Your Drinker’s Philadelphia CB Six Pack: Win Two VIP Tickets to the Eagles Game on Sunday

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This week, the incredibly generous folks from MasterCard are kicking in the prize: Two (2) club level tickets to this Sunday’s Eagles-Giants game, complete parking pass. 


Panic: Not. Just. Yet. But they’re backing into the playoffs in a way eerily reminiscent of the 2011 Flyers.

Name drop: Doc all the way. Cliff’s mention in Meek Mill’s latest freestyle is cool and all, but it can’t hold a candle to Game’s:

Money like Madoff

Killin’ like Adolph

Roy Halladay, I’ll let a f&*^ K off

Better: I gotta go Fake Vince Young. Not only has he successfully turned the existence of a current third-string quarterback into a profitable venture, but he’s also getting women and men alike to believe his ruse in bars and nightclubs. Brilliant. Vince Young? Eh.

Crossing Broads: Ms. CB isn’t going to like this one- she hates the fact that I think Lea Michele looks like Ms. CB. Lea wins, but Sofia is coming on real strong lately. Her agent got her that brilliant deal with Comcast, which just features her walking around doing sexy things and talking dirty. Still, Lea wins… ya know, because she looks like Ms. CB.

Crossing Bros: Purely by their taste in women, I go Mayberry and his mermaid-loving habits.

What do you watch: Phils. Stop it.


Win Eagles tickets: This week, our Drinker’s challenge offers you an incredible prize thanks to the fine folks at MasterCard:

Tell us your Priceless Philadelphia Eagles moment, and you can win tickets to this weekend’s game courtesy of MasterCard. Be there in person as the Eagles take on the New York Giants at Lincoln Financial Field this Sunday at 1 p.m.


All you have to do is leave your Priceless Eagles moment in the comments and you’re entered to win two tickets to this Sunday’s Eagles game against the Giants. Best one wins. Must enter by 3 PM today! The tickets are in the club level and include a VIP parking pass. Be sure to leave your email address in the email address field and use your real name when commenting.

UPDATE: The contest has ended.


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  1. November 8th 1998 – The only regular season Eagles game I’ve ever attended. I was 12 years old. I saw Barry Sanders play. Sat on the 50 yard line in seats my Mom got through a work raffle. The chance to see an RB like that, was priceless.

  2. My most priceless Eagles moment was back in 2005 when the birds matched up against the chargers. Was there with my pop when we saw everyone getting up and ready to leave as the Chargers set up for a game clinching field goal. All of the sudden Quinten Mikell came around the edge and blocked the kick that was immediately picked up by Matt Ware. I felt like I was willing him to the endzone as I was on top of the seats running with him. Stadium was a little over half full and still have never heard it any louder.

  3. Gotta pick the miracle at the new Meadowlands, that game seemed over and was gonna leave a salty taste in all of philly for the holidays, but bam Vick started the comeback, Desean ended it. It was a great win for the city and propelled us to the playoffs. Obviously, we didn’t get the job done but hopefully this week starts some new magic against the Giants and we get that goal this year.

  4. Miracle at the New Meadowlands – Sadly i had to attend a luncheon at William Penn Inn that day. fancy fancy place. no place for one to have an ipod speaker in their ear while listening to the eagles game on the fm radio. which is what i did. i’ll admit, i turned it off after we went down 31-10. When i turned it back on as we were leaving ‘just to check’, we were about to score the tying touchdown. i then proceeded to scream very loudly, and jump and kick outside of the giftshop and people thought someone got hurt/died. no one else could hear what i was hearing and i looked like a complete idiot. but it was amazing listening to reese give me the play by play as desean ran that puppy back down for the win. never been to an eagles game, so that is my eagles moment. definitely something i am never going to forget. GO EAGLES!

  5. January 23 2005. My Dads birthday and Eagles played the Falcons in the NFC Championship Game, their 4th try after 3 failures. My dad only had two tickets and both me and my brother wanted to go to the game. He ended up snagging 2 more and my entire family got to go and witness the Eagles finally get over the hump and get to the Superbowl in a 2 foot snowstorm. Seeing the Eagles celebrate getting to the SuperBowl and Brian Dawkins holding up the NFC trophy is something I will never forget.

  6. Decemeber 5th 2005 Eagles vs. Seahawks: First Eagles game I’ve ever been to. I was super excited because I was going with my Dad and all he did was praise Reggie White who would be honored at half time that night at the Linc. Little did I know when we got the tickets before the season started that Mike McMahon and Koy Detmer would be doing the quarterbacking. 42-0 Seahwawks may not sound priceless but the combination of freezing temperatures and awful game let me and my Dad move up the closest I will ever be at an Eagles game. How’s first row sound…even if we were down 42

  7. My priceless Eagles moment was in 2009 when the Broncos played at the Linc. It was my first Eagles game and the return of Brian Dawkins. The crowd’s reaction to his return was unbelievable and unforgettable. I got to finally see both Dawkins and the Eagles play in person and of course the game was a nail biter all the way down to a David Akers field goal.

  8. September 3rd, 2000: Pickle Juice Game. It was the dawning of a new era in Philadelphia Eagles football. Donovan’s first full season as a starter. Reid calls the onside kick to open the game, and here we are 11 years later.

  9. October 23rd, 2005- Eagles vs. Chargers It was my first game ever at Lincoln Financial Field, and I went with my dad. My dad didn’t follow the Eagles as religiously as I did, but he knew how much it meant to me, and got tickets on the 20 yard line for my 15th birthday. Midway through the fourth quarter, fire alarms began sounding in the Linc. People were instructed to evacuate. No one did. With 2:37 remaining, Quintin Mikell blocked a Chargers field goal attempt, and Matt Ware returned it for a touchdown. I immediately hugged my dad and then hugged a random lady in our section who ran around hugging everybody as the Eagles went on to win. The combination of family, dedication shown by Philadelphia sports fans, and exciting football made this moment priceless.

  10. January 23rd 2005- When we won the NFC championship game and being able to see the emotions on all the players faces. Dawkins kissing the championship trophy and screaming in joy, Trotter crying tears of joy on the sidelines, and seeing McNabb hold that trophy over his head. For that moment we knew what it was to be winners. The three previous losses didn’t matter anymore because we finally made it.

  11. The 2004-2005 season when we went to the Superbowl. I was a Junior in college in the western PA area. Being from Philly, it was always hard being a fan in the other side of the state when you have cocky Pittsburgh fans everywhere. I had a party at my apartment watching the NFC championship game and cheered extra loud when we won…(My neighbors were steelers fans). Then when the Steelers lost to the Patriots (I was actually looking forward to an all PA Superbowl) I Rubbed it in as much as possible. Unfortunately that season didn’t end the way it should have and I never heard the end of it from the PGH fans….BUT It was a fun few weeks from winning the NFC championship until game time, and an awesome time to support the city though I was hours away from home.

  12. NFC Championship in AZ. Tailgating was incredible, capped off by chant wars in the admission lines between the fan bases, but nothing physical. E A G L E S chants everywhere. Back and forth game, comeback and lead – albeit only to ultimately lose – with the pinnacle being Deuce Staley, who I met on the concourse through dumbluck and got a huge hug from for wearing the jersey (White Trotter!) and supporting the team. Got home safe, and took out the loss by banging the old lady later that night. Team didn’t win, but I woke up feeling like a champ.

  13. October 7, 2001- Eagles vs. Cardinals. I was sitting in the 500 level with my dad at Veterans Stadium when, during one of the timeouts, the public address announcer came on with an announcement that President George W. Bush had declared war with Afghanistan. I have never seen so many people at one time stand up, applaud, and, to this day, it was the loudest USA chant I have ever heard. I still get chills thinking about it to this day. The Eagles ended up losing 21-20 with just over two minutes remaining on a Jake Plummer 35 yard touchdown throw but leaving the stadium there was a sense of patriotism I had never personally experienced in such a large venue. Truly unforgetable.

  14. My priceless Philadelphia Eagles memory was the 1995 “Bozo The Coach” game at the Vet.
    Having moved from New Hampshire only a few months previously, I had planned to go to my second Flyers game ever at the Spectrum against the Islanders that night and had a few errands to run early that Sunday morning. While I was on 452 in Aston, I heard on 610 WIP that there were tickets still available for the Eagles-Cowboys game.
    I decided that the rest of my errands could wait for another day, got on 95 north towards the stadium and was lucky enough to snag a ticket in the 700 level.
    Being there as Emmitt Smith was stuffed on fourth-and-1 late in the fourth quarter was amazing. The crowd exploded for a brief moment until the referee announced that the play was whistled dead because of a timeout.
    The reaction of the crowd when Barry Switzer, a coach whose game management makes Andy Reid look like Vince Lombardi (which is to say, not good at all), decided to run the same exact play only to see Smith stuffed again was louder than after the first play. With my Walkman on, hearing Merrill Reese yelling “They stuffed him again” underscored the intensity of the rivalry.
    It was satisfying to see the Eagles win that game in overtime on a field goal. What wasn’t so satisfying was reaching my car at the end of the game, only to find that my car keys had fallen out of my pocket. It was a good think that security was able to locate my keys, otherwise, I probably would’ve been stuck in South Philly.
    Needless to say the night didn’t end well as the Islanders dominated the Flyers at the Spectrum. However, the reaction from the crowd when the score of the Eagles game was posted on the scoreboard more than made up for the misery.
    And that, in a nutshell, was my introduction to the Philadelphia sports scene.

  15. I was given 4 club box tickets to the Sunday November 19 2007 Eagles Dolphins game at the Linc the friday before the game so i asked 3 of my friends to come with me one of which won a basket of cheer from a benefit the night before. After a long night of drinking we all get up at around 9am sunday morning. Its freezing and its raining but that did not stop us from tailgating my one friend lets call him Perry decides to not wear a jacket or long sleeves. He finds a 1990s style home white Flyers jersey in the back on my friends car and continues to finish the basket of cheer until were walking into the Linc, well when we get in there security is already on to him, we can hear stop the kid in the flyers jersey over the walkie talkies as were going up the escalator to the club level, we get to the top and the club level security in the suit jacket pulls him to the side and says no way buddy! So we act dumb and tell him hes fine, the security guard asks him where he is and his exact words are “I’m at the Wachovia Center Sixers fucking suck” so they call the real cops over and they force him down to the Infirmary so we go watch the Birds win 17-7 which wasn’t that good Mcnabb got hurt Feeley came in Westbrook had a good game and im pretty sure Ted Ginn Jr Ran a punt back for a TD. After the game we have to pick him up from the Infirmary where he was still sleeping 30 minutes after the game was over, we get him out and were on the field level as the players are walking out to there cars he asks what happened did we win? That story gets told about 5 times a year and it will never get old! Now that day was priceless!!

