flying F-bomb what you wear, as along as you keep playing hockey the way you do- we'll love you for that. But don't bitch about Philly fans having a problem with their hockey captain wearing the hat of their team's – your team's – rival!!!

Does that answer your question?


21 Responses

  1. Wonder how he would feel about Doc wearing a Rangers or Penguins hat…Take the hat off Mike

  2. As a Yankees fan: I don’t consider the Phillies a rivalry. I even wear a Phillies hat sometimes.

  3. Great article, Kyle.
    As for Brian, I feel like Kyle explained it pretty well. It’s more a Philadelphia versus New York thing than anything despite the World Series and Cliff Lee situation.
    Overall, I’d like for the Mets to be better so we could continually crush their dreams, but they just don’t have it.

  4. Brian, As a Phillies fans, I don’t consider the Yankees pond scum like most of us do. They’re lower than that.

  5. EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!! maybe richie should use some of that energy and enthusiasm in todays game.

  6. also, why do people wear hats of opposing teams? i dislike the fact that hats have become more of a fashion statement than support for ones team. i will only wear philadelphia hats.

  7. Can’t take credit but somebody said on Twitter that it would be equivalent to Chase Utley wearing a Blackhawks hat.

  8. Somehow I don’t think he would care about the Blackhawks hat. He’s good friends with Toews and actually hung out with him this summer. So your hatred for the team might not be as big as his. Just saying.

  9. Grrr, I meant his hatred for the Blackhawks might not be as big as yours.
    Anyway, I think he’d be more annoyed if Utley wore a Subban jersey.

  10. I definitely think that the Yankees hat has become a fashion statement. I also don’t see why Richie would not understand why Philly fans would be upset with his hat choice.

  11. Let Ryan Howard wear a capitals or penguins hat. Then, Richards, see what your Tweet is!

  12. I love Richie but would he not have an issue with a proclaimed Flyers fan wearing a Redwings hat?

  13. truth be told he isnt even that good of a hockey player anymore…never seen a captain take more shifts off than this guy

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