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What would you do if you were stuck on an island with no alcohol or social media? Presumably, be more focused on hockey, at least according to Paul Holmgren.

Perhaps because of this, this, or this, the Flyers have decided to outlaw Tweeting during "business hours" (HBO cameras are OK, however). The quotes via Wayne Fish of Philly Burbs:

While the National Hockey League has yet to set a policy regarding social media — leaving such rules and regulations to individual teams — the Flyers are going to make it clear to their players that tweeting and texting during “business hours’’ will be out of bounds.

Prospect Zac Rinaldo learned this the hard way.

The other day he tweeted that he would not be playing in Thursday’s rookie scrimmage against the Washington Capitals at the Wells Fargo Center.

Not a good idea, according to general manager Paul Holmgren.

“Zac got in trouble,’’ Holmgren explained on Tuesday at the Skate Zone. “That’s team business. But a lot of time, they don’t know. We’ll set the record straight.’’

“We will have something in place when we get to our opening meeting on Friday,’’ Holmgren said. “Those things will be addressed with our players.’’


Perhaps Lavs will have every player sign their name on a white board to pledge their abstinence from Tweets like this… [full picture here]

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… for that, we should all be grateful.

Of course, “business hours” is a fuzzy term. I’d imagine that means “when arriving at rink,” but we don’t know for sure. Hockey isn’t really a sport conducive to in or near-game Tweeting, anyway. Players have two locker rooms: one with personal effects, phones, clothes and such, and another (where they put on their equipment on) that smells like, well, a hockey locker room.

[Related: Earlier this summer, Jimmy Rollins became the first Phillie ever to Tweet an injury update before it was announced by the team]

Fish also reported that Holmgren said the Flyers are not close to naming a captain. Of course, Homer isn’t always truthful with these things. NHL 12 and Chinese retailers, however, seem to have taken it upon themselves to name Chris Pronger captain. Photos after the jump.

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