  16. It was a cold day on January 11th, 2004. It had been a long NFC Divisional Game matchup between the Eagles and the Packers. 4th quarter, down 17-14, the Eagles looked like, well, crap, the entire game. Many had started to leave the stadium on what would be regular time’s final drive, and right before one of McNabb’s most clutch plays of all time…well probably his only one. It was 4th and 26, fans scooting by my seat to get out because well, they are quitters, and wanted to avoid seeing another McNabb flop. It would’ve been the first time in 3 years the Eagles wouldn’t have made it to the NFC Championship. I could barely see past the people standing up to get by me, but when i managed to see Fred-ex catch the ball over the middle, it was a thing of beauty. The Linc erupted so loud the place was shaking. And then of course, the quitting fans came back in their seats to see a gem play get turned in to an incredible comeback win. Priceless.

  17. Most priceless moment was when McNabb puked on the field in the 2005 Super Bowl. I couldn’t stop laughing.

  18. 2004. Monday Night Football. Dallas, Texas. The McNabb 14 second scramble. It’s still the most incredible play I’ve ever seen in person. It would take an hour to detail exactly what the trip was like, or at least the parts I remember. The weekend was insane. The game was ridiculous. THAT moment was absolutely priceless.

  19. My memory was also October 7th, 2001 as Steve above mentioned, but it happened a little differently than he said. It was not announced over the PA during a timeout. The start of the game was delayed while they showed George Bush on the jumbotron making the announcement that we were attacking targets in Afghanistan.
    I was only 14 at the time so I don’t think I quite understood the magnitude of experiencing something like 9/11. But the cheers that went up in the Vet along with the USA chants really showed me just how important this was to the 60,000 people there and the whole nation.
    And it obviously didn’t matter at the time, but Pat Tillman happened to be there that day as a member of the Arizona Cardinals. He died about 3 later serving the country in Afghanistan.

  20. My favorite Eagles moment was the opening game of the 2000 season versus the hated Dallas Cowboys at Texas Stadium. This was the infamous Pickle Juice Game, in which the Birds drank pickle juice to stay hydrated in the 100+ degree weather and laughed all the way to the win column. Reid and the special teams unit opened the game with a surprise onside kick and the Eagles never took their foot off the pedal. Duuuuuuce ran for 201 yards and a score and “America’s Team” was trounced by a score of 41-14, in their own stadium…This is what I consider to be the beginning of a great Philadelphia Eagles run that has lasted 11 years and counting!

  21. December 27th, 2009 – The crowd yells one word to describe what they think about each visiting player that is introduced. That is, until the PA announcer starts to announce “Number 24, Cornerback Champ Bailey. That’s when a certain player starts his way out of the tunnel. One more player is introduced, “Number 21, Cornerback Andre’ Goodman.” The stadium grows louder and louder. The next player wasn’t seen at all during pregame warm-ups. He does a somersault as the announcer introduces, “Number 20, from the University of Clemson, Strong Safety, Brian Dawkins!” The crowd erupts. The stadium is shaking. Cheers drown out the names of the rest of the Broncos that are announced.
    The Eagles would go on to win the game on a last-second field goal by David Akers. However, perhaps the most touching moment of the entire game happens after the players finished congratulating each other on the awesome game both teams had just played, after all the players are done giving on-the-field interviews. Both teams get together at midfield and bow their heads as Brian Dawkins leads the prayer. At that moment, I start to choke up. Dawkins finishes the prayer, and the crowd erupts one more time as he runs off the field, everyone’s favorite Eagle that day saluting them as he goes back to the locker room.

  22. Hahahahahah so your sayin Leah Michelle looks like Rosie Palm and Her Five Sisters! Hahahahahah
    Besides, you shouldn’t be comparing these to broads. “You can’t be mixing Mexican and continental. Come on, man, I thought you’re better than that!”:

    I’d rather vote on Salma Hayek verses Sophia Vargaga. Salma, any day, especially after watching the Full Monty in Ask The Dust:

  23. My priceless memory was flying out to Soldier Field on December 31, 1988. This was my first Eagles game and little did I know I wouldn’t be able to see most of the game. I was only 12yrs old and do not remember much of the game, besides well the fog of course.

  24. December 9th, 2007. A story of Eagles fans, doing what Eagles fans do. It was a freezing cold day. My dad and I came down from our seats to hang around the corner of the endzone during the pregame warmups, and view/participate in the brutal heckling of the Giants players. Michael Strahan was the closest and most well-known target, and since his wife had won $15 million in her divorce settlement just 10 months before, most of the fans’ comments focused on her and his divorce. Brutal, but very Philly. Eventually, Michael took off his headphones, turned towards the crowd gathered behind him, and yelled “You paid for your ticket right? You’re paying to see me. You’re putting money in my pocket!” Without pause, a fan to our right, as if he knew what Michael was going to say and had concocted a response days before, fired back “You get half, she gets half, right? I’ll ask the Eagles to make that second half out in dollar bills so they can throw them to her the right way.” Michael put his headphones back on, and slowly walked away. He was invisible that game, which was his last in Lincoln Financial Field, and I like to think that it sticks out as his last memory of being put in his place by the Toughest Fans on Earth.
    Priceless (Unless you’re Michael Strahan’s gold-digging ex-wife).

  25. My priceless moments have been watching the Eagles play every game since I can remember. Through the good and the bad I’ve watched them with my mom. She is a huge eagles fan and has been her whole life. We have never been to an eagles game before because they are simply to expensive. The look on her face when I would take her to a game would be priceless.

  26. My Priceless Eagles moment was November 21, 2010. It was the Sunday night game against the Giants. We shellacked them but it was special to me because it was my first game and the circumstances of how I got there. I was diagnosed with testicular cancer earlier that summer and was undergoing chemotherapy that fall. On top of that the week before the game my girlfriend of three years dumped me for some loser from West Virginia. Needless to say I was fairly miserable. But that Sunday morning my buddy called me up and asked if I wanted to go to the game that night. Of course my answer was yes and I asked him how much the tickets were. He told me don’t worry about it and told me to just get ready and we’ll head down.
    It was definitely a great time as I witnessed my first game at the Linc from the 50 yard line only a mere 15 rows up. Definitely just what I needed to get out of the funk I was in. Also helped that I watched Shady win me my fantasy game that week. I would just like to return the favor to a good friend and hopefully win these tickets.
    That would be Priceless

  27. My most priceless eagles moment-
    It was the last game of the 2008 season. After the bears and bucs lost earlier, it became a win and in game for both teams. The eagles won the game 44-6. 44 to fucking 6. There isn’t one play that stands out to me from this game, it’s just we beat the fucking cowboys 44-6 in a win and in game.

  28. Last year, game against the Giants. I was driving home from my in-laws house to visit my parents to go to my grandpa’s 75th birthday dinner. I was listening to the game on the radio which was killing me. It got so bad I changed the station when my wife fell asleep. After about 5 minutes something inside told me to change it back. About 20 minutes later I had to pull off the road when the Giants decided to punt to DeSean and we all know what happened. Scared my wife to death when she woke up to me screaming GO GO as we were sitting on the side of the interstate.

  29. My priceless Eagles moment was on January 23rd 2005 as the clock hit zero and the greatest Eagles team of my lifetime finally, after 3 consecutive years of heartbreak, won the NFC Championship game and the right to play in the Super Bowl. As the fireworks shot off from the upper edges of the Linc, I called my now late father, who had been at the last Eagles NFL Championship game in 1960, and screamed, “WE DID IT!!” And it really did feel like that – that WE all had done it. I think we as fans really made a difference that game on such a brutally cold day after a snowstorm. I screamed throughout every defensive series the Eagles had against the Falcons that day. In retrospect I can really say, I’ve never been so happy to be in one place at one moment for my entire life.

  30. Wow, I was at a lot of the games you guys talked about. I’m gonna leave it at that. Too many great memories.

  31. My priceless moment was September 22, 2002 against the cowboys. It was my first eagles game. we had great seats, were having a great time, and the eagles were winning by 30. Then all of a sudden a drunk guy from the level above me dropped his hard hat with the flapping eagles wings on it, and it landed right on me. Confused and scared by the wings still slapping me in the face, I started to cry (i was 7). As weird as it was, my dad and I laughed about it the entire ride home. Definitely the best and most priceless birds game of my life.

  32. I was actualy in Dallas for the Pickle Juice game. My first and only Birds game to this day. Over 100 degrees in the Texas heat with my pops and my brother. We were about 20 rows back behind one of the endzones and you could feel the heat coming off the field, at one point it reached 130. Reid starts the game with an onside kick and the birds never look back. Staley ran all over the Cowgirls, Trotter gets a pick 6 and I believe they also concussed Aikman as well. Never forget that day.

  33. I was actualy in Dallas for the Pickle Juice game. My first and only Birds game to this day. Over 100 degrees in the Texas heat with my pops and my brother. We were about 20 rows back behind one of the endzones and you could feel the heat coming off the field, at one point it reached 130. Reid starts the game with an onside kick and the birds never look back. Staley ran all over the Cowgirls, Trotter gets a pick 6 and I believe they also concussed Aikman as well. Never forget that day.

  34. Its Brian Dawkins speech after winning the NFC championship game…he felt the same pain that the fans felt for so many years and you could see the emotion on his face you could hear it in his the bitter cold…the Eagles finally won the NFC championship…there is no player that leaves it out on the field like Dawkins…there are no fans that care more then Philadelphia fans…That moment was by far the most priceless moment in Eagles history.

  35. Myself, my older brother–who has since passed, and my father were at the infamous Monday night football game against the Giants. This was my first game–I was 12, and I saw Randall getting his legs cut, stayed upright, and fired a pass to Jimmie Giles for a touchdown. I thought that would have been the best moment of the game for me. But, there were a group of guys in front of us with the old yellow McDonald’s cooler, filled with Jack and Coke and kept offering me drinks. That was the only Eagles game I ever attended with my father and brother–he passed away in 1994. It would mean everything to take him again with my son–his grandson–who is turning 1 October 4.

  36. every game i get to see stars like lesean mccoy, desean jackson, brent celek, jeremy maclin, michael vick, nnamdi asomugha and asante samuel put up wins for this eagles team, that’s my most priceless eagles moment. winning is for the birds!! fly eagles fly…

  37. January 11, 2009- Eagles vs Giants NFC divisional game. The reason why this game is at the top of the list for me is because it means so much. A couple months earlier sometime in November my Dad’s father passed. Him and my Dad were very close as son and father should be so the toll that it took on my Dad was hard to watch. He wasn’t the same Dad. For a lack of better words it pissed me off. But on January 11 when the Eagles went to New York to take on the Giants in a winner moves on death match things changed. As the game went on my Father grew more animated and pleasant as the Eagles siezed control. He finally looked happy and i had a football game to thank. That afternoon was the turning point for my Dad to help him move on from my Grandfathers death. The Giants coming into that game were the defending super bowl champions. The eagle were a team that snuck into the playoffs that year thanks to the Oakland Raiders and Tampa Bay Buccaneers of all teams. The eagles weren’t expected to win that game. Not expected to go toe to toe with the physical
    Giant defense and running attack. But they did. The highlight that really struck me was Brian Dawkins walking off the field talking to Sal Paolantio. Dawkins was In tears. He was in tears because of how much that win meant and for how much they overcame to get to that point. B-Dawk represented my Dad in so many ways right there that it was surreal. The win brought joy to me in so many ways. Yeah we were going to the NFC championship game, a fact that month ago seemed implausible but that was only one reason to smile because I had my Dad back. So i thank the Eagles for making January 11,2009 one game that I’ll never forget.

