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This week, the incredibly generous folks from MasterCard are kicking in the prize: Two (2) club level tickets to this Sunday’s Eagles-Giants game, complete parking pass. 


Panic: Not. Just. Yet. But they’re backing into the playoffs in a way eerily reminiscent of the 2011 Flyers.

Name drop: Doc all the way. Cliff’s mention in Meek Mill’s latest freestyle is cool and all, but it can’t hold a candle to Game’s:

Money like Madoff

Killin’ like Adolph

Roy Halladay, I’ll let a f&*^ K off

Better: I gotta go Fake Vince Young. Not only has he successfully turned the existence of a current third-string quarterback into a profitable venture, but he’s also getting women and men alike to believe his ruse in bars and nightclubs. Brilliant. Vince Young? Eh.

Crossing Broads: Ms. CB isn’t going to like this one- she hates the fact that I think Lea Michele looks like Ms. CB. Lea wins, but Sofia is coming on real strong lately. Her agent got her that brilliant deal with Comcast, which just features her walking around doing sexy things and talking dirty. Still, Lea wins… ya know, because she looks like Ms. CB.

Crossing Bros: Purely by their taste in women, I go Mayberry and his mermaid-loving habits.

What do you watch: Phils. Stop it.


Win Eagles tickets: This week, our Drinker’s challenge offers you an incredible prize thanks to the fine folks at MasterCard:

Tell us your Priceless Philadelphia Eagles moment, and you can win tickets to this weekend’s game courtesy of MasterCard. Be there in person as the Eagles take on the New York Giants at Lincoln Financial Field this Sunday at 1 p.m.


All you have to do is leave your Priceless Eagles moment in the comments and you’re entered to win two tickets to this Sunday’s Eagles game against the Giants. Best one wins. Must enter by 3 PM today! The tickets are in the club level and include a VIP parking pass. Be sure to leave your email address in the email address field and use your real name when commenting.

UPDATE: The contest has ended.