  38. Eagles – Giants 2010… My priceless moment was seeing the Miracle in the Meadowlands II. Jackson drops the ball, regains control, splits the seam and takes it to the house for a rare “walk-off” win!
    Now, a new priceless moment would be seeing Eagles-Giants 2011 from the Mastercard club level!

  39. I’ve been to many games, witnessed many great plays, and been fortunate enough to meet many Eagles players, but my most priceless moment is the last game I got to watch with my friend John.
    It was the season opener on Sept 13, 2009. A completely and utterly unmemorable game. McNabb threw for 79 yards before he got hurt late in the game. The camera’s kept showing the newly signed Mike Vick on the TV. Now, it was LeSean McCoy’s debut, DeSean Jackson returned a punt 85 yards to the house, and the defense had 5 picks. Even with all that, no one remembers this game. The 2009 season is about McNabb’s last season and the two losses to the Cowboys.
    I honestly can’t remember a game from that season other than the Carolina game. And I’ll most likely never forget it. After the game ended, we had dinner, which John cooked every sunday. I said goodbye sometime around halftime of the night game and went home. That was the last time I talked to my best friend. Three days later John passed away on his computer chair.
    That’s my priceless Eagles moment.

  40. My favorite Eagles moment was the entire 2006 season. I was deployed to Iraq with a PA Army National Guard unit that year and getting together with the guys in my unit on Sundays to watch the games or to follow on the internet if the game wasn’t on AFN. During the playoffs we would get together in the Rec Center and get plates of food from the dining facility and have our own Eagles parties. We would even get one or two of our Iraqi interpreters to join us and we made them Eagles fans. Even though the Eagles lost in the second round of the playoffs, it was the times we had where we could get together, put on jerseys, relax and get our minds off of being away from home. The Eagles brought us all together and gave us a much needed break from what we were going through.

  41. I won’t win, because mine hasn’t happened yet. On October 2 I am hopefully going to the Eagles game with my friend who had a double lung transplant. He suffered from Cystic Fibrosis all his life. He was one of the lucky ones and made it to 38 years old. His lung capacity was at 18% at the beginning of February and on February 18th, the news came in that a donor was found.
    There was one thing he wanted to do again and that was to go to a Phils game with me. I made that happen for him in August. He’s now back in his house, getting stronger and to “return the favor” – his words, not mine – he wants to take me to an Eagles game.
    I wont’t win these tickets, but I have one of my best friends back and I can’t wait to hopefully sit at that game and cheer with him! Go Eagles!!!
    Kyle, this is a great way to give away tickets! It allows people to share their moments. It’s just another example of how sports can unite and bring smiles and great memories to people. (My vote is for David Maschke)

  42. The year was 1980… I was pregnant with my first child, we were watching the game in the Pocono’s. We had cheese steaks and munchies. We were watching the Eagles defeat the Cowboys to go on to the Super Bowl. January 11, 1981 we won the Conference and beat the Cowboys with a score of 20-7. Super Bowl here we come, unfortunately we lost but we were there!!! I love my Eagles whether they win or lose I give them my all.
    Maryann Mason

  43. January 4th, 2009. Eagles vikings playoff in Minnesota. Decided the thursday before the game that we would leave friday afternoon to make it to Minnesota in time for the game. Drove through several ice storms and almost crashed several times on the 22 hour drive. Got to our hotel, grabbed some beer and walked the two blocks to the stadium. In that time our beer had completely frozen over. Watched the eagles own the vikings thanks to a pick 6 from asante and a good game from desean, went to the hotel, slept for two hours, woke up and made the 22 hour drive back home. Best part? Vikings playoff tickets were only 30 bucks a piece.

  44. My favorite Eagles moment… it was back in December ’08 when the Eagles barely made it into the playoffs. It looked like they had no chance in hell to make it. They had to pretty much depend on a bunch of teams to lose and they needed to beat the Cowboys. There was an amazing 10 minutes of football where so much happened. The Cowboys collapsed and the Eagles won and we were left with the image of Tony Romo lying face down on the ground with his arms on his head. A major LOLCowboys moment.

  45. Best Birds moment for me had to be after a 23 hr flight to Australia to study abroad. I had to scramble to find a bar that wasn’t showing cricket or footy near Brisbane. Finally found a local watering hole with coverage. Though I missed the first half I was able to salvage the game by experiencing the (then) people’s champ, FredEx, catch a 4th and 26 bullet from McNabb, an Akers make, a pick from Weapon X, B-Dawk, and Akers for the win in OT! The locals pretty much scoffed at my excitement, chalking it up to a crazy American bloke.
    Best half game I’ve ever caught.

  46. When I was five years old, I went to Dallas Cowboys (I lived in Texas, I was young and naive) and all I wanted was my football signed by Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, or Michael Irvin. We sat through their entire practice in the 100 degree heat and watched the back-up play while those three guys sat in their personal golf carts away from everyone. When practice was over, the fans we screaming to get autographs. Instead of coming over to their fans who had waited in the unbearable heat, they drove away speaking to no one. I ended up throwing up from heat exhaustion. That was the day I became an Philadelphia Eagles fan.

  47. My priceless Philadelphia Eagles moment took place on December 31, 2000, when the Eagles played a wild card playoff game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Veteran’s Stadium.
    The Philadelphia Eagles, who were being led by second year head coach Andy Reid had managed to flip their previous year’s record of 5-11 to 11-5 and finished second in the division while securing a wild card birth.
    Before the game, my dad was able to get tickets to the game and while the seats weren’t great, (700 level) you could still see everything that was going on.
    With the game still in doubt in the 3rd quarter, second year quarterback Donovan McNabb hit Na Brown in the back of the endzone, to put Eagles up 14-3. Later in the fourth, Donovan hit Jeff Thomason for a 2 yard touchdown that ended any doubt that anyone had regarding the game.
    At the end of the game, the Eagles were able to kill the clock by giving the ball to Chris Warren, who had been signed after Duce Staley was placed on IR after week 4 and it became apparent to the coaching staff that Darnell Autrey was not going to be able to shoulder the load. However, the best part of the Chris Warren acquisition was the fact that he had been released by the Cowboys earlier in the year and was now helping the Eagles salt away a playoff victory.
    A couple years after the game and once the Eagles had moved into the Linc, Chad Lewis reflected on this game a couple years after it occurred by noting it was the loudest a crowd he or many of his teammates had ever heard. I second this because I can tell you first hand, the cement holding the 700 Level up that night was shaking.

  48. It was Monday, October 22nd, 2001. A little over a month after the World Trade Centers had fallen. We were sophomores in college watching the Eagles battle the Giants (a matchup that hadn’t been real favorable in the past couple of years). It looked like another loss for the Eagles and our good friend, a Giants fan, was taking every opportunity to rub it in our faces. With only a couple minutes to go, Donovan engineered a game winning drive that was capped off with a TD pass to James Thrash. Before we could even offer our friend another beer he had left our dorm room cursing and screaming. When we met him for breakfast the next morning he was in a walking cast. The idiot had kicked a brick wall in disgust when he got home and broke his toe. We told him it wasn’t because he had bad luck, but because God hated him for being a Giants fan. We couldn’t have asked for a better win to reverse the Giants curse that had been bestowed upon the Eagles for the previous 4 years – not to mention plenty of ammunition to use against our friend for the remainder of our years at college. Stupid Giants fans.

  49. I would say the moments I cherish the most from all the games I have been too is the tailgate. For 8 weeks a year (sometimes more) there are 80+ thousand Philadelphians (tons of people who don’t even have tickets come just for the party) getting along and having the best time of their life. Whether the Birds are in the playoff hunt or 2-10…the parking lots before every game are a place where people can escape from their everyday life and find refuge in hoping for an Eagles win that day.
    The smell of the food, all of the E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES! chants that go on and on. The footballs being tossed, all of the tailgate games like baggo, washers and ladder golf, the music. Sometimes I don’t even want the game to start because it’s such an amazing atmosphere. Rain or shine, hot or cold, winning or losing you know hours before every game there will be thousands of people hanging out in their best Eagles gear, drinking, laughing, eating and all praying for a Birds win. It doesn’t get any better than that!

  50. If the eagles dont beat the Giants by at least 2 Td’s Id be shocked. Thats with or without star ship 7!! They were lucky to beat the Rams. There will be Cramping(fake injuries) in this one ginas.. 35-20.

  51. I volunteered at the Eagles Carnival at the Linc…my assignment was to work the field goal contest on the field…being a soccer player, I decided I wanted to try…so I put the ball at the field goal line (which is where the contest was taking place) and booted it through…then, I got the ball, set it at the 10yd line, and booted it through…now, I wanted to see how far I could go, so I got the ball, ran to the 20yd line and booted it though! By this time, some people were watchign and cheering as i made it, and they encouraged me to go for it from the 30yd line…I had to see if I could make a 40-yarder! So, I got the ball, and set it up on the 30 yard line…as I lined up the kick, an Eagles employee/official cam running out from the tunnel waving his arms yelling at me to stop! I begged him to give me this last shot – I really wanted to prove that I could nail a 40 yarder…but, alas, I was shut down…I guess they did not want anyone to get the impression that was how the day was to go…ah well, at least I can say I kicked a 30-yard field goal in the Linc – something I will never forget!

  52. My priceless memory is from a game that I can’t remember: 10/8/89, the day I was born. My dad wasn’t in the delivery room as Anthony Toney scored a late TD to give the Birds the W over the Giants. I would love to be able to take a diehard dad and a diehard Birds fan this Sunday.

  53. Eagles and Falcons playoff game about 10 years ago when it was freezing cold at the Vet. My dad and 2 cousins left to get food and while they were gone Bobby Taylor got pick 6 and I was in the 700 level when the drunk guys behind me (I would’ve been drinking if I wasn’t 13) fell on top of me and I went flying into row in front of me, got my ankle caught in seat and BROKE MY ANKLE but stayed for the rest of the game to see Eagles victory of course. E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!!!

  54. I’m sure everyone else has said it but… The Miracle at the New Meadowlands. I had a friend over to watch the game, and he bailed because he had no faith. I was actually listening to Reese, with the TV muted. I can’t stand a lot of the TV broadcasters. I doubt I’ll ever see another game like that in my lifetime… That’s the only sad thing about it.

  55. It was a game against the Redskins in 1990 or 1991. I was about 10 or 11 at the time going to my first ever Eagles game with my dad. It was cold and we were sitting in the 700 Level with your usual colorful fans. Seated next to us were three Redskins fans – two guys and a woman, who was very drunk. The Redskins were winning so the drunk woman got louder and louder with her trash talking. It was all about their two Super Bowl rings (at the time) and the Eagles didn’t have any and they suck, etc etc. Aware of Eagles fans’ propensity to not take shit from opposing fans, the guys she was with were trying to get her to tone it down, but she just carried on. Finally, a rather large Eagles fan sitting directly behind us leaned forward and said “We beat up girls too.” My dad and I started howling. Even though we lost, we didn’t hear another peep from the Redskins fans the rest of the game. Great memory.

  56. One of the last Monday night games at the Vet, My dad and I offer my cousin our 3rd ticket. He had been begging to go to a game for a while and his # was finally called. The day before he cut himself and lost a lot of blood so the doctors advised him not to drink. He didn’t listen. First half he fell asleep in the seats. Halftime comes, I go take a piss, my cousin goes to meet some friends. 3rd quarter starts, no sign of my cousin, midway through the 3rd i get a text from him saying the line to the bathroom was too long so he decided to take a piss on the ramps, got caught, thrown out and was on the subway back to his apartment. Almost got into a fight with a Giants fan who was talking smack to him on the train. Priceless.

  57. The McNabb TD pass to Cecil Martin against the Bears in the 2001 Playoffs. The defender got to Martin late, and Martin flipped him over his shoulder! One of the most memorable moments in the beginning of the Andy/Donovan Era.

  58. Last Monday Night Game at the Vet – The one and only Eagles game I attended at the Vet. My Dad purchased the tickets for the two of us and of course we hit terrible traffic heading to the game. Me being a young kid couldn’t hold back my excitement so my Dad allowed me to jump out of the car in the middle of traffic and go into the game. My Dad finally made it into the game somewhere around the middle of the 2nd quarter. I don’t quite remember who they played or even if they won but I will never forget that father-son moment for the rest of my life. Another family moment that can only happen because of sports. My Dad and I are loyal Philly sports fans but have yet to go to a game at the Linc. I would love to return the favor of suprising him with some Eagles tickets. Go Birds!

  59. My most priceless moment was the 2004 NFC title game against the Falcons. I was only 12 at the time, but still love the Birds just like everyone else. My dad suprised me with tickets that morning. We went to the other 2 NFC title games against the Bucs and Panthers. I remember crying leaving the stadium but, my Dad told me, “Will be back, I promise.” We were back and we did it. Ill never forget when Chad Lewis caught that touchdown to seal it me and my dad looked at each other and cried. Seeing McNabb hold that trophy was one of the greatest moments of my life.

  60. September 17, 2006. My first chance to get to go to a birds game at the Linc. Home opener, beautiful day, dramatic fly over. Everything picture perfect. Until the 4th quarter when the Giants recovered a fumble in the end zone, the game forced to overtime. Then one of the all time Eagle killers, Plax, towers over Sheldon Brown (like he did many ‘o time) for the victory. My first experience at the Linc ends in misery. This Sunday, another home opener against the Giants, is my chance for redemption 5 years later. E A G L E S EAGLES.

  61. Everyone is writing all these moments. Lets look at a moment that is forever immortalized in Eagles history. 1960 Eagles vs. Giants Chuck Bednarik lays out Frank Gifford of the Giants. Chuck on top of Frank with the I just killed you look and Frank looks dead on the field. Every Eagles fan either has or should have that picture. When I met Bednarik, he signed that picture “This fucking game is over!” with his name and HOF year. On the bottom of frank’s body of the pic he writes “Sorry Frank”. Now I was not alive for this moment, but I do respect Eagles history. But meeting an Eagles legend who played both sides of the field and WON AN NFL CHAMPIONSHIP! This may not win me the tickets but at least his hit is truly priceless and it was his example that led that Eagles team to do what the last 50 Eagles teams has not done in 50 years.

  62. January 2004, Freddy Mitchel’s quote post game after catching 4 and 26 – “I want to thank my hands for being so great”. Priceless.

  63. After posting my first priceless moment, it dawned on me that my favorite Eagles moment wasn’t even during a game. It was the off week before Super Bowl XXXIX against the Pats. The Roots stopped through my small Virginia college on their way back up north. I decided to show my Philly love by wearing a Dawkins jersey to the show. During the show one of my buddies decided to lift me up on his shoulders and I took off my jersey and held it proudly in the air to get some recognition from the Legendary Roots Crew. After a couple mins Black Thought caught me outta the corner of his eye and pointed at me while I proceeded to Petey Pablo my jersey and toss it on stage. Black Thought, mid-song, went over, picked up my #20 BDawk jersey and draped it over ?uestlove’s bass drum for the remainder of the show. I then thought to myself, how can we lose now… oh yeah McNabb happened… Still PRICELESS memory with some famous Philadelphians!

  64. Watching BOTH miracles at the meadowlands with different sets of Giants fans. This does not mean I would use the extra ticket on anyone other than a diehard Eagles fan haha.

  65. December 1989. Bounty Bowl II. 13 years old at my first Eagles Football game with my Dad. Feet are frozen because my Wigwams and high tops aren’t enough to keep my feet warm in a foot of snow at our seats. Watching men piss off the ramps at the Vet. Snowballs flying all over the place. Watching Cowboys getting pelted and the Cowboys players looking behind them with pure fear in their eyes. What a great introduction to being at a Eagles game for a Young Eagles fan. Thanks Dad.

  66. My Priceless eagles moment was meeting Jevon Kearse and lito sheppard at the Jay-Z Mary J blige concert. We were in the same club box. Everybody was buying these dudes drinks(It still amazes me that people buy famous rich people drinks). After 40 mins they were trashed, lito says to me. “Yo bro why u aint drinking” I said,”none left they buying everything for you and Jevon” He said “crazy right, next guy that buys me something its yours you an eagle for tonight” So me and my wife drank all night off of random people buying jevon and lito drinks.Not to mention we exchanged email address and they left us tickets for the eagles vs cowboys game later that year. Greatest night ever.

  67. The date was January 23, 2005. My buddies and I were sitting in the nosebleeds at the Linc. We worked almost every day for about 3 weeks to afford those tickets. I was 15. Our noses seemingly frozen and our lips as chapped as an old oak tree. The Eagles were about to close out the the game and beat the Atlanta Falcons to reach the Super Bowl for the first time in a long time. After the clock struck 0:00 and all the players, coaches, and execs gave their rally speeches at the podium, me and my boys left the stadium and RAN down Broad Street to Broad/Shunk where we dove headfirst into a HUGE pile of snow that must’ve been about 6 or 7 feet high. It was disgusting, black snow, but we didn’t care. I even got my first real kiss that night. It was awesome. The only thing that mattered at that moment was that our Eagles were going to the Super Bowl and now that I look back at that moment and all of the craziness that occurred that night, I couldn’t even imagine what we would’ve did if the Eagles actually beat the Patriots and won the Super Bowl.

  68. My Priceless Philadelphia Eagles Moment did not happen at a game, it was at training camp. I was a young buck, 8 years old. I was visiting my sister at the time who was attending West Chester University. At the time, WCU hosted Eagles training camp. As a young boy who was born into Philadelphia fan-hood, this was my first up close and personal experience with my future beloved team. I can still remember the sights, sounds, especially those of Seth Joyner laying out Herschel Walker. It was the end of this day that is my fondest memory. Shortly before leaving camp a player had emerged in the crowd and a swarm of kids, around my age, quickly surrounded him. As I squeezed my way into the mix standing in font of me was Randall Cunningham. I was one of the few kids he signed an autograph for, and from that day on I felt like I was a part of something special having experienced this and long behold my love for this Team. I believe this was this experience and ones like this as a child that instilled in me what it is to be a fan in this city. I have now handed down the autographed football to my younger brother in hope that he can be inspired the same way I was.

  69. It was 2008, I just blew my knee out a few days before so I was on crutches. Browns vs Eagles in Decemebr. My 3 freinds and I had standing room only so we decided to stand on the stairwells at the corner of the north end zone. Long story short my freinds went to get beers and when they came back I was in screaming match with a browns fan who was making fun of me standing the whole time with crutches. We kicked the crap outta him (not so much me) and made him leave vacate our area. overall pretty fun time.
    Ill be there sunday either way, please pick me i havent been to a game since!!
    Thank you–Chris

  70. Christmas Day 2006 in Dallas. Jeff Garcia and the Birds rolled to a 23-7 win, ruining Christmas for T.O. …Best Gift Ever!

  71. My priceless Eagles moment was attending the 2004 NFC Championship game vs. Atlanta. It was so cold that day that I actually had to run up and down the steps of the concourse levels because my feet were frozen. The real moment came when Chad Lewis put the final nail in the coffin for the Falcons, catching a TD pass to put the Eagles up 27-10. A rather large, heavily intoxicated man to my left, who had been screaming profanities at Michael Vick (using words incredibly vile) grabbed me. I looked at his face and saw tears in his eyes, and he said “I can’t believe we’re going to the super bowl”! We then hugged, amongst the other 50,000+ people in attendance. That’s my most priceless Eagles moment.

  72. My most priceless moment was on December 30, 1995. My dad took me to my first Eagles game and it was a playoff game against the Detroit Lions. I was 11 years old, and I quickly realized I was too young for the 700 level. I had never seen so many intoxicated adults and heard such incredible language, it was all amazing to me. The Eagles went into the half with a 38-7 lead over Barry Sanders and the Lions. Now came the half-time show, which featured a very acrobatic frisbee-catching dog. It’s owner had thrown him what seemed like 20+ frisbees at all different angles and distances. The dog caught each one flawlessly and most of the fans applauded. The dog was perfect up until the final throw. It bounced off his mouth and fell to the ground. What happened next I couldn’t believe. Tens of thousands of fans booing this poor dog and his owner. It may have seemed meaned-spirited, but I later took it as a sign of Philadelphia fans’ strive for perfection. The Eagles ended up winning 58-37 and leaving me with an unforgettable memory of my first game. That, and a dirty pair of pants as I had slipped on someone’s vomit walking down the 700 level stairs.

  73. Every eagles game i go to is priceless – my dad has season tickets at the 35 yard-line (visitor) – and every game you walk away with a story. The sub-culture of Eagles fans is the greatest group of characters in the world. Whether its the heckeling of the opposition (my favorite was when TO was on the 49ers and him saying ‘i’m the greatest’) or its the fans giving the treatment to Pam Oliver on the sideline and the drunken stage line of fans waving back to the cheerleaders as the walk by between quarters. No one holds back anything – it’s also nice for the row in front of us to be designated for opposing fans family – everyone treats them nice – unless they rub it in when they’re winning – then it may rub off.
    40 year season ticket holders throwing $hit at the sideline camera guy on the lift, watching cowboys fans get beat up in the upper levels, b-dawk getting introduced, calling Andy a fat a$$ after a missed challenge, spilling beer on each other, Matt ware returning the blocked FG by the chargers to win it, Predicting Kevin Curtis’ 3 TD day, being the first person to $hit at the linc – it’s all priceless.
    I don’t want the tickets since i go to a bunch of games anyway

  74. Ever since I first saw Michael Vick at Virginia Tech torturing NCAA defenses and giving Defensive Coordinators a headache, I was instantly a fan. Now don’t get me wrong, I am a diehard Eagles fan, but Michael Vick has always been my favorite player. I had every color Vick Falcons jersey, and would watch him when ever they were on TV. I found out years in advance that the Eagles would host the Falcons in 2008 at Lincoln Financial Field, and knew I must be at the game. That was the first time I saw him in person and it was just as amazing on TV, but our beloved Eagles clinched the NFC East that day so it was a great day for me. I was at the preseason game a couple years ago when a certain buzz started to surround the stadium and everyone was on their phones. Did the Eagles really just get Michael Vick? Everyone I knew was calling and texting me knowing that this was my dream coming true, seeing Mike Vick in Eagles Green. Now that he is our starting quarterback I am currently the happiest person in Philadelphia. I would love to attend this weeks game vs. the Giants to see the most electrifying player in the NFL stomp our NFC East rivals. E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!

  75. My priceless Eagles moment is the last Eagles victory at the Vet. We stayed overnight in the parking lot in the freezing cold to get tix for the Birds-Falcons playoff game, eating Krispy Kreme donuts and watching the Jets win on a little tv to give the Birds homefield advantage for the playoffs. A week later, the game was everything you could ask for, we even did crazy face paint we were so amped up! Vick went down and the Birds triumphed in probably one of the best sports settings I have ever been in.

  76. Eagles game 2 yrs ago vs the Colts – my buddy got so drunk that he drove his car through fdr park (like the park not the road through the park) to get around all the traffic and didn’t get arrested…I was in the car and I’m still alive…am I your winner? I’ve been so lucky so far ha

  77. My priceless Eagles moment is simple: January 23rd, 2005, the day that the Eagles defeated the Atlanta Falcons to win the NFC Championship. I wasn’t at the game, instead I was home with everyone I know and love celebrating another priceless moment: my eighteenth birthday, which was the same day. I’ve had plenty of birthdays, 24 to be exact, but I was never happier than when I turned 18. Surrounded by my closest friends and family, watching my favorite football team make it to the Promised Land…it was incredible. After they had won, I ran outside to scream and yell with the neighbors and watched a friend of mind do a shirtless snow angel (it had just snowed, after all). We partied well into the night, even with school/work the next day, but no one cared: the Eagles had won. I couldn’t ask for a better birthday, nor could I ask for a better birthday present. Here’s to hoping we taste the forbidden fruit again this year. GO BIRDS!!!

  78. Eagles vs. Dallas at the Vet, fall 1981. I went to the game with my Freshmen year roommates, one of which was a Dallas fan. Mike Michell was in to punt and under a heavy Dallas rush, he missed kicking the ball. One of the guys behind me remarked to his buddy – “I liked the hang time on that one!” Dallas won, the Dallas fan with us was a dick, and it was clear from that day forward that Dallas would always be a hated team.

  79. September 30th, 2001 Eagles vs Cowboys. My first ever game at a young age. I really had to go to the bathroom, but my mom was afraid to let me go alone, so she waited outside the door because of all the “rough” Eagle fans. As she waited each guy came out saying he will be out in a minute, and giving her a heads up I was okay. If you are from Philly no matter what age they will love you. The day was capped off by our beloved Eagles winning 40-18, Emmitt SMith was smothered all day and I can remember Chad Lewis scoring in the endzone I was sitting in and to this day I swear he pointed at me. Not only one of my favorite Eagles memories but one of my favorite life memories of all time.

  80. 44-6. All I have to say is 44-6. Going into week 17, we assumed out season was OVER. Then 2 miracles happen, the Raiders beat a very capable Bucs team and Bears lose to a pretty crappy Texans team, and we get a chance to play our way in. Watching those 1:00 games was one of the craziest things of my life. Michael Bush ran for like an 80 TD, and we all knew that we were getting the chance to play our way in against the Scum of the Earth, the Dallas Cowboys(also playing to get in). Then we go into that game and spank them, running back Romo fumbles while he cries on the sideline. Playing your way in while knocking out the Cowboys, and watching Romo pount on the sidelines… that is why we watch football. I’ve never been to an Eagles game, I would love to win this and take my mom on sunday.

  81. Last year I went to the Vikings game because my girlfriend bought me the tickets. So it was free for me. Priceless, you could even say.

  82. I’m about 10 years old (give or take a year) at Eagles Training Camp in West Chester and i’m huddled outside the gym waiting for the players to come out. Most pop out sign autographs and move on to go home. I’m waiting for Jaws (though I’m not sure he was called Jaws then or not) to come out. Obviously when he does there are people running over to him for autographs. Finally he gets over to me and my friend Joey and i ask for the autograph. He stops, hands me his Miller can, says hold this. He signs the paper for me and I hand it back. My mom snagged a picture of it! So I go to work for a World Wide Leader in 1999 and that fall I see Jaws on campus. I remember the picture and smiled. I found the picture later that year and purposely ran into him in a hallway. I said, “I remember seeing you at Eagles training camp as a kid! I have this great picture of you and me holding your beer.” he looks at the picture, laughs, and says “wow! I haven’t changed at all!” (about 20 years later!) He loved it and we talked for a few minutes. Those days when i was a kid solidified my love for the Eagles, his reaction to the picture was priceless. Fly Eagles Fly!

  83. 12/02/07 – Eagles vs Seahawks. Took my girlfriend to her first Eagles game, had a big tailgate prepared and had seats 3 rows from the field. Turned out to be freezing rain and wind the entire time, the Eagles were losing, we were soaking wet, but she toughed it out and never complained once. Seats in a club box would be a nice way to pay her back! ….Did I mention shes a mermaid?

  84. ive been to quite a few eagles games over the last 10 years that included trips to san diego, atlanta, cleveland, new york and dc. none of them will compare to 01-23-2005. i will never forget where i sat and who i was with as the seconds ticked down to all zeroes. everyone in the stadium just had this pure look of joy that we were finally headed back to the dance. that night and that bitter january cold will be something i tell my kids about.
    go birds

  85. In the early 90’s my family moved us from Brazil to the United States. For the first few years we lived in the Poconos. I followed the Eagles and Giants (Geographical Indifference). In 1994 my father took me to my first AMERICAN Football game. Opening day Philly at New York. Philly lost by I remember falling in love with Randall and Herscel…
    Tickets $75.00
    Gas to NY $30.00
    The Day I became an Eagle fan for Life…

  86. I don’t remember what year it was, but I was about 11yrs old at the Vet with my father and my then 13yr old brother. It was insanely cold and very wet and raining for the Eagles vs Giants game and we were in the Vet parking lot for our tailgate. With around 6 cars and a lot of tarps and bungie cords, we had our own tent city under there. After the Birds walked all over the ginas, we came back to the tailgate to find it even more secure than it already was. The parking lot attendants attached more bungie cords to make it so we never lost any tarps. Tailgate party resumed until nightfall in celebration. But regardless on how cold and wet that day was it will always be one of my best Eagles experiences with my dad and brother in which we still talk about.

  87. I have a tie between two:
    Back when the Eagles used to have training camp at West Chester in the early 90s, me (about 8 or 9) and my older brother and his friend (about 13 or 14) were up at the North Campus dorm rooms where the players stayed and were waiting outside to get autographs. It was literally just the 3 of us, everyone else had made their way down to the practice fields. A few guys on the team came out and signed our stuff, no one really major. Even then head coach Ray Rhodes obliged and signed. He asked why we wanted his autograph cuz its “probably only worth two-pennies.” After the last few guys came out we started the trek down to the practice fields on South Campus (about a mile walk). Next thing we know, Ray Rhodes pulls up next to us in his SUV and asks if we were heading to the practice fields. We tell him yes and he tells us to hop in. Here we are, in Ray Rhodes’ SUV getting a ride down to practice. Bosses. We pull into the parking lot where all the players and coaches park, we thank Ray a million times and hop out, with every other kid staring at us in disbelief. The looks on their faces: PRICELESS
    #2 would be the 2005 game against the Chargers. I know someone already picked this game but mine has a twist. First, many people had left, not because the game was all but lost, but because a few minutes earlier, a fire alarm went off and people were told to exit. Me and my friend looked at eachother and said fuck it, I don’t see any smoke. Finally as the Chargers were marching downfield, my friend turns and says “let’s go, its over.” I tell him let’s just wait for this drive to end. Meanwhile there were two guys across the isle and 1 row up from us sitting next to eachother who were pretty shitcanned and probably had no idea what was going on in the game. So, as we know, Q blocked the field goal and Matt Ware ran it back for a touchdown. Probably the most exciting play I have ever witnessed (in person) at an Eagles game. As all this is going on and everyone is going nuts, with pandemonium throughout the stadium I look over and see the two shitcanned “friends” rolling around on the stairs throwing fists at eachother. I couldn’t believe it, these guys came together, sat next to eachother the whole game, and during the most amazing play of the season, are in fisticuffs in the middle of the isle: FUCKING PRICELESS

  88. watchin the video on 6abc of two roffers punching a mentally retarded man for trying to get into a scab game, priceless.

  89. I remember in 2005 we played the San Diego Chargers and my dad brought me to my first Eagles game. This was the game LT was trying to break the record, by having 19 straight games with a rushing touchdown. The defense stuffed him all game and held him under 20 yards for the entire game. At one point he took a handoff at the one yard line on first down, and they completely stuffed him. Needless to say, no record was broken that day thanks to the Eagles defense. And we ended up winning the game. Still the best game of my life.

  90. Late December 1993. My dad had bought me tickets to this game for my birthday. It ended up being a meaningless game vs the Saints. High was about 25 degrees that day and we just had an ice storm the night before.
    Eric Allen took two picks to the house and Morten Andersen hit at least 1 maybe 2 FGs of 55+ yards. Eagles with Bubby Brister filling in for injured Randall Cunningham won going away. It was also last home game for Seth Joyner and Clyde Simmons, as it was a foregone conclusion they were leaving as free agents the next season. Really felt like last hurrah for the Buddy Ryan era players on the Birds. Keith Jackson, Reggie White, and Keith Byars had already left and within a year or two they’d all be gone.

  91. Anytime Jon Runyan would single-handedly shut down that gapped tooth jack ass, Michael Strahan. GO EAGLES!!!

  92. December 28th, My buddies and I (15 at the time) decide to go to the last eagles game. Only tickets we could afford were standing room tickets. This game determined whether we would defeat our NFC East rival and advance to the playoffs or have another disappointing season. One of the most electrifying games and BDAWWKs last regular season game in the green and white. As the eagles scored to go up 44-6 I turned and started high-fiving the bros. Then this 55+ retirement home bound girl started going crazy. She grabbed my friend who didn’t look a day over 12 and planted a big smooch on him and proceeded to start making out with him. PRICELESS

  93. November 10, 1985 – the only game I’ve ever attended. Seats were horrible, buried in the 700 level at an end zone corner. Kelly green parka was slim protection from the wind up there. Eagles were 4-5 and no threat to make the playoffs, which is probably why my dad’s friend had tickets for us. Not a ton to cheer about on an otherwise forgettable day… until Jaworski tossed to Quick for a 99-yard TD in overtime to beat the Falcons. Celerbating division titles and playoff victories is nice, but jumping and cheering over something nearly improbable? That’s priceless.

  94. Priceless Eagles moment was my first ever Eagles game. It was my junior year of highschool and my brother had an extra ticket. He chose to take me, his little sister, over one of his friends because I had never been. He sat there the entire time and taught me all the cool things about football only an older brother would know. The Birds lost but after the game, we sat in the parking lot eating a tomato pie.

  95. My parents owned a bar in Lebanon, PA and would take bus trips. My first bus trip as a young buck: gambling on the bus; Old Grand Dad and older dudes hitting on my sister and I. Game: we saw not one, but two players pee in their pants; a lady puke in a beer cup and my dad threw all of our food in the air to catch an errand pass and the crowd went nutz! I cried because my french fries were ruined. Looking back, that trip is what made me a fan and I eventually moved to this awesome city in 1998, as soon as I could. I will never leave and Bleed Green.

  96. Another Miracle in the Medowlands 2 story. I was on vacation in Jamaica and could not watch the Eagles game. Instead I had to endure 3-10 Bills play the 7-6 Dolphins on CBS, and catch the score of the Eagles game everytime the bottom scroll line came by. I kept getting angrier and angrier because 1)the Eagles were losing and 2) I had to submit myself to the tourture that was Bills/Dolphins. Around the middle of the 4th quarter when the score was 31-10 Ginats my girlfriend came in and yelled at me that I was in a room being depressed while we were on vacation. She dragged me to the beach, and the rest of the day still sucked because I was steaming about the game. I came home and just to tourture myself some more, I turned on ESPN to watch the highlights. As soon as I flipped to the channel I see Jackson running towards the endzone and they flashed the final score. I was dumbfounded, and at the same time my GF came out of the shower with nothing but her birthday suit on. Needless to say I had a great night. It was PRICELESS!!!!!

  97. When I was 5 years old, my dad, grandfather and I were all watching an Eagles game in the early fall at my house. My mom and grandmom were out doing some shopping while us guys watched the game. I was at the age where I loved football, but still loved throwing things around and getting into trouble just as much. So during the first quarter of the game, I decide to throw a mini football that I was playing around with at an expensive antique lamp–BOOM…broken.
    Now, when I was that age, my punishment for those type of things was to stand in “The Corner” (cue dramatic music)…Basically I stood in a corner of an empty room in the house for a couple minutes to reflect upon my poor behavior. Well, since my mom and grandmom, the responsible adults, were out for the day, the punishment of standing in the dreaded corner was left up to the discretion of my football-minded dad and grandpa…So, instead of standing in the corner for 10-15 minutes tops, I ended up staying there for about an hour-hour and a half, until about the 2 minute warning in the 4th quarter. They were so focused on the game that they forgot about me and my punishment.
    Naturally, it was at the 2 minute warning that my mom and grandmom came home and asked me what I had done and how long I had been standing in the corner…Needless to say, they went in the room and let the men have it, and I got ice cream after that. NOt the most fond eagles memory I have, but probably one of the most memorable.

  98. When I was eight years old going to the Monday Night Eagles vs Dallas game at the Vet with my Dad in the 1992 season. 2 Eagles Tickets in the 700 level for less than $30? 2 Hot dogs for $5? Watching Hershel Walker score a rushing touchdown to put the game away and seeing the Dallas Fan’s face next to us turn in anguish while everyone in the section screaming is his face, which to this day is still imprinted on my memory forever: priceless.

  99. 2006 Wild Card game at the Linc, my buddy takes me with his extra ticket. He’s 6’7″, a die hard Giants fan and fearful of every green-shirted brethren around him. He purposely wears neutral colors so he doesn’t draw attention so when the Giants tied up the game in the I do the one thing that’s more productive than slouching in my seat. I yell in his face, at the top of my lungs “nice touchdown you dick!!”.
    He’s going to the game this Sunday, but his second ticket is spoken for. I want to hell at him from across the stadium!

  100. January 19, 2003 – Eagles vs Bucs HFC Championship Game. Excited that our team had made this far, a few friends and I tried but failed to get tickets to the game. But we refused to just sit at home to watch the game, we wanted to be there to experience it. So we decided the next best thing was to bring our living room to the game. We rented a Uhaul truck, packed it with my buddy’s living room furniture (two sofas, a recliner, rugs, two tv’s, lamps, two generators and even a “Home is where your heart is” sign fixed on the inside wall of the truck) and drove up. We literally brought everything. Even though they lost, I will never forget the experience.

  101. My all-time favorite Eagles memory was the last game of 2008. My dad and uncle have season tickets, and, after some poor predicting on their part, decided that the game was going to be meaningless. They opted to be heroes and gave the tickets to me and my 12 year old cousin for Christmas. The day was absolutely perfect. We were excited to go regardless of what type of meaning the game had, and I was positively thrilled to share in my cousin’s first ever Eagles game. I will never forget the look of sheer excitement on her face as we walked into the stadium and looked out at the field. To her it could have been as meaningless as a preseason game and she would have been just as excited to be there. However, that was not how the game was going to go. The stars really lined up for the Birds that day. As we watched the endings of the Bears and Buccaneers games in awe, the buzz around the stadium became positively electric. And, as we all know, not only did the Eagles win, they positively CRUSHED the Dallas Cowboys. Watching my usually shy and reserved cousin scream the lyrics to the fight song and participate loudly in the “asshole” chant as two Cowboys fans left our section in the 3rd quarter made the day even more perfect. We still refer to this as the best day of our lives. The icing on the cake was the text I received from my dad at half-time. “We want our tickets back, please.” There in person or not, I can’t wait to watch the Eagles trounce the Giants on Sunday. Go Birds!

  102. No question for me has to be 2005 NFC Championship game against then enemy Vick and the Atlanta Falcons. Seeing Dawk flatten fat boy Crumpler and Philly favorite Chad Lewis laying out and ultimately getting injured to snag the game sealing touchdown was pure ecstasy. We pretty much stood the entire game screaming at the top of our lungs, hugging strangers, more E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES! cheers then I can count. Still one of the greatest games I’ve been to. Then of course BDawk with the famous post game speech “Gimme some respect right now!”
    One hilarious memory from that game was from the temperature being so cold. This guy who was complaining about his beer turning into a slushy had it ripped from his hand by another fan who proceeded to eat his beer with a spoon haha

  103. December 13th 1998 was my first Eagles game and my uncle took me to the at the time scary looking vet. The Eagles were playing the Cardinals and considering how much i knew at the ripe old age of 11, just getting into the stadium was an adventure. My uncle ripped open the inner pocket of my Lp Eagles winter coat and proceeded to stuff a case of budweiser down into it. I clanked around all the way from lawrence st. into the stadium and the security guard just laughed and let me go in. Once we got in i was just amazed at how big the field was and how awesome the Eagles were to see in person. They lost in overtime to jake the snake plummer 20-17 but i was hooked and have been goin to games ever since..A Pats cheesesteak after the game might have played a role in my sunday birds obsession as well…

  104. I was a junior in High School and my parents allowed for my brother and I to take Amtrak down to Jacksonville for the Super Bowl and partake in the party festivities. My uncle lives in Jacksonville and we partied all week long amongst Eagle Nation. We (like many) did not have tickets to the game but went down to support the team we loved anyways. The Super Bowl was like a home game and even if we didn’t win it was still one of the best moments in my life. I even appeared on CBS dancing like T.O. and I won a free breakfast with Lynn Swann because I was best dressed fan. Eagles fake dreadlocks, B-Dawk jersey, beads from many women and facepaint make a man a fan. Best time of my life. E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!

  105. eagles 49ers december 2009. bought my husband tickets 6 months prior as his wedding gift we were married in june. fast forward 6 months 3 feet of snow the game got moved til 4 so they could remove the snow. we are 2 rows from the top of the stadium on ice filled steps.. we find out that day we are pregnant with our first child. #priceless

  106. First Eagles Playoff game: 1995
    Rodney Peete to Fred Barnett: 6
    Eagles Interceptions: 6
    Barry Sanders Rushing Yards: 40
    Final Score: 58-37
    Never missing a game since: Priceless

  107. my grandfather turning his hearing aid off anytime the Eagles were on. only way you could get his attention was if you stood in front of the tv. then he would start yelling down in front and shoo us away from the tv. i never understood what the big fuss was about when i was younger but i do now. RIP grandpop. wish i could watch a game with you now.

  108. My favorite eagles moment was easily when Brian Westbrook ran back the punt against the Giants to help us win the nfc east that year.

  109. The day I learned how to be a real Philly Sports Fan. It was 1989 at the Vet and I was 10 years old. There was a nice snow covering the night before and there was a bunch of snow and ice in the stadium. My uncle and I use to get into games back then by folding up a $20 under an old ticket and handing it to the guys at the gate. GOLDEN! Well, I was in AWE! It was my first Eagles game and it was Eagles vs Cowboys. We find seats, and I am laughing at how Cowboy fans are getting drilled by snowballs. I watched these two fans walk to their lower seats getting pelted and they were over the whole experience by the time they reach their seat and turned around and went back up to the 300 level. As I turned around to show my uncle, I noticed he was in the process of throwing snowballs at other Cowboy fans. He leaned down and said to me, “Chris. Get in there and start throwing but remember one thing, none of this gets back to your mother. Any actions or language is to be left at the stadium gates when we leave. This is stadium behavior only.” I was HOOKED FOR LIFE!!! 10 year old throwing snowballs at grown men and when confronted by a couple fans pissed that a little kid was doing this action, about 20 Eagle fans came to my defense.

  110. My priceless Eagles moment took place on December 28, 2008. It was the last Sunday of the NFL regular season and the Eagles needed a miracle to make to playoffs. On the Friday before the game I had to convince my best friend to buy tickets with me so I could go to my first Eagles game. Knowing that the chances of making the playoffs were slim, I was just hoping to see the Eagles end the season in style by defeating the Cowboys. During the tailgate, I was constantly checking scores on my phone needing Houston to beat Chicago and Oakland to beat Tampa Bay. Seeing that the scores were close we got excited and decided to go in the stadium. However, when we got in the Linc something unusual was going on. No one was in their seats. Every Eagle fan was packed in the concourse watching and pulling for the Texans and Raiders. When I watched the Raiders, 13 point underdogs, beat Tampa Bay I knew this would be a day I’d remember forever. Eagles fans going crazy in the concourse up until kickoff is something that will probably never happen again. It shaped up for an Eagles vs. Cowboys showdown with the playoffs on the line and couldn’t get any better! The rest is history as the Eagles crushed Dallas 44-6 and were heading to the playoffs. Experiencing my first ever Eagles game, watching the unthinkable happen, and beating Dallas to make the playoffs was certainly Priceless!

  111. The year is 2003 and the eagles are playing the packers in the divisional playoff game. Unfortunately, i had a middle school basketball playoff game in bethlehem, and had to leave for it at the end of the 3rd quarter. At the game, both teams are doing warm ups on the court, with the stands full and crowd awaiting tip off. But then a man comes out of a classroom near the gym and yells to everyone, “the eagles are driving down the field with 2 minutes left down by 3!” so next thing that happens is both teams including coaches, refs, and most of the crowd stampede out of the gym and cram into ONE small classroom with one tiny television from circa 1972. next thing we know its 4th and 26, season on the line. everyone is on top of each other, barely room to breath,stench of ball sweat in the air, enemies on the court united to watch our beloved eagles attempt to pull off the impossible. as the ball is about to be snapped, this classroom of about 200 people is dead fuckin silent. what happened next was the most exhilarating moment i had experienced up until that point in my life. freddie mitchell, snagging a pass slightly behind his back from donovan mcnabb, 1st down eagles.pandemonium. room went fuckin nuts. no one remembered we were supposed to be playing a semifinal playoff basketball game. all that mattered was we still had hope and that we had all just witnessed something epic. the game was delayed about another 30-45 min due to the fact the eagles had to win it in overtime. no one wanted to play, refs included, until we saw the outcome of the eagles game, which turned out to be a victory. i had never been more proud to be an eagles fan my whole life, standing in that high school classroom 60 miles away from where the game was being played, watching the game on an old school television surrounded by fellow rabid birds fans.
    and ya, we won the basketball game too

  112. My favorite Eagles moment is that awkward part of the game where Andy Reid calls a senseless timeout and the entire universe freezes, for just a mili-second, and you realize that, yes, yes, he really did just actually call a timeout. Priceless.
    On a more serious note: 4th and 26, Priceless.

  113. I’m going to keep this short and simple. I have only been to one eagles my entire life. It was New Years Day, the year the birds finished 6-10. Due to an insane amount of injuries, the starter qb was Mike McMahon, and the starting RB was Ryan Moats, yep. We lost that day to Washington redskins, the skins clinched a playoff berth that year. That was my only eagles game I have ever been too, and because tickets are so expensive, that’s probably goingto be the only one for a while. I just really don’t want that game to be my only eagles memory.

  114. So it was December 28th, 2008. A group of my friends decided to drive to the city to tailgate and see the game. It was a big game since we had not secured a playoff berth yet, and needed the texas and the raiders to win. This seemed almost impossible as we were listening to the games from the radio. We knew the eagles got a late christmas gift when both teams beat the Bears and Bucs. Got into the game and the eagles stuck one to the Cowboys beating them 44-6. This was not the only priceless part of the game. Eagles fans were so hyped up that they poured whatever was in their cups on a few cowboys fans that were still left in the stands. The cowboy fans were escorted out of the stadium. Priceless

  115. Late July 2003 – My Dad and I finally got a chance to go to Lehigh together for the first time. Walking up to the bleachers we ran into two people leaving who held sideline tickets, and they offered them to us as a nice gesture. My Dad and I were escorted around to the opposite side of the bleachers where we watched a full pads/full contact practice with what at the time was a bunch of WWF superstars. The speed of the game, and force of the hits was unbelievable, and my Dad and I talk about it at least 5 times every season, plus it was a great memory.

  116. Eagles v Giants: December 19, 2010 my 23rd/BEST birthday ever.
    I live in Ohio, a place where it’s near impossible to be an Eagles fan, surrounded by obnoxious Bengals and Browns fans. So, I planned a Sunday Funday birthday party at the Browns bar down my street (the only place that will put the Eagles games on for us since my dad is a friend of the owner) and invited all my friends and family.
    The day started off great, with good food, booze and company. However, it got progressively worse, as we watched the Eagles fall 24-3 at half. Instead of being angry and upset, we just drank more. As the 4th quarter progressed, I couldn’t tell if it was the car bombs creeping up on me or the Eagles on the Giants – which to my happiness, it was the latter! My attention was quickly recaptured by the television, along with everyone else in the back bar (which we ended up taking over, including some Browns fans because their game against the Bengals was so disappointing…BIG SURPRISE THERE) as we watched DeSean Jackson run back the punt for 65 yards.
    It was a PICTURE PERFECT MOMENT and quite frankly, the best birthday ever….until the day ended with drunken girls crying!
    PS: Although still located in good ‘ol Ohio, if I won these tickets, I’d book a flight on the spot!

  117. Wife surprised with Eagles/49ers Monday Night tickets in SF at Candlestick Nov 26, 2002. This was the game where Koy Detmer accounted for 3 TD’s while filling in for McNabb. Koy’s first start in years. 3rd Q, he breaks his elbow, and entire Eagles Team comes on to the field and pat him in a display of unity and love. Best thing I ever saw. That and the pissed off fan in our endzone section wearing a TO jersey miserable that the Eagles were rolling.

  118. Cost of Phillies tickets from my Dad for my mom and I: $1863
    Cost of beer for the tailgates: $923
    Returning the favor for my dad (The BIGGEST Birds fan ever): priceless
    My dad hasn’t seen a Birds game since the Vet. He says tickets are too expensive but doesn’t think twice about getting me and my mom Phillies tickets. We are going tonight and tickets for my dad to the Birds would be the best way for them to end their vacation that has been rained out.

  119. I became a fan in 1995 when I moved here, having never been to any pro football games before. The game that got me hooked: Giants/Eagles at the Vet, Eagles win 28-19.
    Since then, there have been too many great moments, many of which were already mentioned: the pickle juice onside kick, the scramble, 4th and 26, the frigid beatdown of the Bucs in 2000, besting Vick and the Falcons in 2004, the new miracle…
    The play I remember most was during the playoff game against the Saints in 2006. The game itself was obviously a letdown at the end, but my priceless moment is Sheldon Brown’s hit on Reggie Bush during the first series of the game.
    Reggie’s center of gravity barely moves as he is hit — his entire body swivels until he is completely parallel to the ground, and then he starts to fall. Brown leveled Bush in the truest sense of the word.
    If I need to get pumped for an Eagles game, all I need to do is watch this hit on a video loop.

  120. 2002 Divisional Round playoffs. Sub-zero wind chill. Eagles hosting the Atlanta Falcons whom had a young go-getter at QB. A kid named Mike Vick…. maybe you’ve heard of him. Well Vick slips through the line on his way into the enzone when out of nowhere Weapon X, our beloved BDawk crushed Vick to the cold hard Veterans Stadium turf, knocking the wind out of him. Vick was never the same after that hit and the Eagles go on to a dominating victory. Most electric Eagles crowd I have ever been a part of. One week later Joe Jurevicious is streaking past Levan Kirkland and Blane Bishop and I have never felt the same about the Eagles or Andy Reid since. Priceless!!!

  121. January 23, 2004 Obviously this is the moment many of us going to write about. But how can we not admit this remarkable day in Eagles history. My story goes something like this: Like most of the season, I watched the NFC Championship game at my (at the time) best friends house. I didn’t want to change the mojo or jinx us by not following tradition. When Chad Lewis caught the would be game sealing touchdown, everything at the friend’s house erupted. Everyone was hugging each other and singing “Fly Eagles Fly.” It was at that time that I realized I was potentially missing the greatest sports moment of my young life without the person that taught me everything about Eagles football. Within seconds of the touchdown, I ran as fast as I could home to enjoy the moment with my dad. All the while, I was joining in my entire neighborhood of Bridesburg in Eagles chants. A ten minute walk turned into a sprint of my life. I made it to my house before the commercial break ended. I wasn’t greeted as expected by my parents. Both of them asked me where the hell my jacket was. In my hast, I only had my Donovan Mcnabb jersey to shelter me from the 30 degree weather. Today (September 22) is my dad’s birthday. This would be a priceless gift to him.

  122. My “most priceless” Eagles moment was happened while I was watching the NFC championship game in January of 2005 with my grandfather. I credit him with making me the Philadelphia sports fan that I am today by taking ranting and raving about the Eagles during the Ray Rhodes era and taking me to Phillies games in the brutal yearso of the mid-nineties when the vet was barely half-full and they lost more than they won. We still never left games early. Anyway, my dad has season Eagles tickets and I begged him to take me to the championship game but my mom ended up winning that battle. Since he knew how bummed I was, my pop-pop decided to make watching the game at home special by decorating the house with Eagles banners and making all of my favorite munchie foods to eat while we watched. I wore the Westbrook jersey that my pop-pop bought me and I just remember how both of our excitement during the whole game made up for the fact that I wasn’t there in person. We jumped and screamed and when the game was over, even though it was late, he let me go outside and bang on a pot with a wooden spoon like it was new years eve or something. I’ll never forget that night and how ecstatic we were with the thought of possibly winning the Super Bowl. My pop-pop passed away a few years ago and every time there’s an amazing play or game I think of how I hope he’s watching. That’s my “priceless moment”.

  123. August 26, 2005 –Eagles vs. Bengals– It was my first Eagles game and my boyfriend at the time got the tickets as an early birthday present for me. Earlier that week I got my wisdom teeth removed and was on strong pain meds that made me very loopy. The game was on a Friday night and even though I was still in pain and looked like a chipmunk I agreed to go. During the ride to the stadium I became even more loopy and thought the cars around us were floating. Great. As we sat in our seats I could already hear people booing Owens. It was his first game back that season. The game started and Mcnabb threw to TO for a 64-yard touchdown pass on the first play. The BOOs stopped and everyone started cheering. It ended up being a great game from what I could remember as the effects of my pain meds wore off. Eagles beat the Bengals 27-17 and Mcnabb had 3 TDs. Even though it was only a preseason game I will always remember it.

  124. Lets just clarify, that backing in to the playoffs would imply that they did not play lights out baseball right up until the moment that games began not counting for anything anymore. I also am a bit worried that it is difficult just turn it back on, but they crushed the other playoff teams on the road right up until the point they were officially the best team in the NL East in 2011.

  125. 12/19/2010 Right after the Eagles Miracle at the Meadowland # 2, I messaged my friend who is a huge Giants fan. She proceeded to tell me she now hates everything from Philly and her hometown. She is so pissed and is so frustrated, that she just gets off the computer and doesn’t talk to anyone from her hometown (Philly suburbs). Did I mention she is married to DE # 91 for the NY Giants?

  126. Not proud of this. But my priceless Eagles moment came on the Thanksgiving game in either 2008 or 2009…can’t remember. But it was some of the coldest rain I’ve ever felt. I walked up to my seat way up atop the Linc to find a seat covered in blood, only to find out that some guy’s ass bled all over it and had to be taken to the hospital. My seat was under an overhang so I decided to get comfortable and take my poncho off, only to get disoriented and dizzy while the poncho was over my head that I fell on the kid sitting in front of me (There was some serious tailgating involved). I felt horrible, but no one was hurt and his dad even helped me up. The eagles destroyed someone that night…couldn’t tell you who, though.

  127. Priceless eagles moment is watching the 2004 NFC Title game in Iraq with a bunch of guys from Atlanta. When Hollis Thomas planted Vick, I let them know how I felt, hahaha. Funny what 7 years can do………..

  128. Dec 18 2010. Not because Desean Jackson returned a punt to beat the Giants and finish off an improbable comeback, not because Cliff Lee spurned NY just days earlier, not because the Flyers beat the Rangers that Saturday… No, because with my family and friends we gathered around the TV just a week before Christmas to do what we’ve done for years: watch the Eagles and celebrate Philadelphia sports. It’s not about just one moment or one game, rather it’s about the shared experience of being a Philly sports fan and being able to enjoy yet another incredible moment watching the team we love. This was extra special however. Desean Jackson for the third time in a week stuck it to New York. And that’s priceless.

  129. Monday Night game vs the Cowboys–the game that McNabb threw a Pick 6 directly to Roy Williams at the end of the 4th quarter. I saw a guy with a Roy Williams cowboys jersey carrying 2 beers trying to move across his row from his seat. Eagles fan behind him gives him a little holy water spray with his cup of beer. Cowboys fan puts his hands up to say, what the f man? Eagles fan proceeds to throw his entire beer directly in the guys face. Then took the cup and pegged it right off the guy’s nose. Eagles fan followed that up by punching him square in the face, spilling both of the cowboy fans beers. Security rushed up the steps, grabbed the Cowboys fan and immediately ejected him, assuming he was the troublemaker.

  130. Eagles Giants playoff game in the Meadowlands Jan 10th. I went with my girlfriend who happens to be a Giants fan, we stayed overnight and I went decked out in eagles everything, without any backup. Needless to say I took a lot of abuse that day. It was one of the coldest days of the year and the Eagles ended up pulling it out and the look on the faces of the every Giants fan exiting early was the most priceless Eagles moment I could have asked for.

  131. Sept 12 2010 was my first eagles game (I’ve been a fan since 4 years old never got to go!) & the completely drunk man sitting behind my row projectile vomited all over the lady next to me.. & then kolb got hurt. The game was looking bad my seats smelled horrible & everyone around me was mad. Vick came in and changed the team and changed my whole day around, everything got better. Even though the birds lost I had the best time watching Vick change our team. And if kolb never got hurt (and maybe if we never got puked on!) we never would have seen the miracle at the meadowlands!! Best time ever!

  132. Last season 2010 my twin brother and i were in washington DC for school wanting to get to at least on game for the year. We desperatly looked for tickets online and found a guy looking to sell his tickets for face value 6 rows from the back of the endzone. We got there and it was pouring rain but the EAGLES chants couldnt be louder. We sat down, but were immediatly brought to our feet when Vick threw a bomb to D.Jack for a TD in the first few seconds of the game. the Eagles went to win that game 59-28! Had the time of our lives, living in the moment. Priceless
    Tickets to the game – $100 @
    Metro Ticket to Fedex Field- $3.35
    Snacks @ the game: $20
    Living in the moment with my best friend and watching your team beat the division rival BADLY!- PRICELESS!

  133. September 6, 1992. The Eagles beat the Saints that day, 15-13, in the season opener. But the lasting memories I have of that day had nothing to do with any passes or tackles. That was the day that the Eagles retired Jerome Brown’s number, and the entire stadium wrapped its arms around the Eagles team, who had just lost their promising young star and friend a few months earlier. My priceless moment was the day that the Eagles brought it home for Jerome.

  134. Well, my priceless Eagles moment would be when I went to my second game last October vs the Redskins. Growing up, I watched football here and there. I was a cheerleader all through college, and yes that included cheering for football. I went to the game with a friend who loves football, and needless to say I made myself look like a total idiot when I asked him to explain “why was that a 1st down and not 4th?” Oh, that’s because I thought 1st down meant the player with possession of the ball was the 1st person tackled, 2nd down meant he was the 2nd person tackled.. hence first down, second down, etc. Probably my most embarrassing moment of my life!! At least now I understand football, so hopefully I can redeem myself one day.. but it may just be impossible to recover from that priceless moment.

  135. Eagles vs. Dallas – Double 4th down. The entire stadium is standing and waiting for this play. Everyone knows it is going to #22 Emmitt Smith. The Eagles stop him but the refs said there was no play. The Vet is going insane. Everyone cheering and pumping up. Teams line up and EVERYONE knows it is the same play. The silence is so that you can hear Troy Aikman’s cadence…the pads hitting…the stop…then a deafening roar. Friends hugging friends, strangers hugging strangers. A young kid as myself at the time being picked up and hugged and high-fived and passed around like I made the stop.

  136. December 1, 2010. Eagles vs. Texans in THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL! My buddy and I made a spur of the moment decision to head down to the game and try to scalp some tickets. It wasn’t too cold, just cold enough to remind you that it’s winter. Nothing a few layers and few beers couldn’t fix.
    We got down there, set up our tailgate, enjoyed some beers and went looking for a scalper. 2 tickets upper level, $150 a piece. 2 tickets Pepsi zone, $130 a piece. 2 tickets lower level $250 a piece. We couldn’t believe what the tickets were going for for a Thursday night game.
    Dejected and with only 30 minutes til game time, we headed back to the car thinking we’d pack it up and head to McFaddens or another bar to watch the game when we were approached by someone who to quote The Hangover looked like “a real straight shooter”. He offered us HIS season tickets 8 rows off the field, 50 yard line for $50 a pop. I was 100% sure they were fake. My buddy said screw it and bought them. We headed to the gate, sure we were getting turned away and BOOM. We were in. They were real.
    The view however was UNreal. Seeing Mike Vick go to work from that close is an experience I won’t ever forget. AND to top it off, the guy in front of us kept making the dumbest bets with us (winner gets a beer) and he ended up having to buy us about 7 beers each.
    The Eagles won. We had unbelievable seats. We paid about $200 total less than face value. It was a spur of the moment decision. AND we had to “sleep it off” in car in the Linc. parking lot until about 4am. An absolutely priceless experience.

  137. My Priceless Eagles experience was the 2005 NFC Championship game against the Falcons. I went with my dad, uncle, and cousin, all of whom would go on road trips for Flyers games and maybe even catch an Eagles game. However, this time I was a part of the gang. It was an extremely cold afternoon/evening but we scored tickets and went down praying that this would be the year the Eagles advanced to the Super Bowl. We saw Mike Vick attempting to push his Falcons past us in our own building. Little did we know that our worst enemy on that day would be our biggest asset today. I remember vividly, Brian Dawkins destroying Alge Crumpler on a pass over the middle, helping the Eagles become the NFC Champs.
    All in all, a great win for the city, the team, and truly a day that I felt elevated me from being a kid to becoming one of the guys.

  138. I’d have to say ’09 playoffs when we beat the giants in the meadowlands to go to the NFC championship game. I was in the 300 level for that game and nothing was cooler then listening to the fly eagles fly chants when the giants fans were clearing out an all that was left wa eagles fans. And B Dawk crying when sal pal interviewed him..but it was too good to be true the next week when Akers came up short and the always reliable(joke) Kevin Curtis dropped it on the last drive..and of course clock management.

  139. New Year’s Eve 2001
    Eagles 21 Buccaneers 3
    4 O’Clock game, New Year’s Eve, about 20 degrees at kickoff. It was the first game I had ever been to in person, and the first playoff win in the Reid/McNabb era.
    McNabb ran in a TD at one point, and the defense absolutely DOMINATED. I watched with binoculars as Shaun King stood in the shotgun, and to this day I swear you could see the panic in his eyes. The line had been getting to him all day, and this snap was no different. Hugh Douglas came off the end and blind-sided King, forcing a fumble and basically ending the game.
    All that was left to do was taunt the Bucs fans sitting next to us and then go celebrate.

  140. I was a 20 year old broke college kid that had never been to an Eagles game in August of 2001 when my buddy called me and said his dad scored some free tickets to the preseason game against the Ravens. It was a preseason game, but it was still my first game and I was PUMPED. I waited all week, bought a new Eagles shirt and hat and headed down to the stadium. Gametime comes and goes and nothing happens. No players, no coaches, and the Ravens staff is pulling their equipment off the field. Dan Baker comes on and announces that douche bag Brian Billick didn’t like the turf. Game canceled. Been to 2 games at the Linc since, but as a result never saw football at the Vet and definitely not as a broke college kid all jacked up for a preseason game. Screw Brian Billick.

  141. Season opener 2004 – T.O. Debut
    My dad got tickets for my two brothers and I. Best seats I ever had up to that point. Perfect weather, electric atmosphere. And when those jets flew overhead after the National Anthem… wow.

  142. I attended my first Eagles game on December 30, 2001 — four days after having a broken bone removed from the arch of my foot.
    The tickets were purchased back in August, knowing full-well that this could be a meaningless game. But it wasn’t – the Eagles had a chance to clinch their first NFC East title since 1988, and I was scheduled for surgery the day after Christmas. I had a partial removal of the right navicular, aka. the bone in your foot that bumps out above your arch, and I was to be in a hard cast for a month. The surgery went very well, and my doctor gave me permission to attend. My hard cast extended up to my knee, and under no circumstances was I supposed to get it wet. So keeping that in mind and knowing how much beer there would be if we won, I covered my cast in my waterproof shower bootie, and with my dad and brother, crutched the entire way from the parking lot to our seats in the 600 level.
    That night we got to watch the Eagles beat the New York Giants to clinch the NFC East. The game went down to the very last play, time expired, on a throw from Kerry Collins to Tiki Barber who then in turn lateraled it to Ron Dixon. Dixon ran it all the way down to the Eagles’ 6 yard line before getting tackled. In that moment, the entire stadium took a collective breathe. It almost felt like someone paused the DVR and the entire place was frozen. Then suddenly, the Vet exploded. I was so happy and so excited, I almost forgot about my surgery. People were yelling and hugging, and I was there hopping on one foot so happy to have made it. (Thanks Dr. R!)

  143. That’s an easy one. that would be the last eagles game I went to. October of ’98. I was stationed out in Colorado and a friend from back home bought me 4 tickets for when my beloved Eagles came to Denver. This was the year after the Broncos won their title in 97 and were well on their way to their second consecutive title.
    None of my other Army buds who i brought where from football towns, so they all, to my surprise became eagles fans for the day. Even though the birds came in at 0-4, we cheered and cheered. We watched bubby brister crush out hopes while bobby hoying could never get it going.
    I made life long friends that day. the 4 of us still play fantasy football together.
    That was the last game that I’ve been to, but now that Im back in Chester County, I’m hoping to be able to go to at least one a year.

  144. Training Camp 1990 in West Chester. I was 8 years old and I remember Jim McMahon rode his red crotch rocket motorcycle from the practice field to inside the locker room. He didn’t stop to give autographs but he did slow down to weave the bike through the crowd of people.
    On the same day, Cris Carter was walking up the giant hill from the fields to the locker room. In 1990 he was cut after the preseason for being a drug addict. I asked him for an autograph as he approached and he touched my shoulder and pushed me to the side so he could pass. He said, “No time, kid.” And walked passed me.
    Jeff Feagles was the one Eagle that stopped and gave me an autograph.

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