Your Monday Morning Roundup: Disaster Edition

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Good morning, everyone! Beautiful day for Game 2 of the NLCS.

I’m sorry, I’m trying. As noted yesterday, I’m onto the dark humor stage of grieving. 

If last Monday was a day filled with frustration and anger over the Eagles’ fourth quarter collapse and Cliff Lee pissing away a 4-0 lead, then today has to be just quiet sadness. No life remains. The Phillies’ season could not have ended in a more horrific fashion- Ryan Howard, for the second year in a row, made the final out. This time, instead of standing there and watching the season spin by him and into Buster Posey's glove, he went down swinging. Unfortunately, he put up such a fight (?) that he tore his Achilles tendon and will need major offseason surgery. In a cruel twist of fate and timing, Howard’s $125 million contract began at almost the exact moment of when his Achilles ripped apart and sent the big man flailing to the ground like somebody tripped Big Bird.

It’s not a sunny day today.

The Eagles? They’re done, too. Andy Reid has become a caricature of himself. While yesterday’s loss can hardly be blamed on him – rather, turnovers – he still fulfilled his two embarrassment quota by starting the second half with a botched onsides kick and then almost walking out of his post-game press conference because questions weren’t hurled his way in a timely fashion. Here’s the ironic part: Reid complained to the media about them not being ready to ask questions… I’d imagine that’s what his quarterback feels like during a two-minute drill while waiting for some sort of cue from the Fat Man. It takes real balls to complain about others not being able to think on their feet. He should be fired. And if you need a few additional reasons as to why, read Adam Reigner’s plea, which was written before the Eagles dropped a deuce on the field in Buffalo.

Just two months ago, the Phillies and Eagles were the talk of the sports world. The Phillies strengthened their lineup by trading for Hunter Pence and the Eagles signed a myriad playmakers. Unfortunately, the rest of the Phillies can’t hit and the Eagles setup their investments for failure by drafting a fireman to protect their $100 million quarterback, not having even an average linebacker, and employing an offensive line coach as their defensive coordinator. You actually can’t make this stuff up.

So, Flyers, we turn our attention to you. A shutout win on Saturday night, the club’s first since April, 2010… the month the Phillies began their first of two consecutive seasons with the best record in baseball without a World Series appearance to show for it. Disgusting.


A couple of quick notes:

– We were scheduled to host a quizzo this Thursday at Drinker’s Tavern, but the planned Phillies game had thrown a wrench into that. We will have something going on, perhaps a quizzo, stay tuned for details.

– Our friends from Philly Phaithful are here to help you usher in the Flyers’ season (or hop on the bandwagon). They unleashed their line of all-new Flyers t-shirts, which include Pittsburgh-hating Jagr, Bryzgalov, Kimo Timo beer, and Broad Street Broad for you ladies. Get them all right here.

– BC Sports is selling game-worn jerseys from the Phillies’ 2011 campaign…. did you hear they had the best record in Major League Baseball? All jokes aside, they’re worth checking out, it was a memorable season. Right here.


The roundup:

– Shane Victorino and Jimmy Rollins had nice weekends. How about you?

Screen Shot 2011-10-10 at 9.56.04 AM
Screen Shot 2011-10-10 at 9.56.04 AM

– Casey Anthony rocks a Phillies hat.

– Jason Babin had eight shotguns stolen.

– I know you hate hearing about Mike Richards and Jeff Carter, but TSN has a fascinating interview with Richie in which he says that both he and Carter were promised – with handshake – that they would not be traded. 

– Bill Lyon, legend, on an awful weekend in Philly.

– Peter King on the kind of play that ruins seasons.

– Our friend Rudy Mezzy could not have put it much better:

Screen Shot 2011-10-10 at 9.50.49 AM

– The Eagles talk about Juqua Parker’s boner.

– Here’s a pretty ridiculous NHL 12 glitch.

– Jayson Werth refused to perform pre-game drills for the Nationals.

– Wayne Simmonds beat the piss out of David Clarkson.

– Vance Worley went out for an Italian dinner last night. He wasn’t recognized… but the Phillies’ batting practice pitcher was.

Screen Shot 2011-10-10 at 9.57.01 AM

– Nyjer Morgan drops an F-bomb on TBS. Also, boobs.

– Finally, you probably want to “like” the Fire Andy Reid Facebook page.

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32 Responses

  1. C’mon Kyle – don’t forget the 1st place Union – time for the bandwagon fans to follow the “now” current hot team in Philly gearing up for the Playoffs!
    I want to see a Morning Wood next Sunday or Monday covering this Saturday’s regular season home finale vs. Toronto! It’s already a complete sell-out.
    A win, and in the playoffs in just Year 2.

  2. Saw a pretty good quote this morning. Not sure who first said it. Possibly the best one of this sports season:
    “If you’re going to cheer for the Flyers because they’re our last hope, don’t.”

  3. i don’t know why i expected anything different from game 5, or from the eagles this weekend.
    what a joke. the phillies looked like a last place team at the plate during 95% of the series. eagles look like a first week of preseason nfl team.

  4. i would just like to say that not all girls are insensitive to sports and don’t understand what it’s like. the phillies broke my heart too. 🙁

  5. The idiots saying thanks for a great season are fucking clueless. Brewers raked the shit out of Garcia but the phils made him look like the mexican Greg Maddux

  6. Reid almost walking out of press conference because it took reporters took long to get the questions, takes a lot of balls coming from a guy who has been chronically late getting called in on time during his career.

  7. I’m trying to figure this out. I’m trying to figure out what we did as fans to deserve this deuce-to-the-face from the sports gods. Did we take too much joy in stealing Cliff from the grips of the Evil Empire? Did we laugh too much when the Red Sox and Braves failed so miserably? Was every Eagles fan TOO convinced that this was THE Super Bowl year, that the gods had to put a stop to that quickly and painfully? Was it that time (we all had this moment) in either June or August, when we saw Cliff mowing down batter after batter, and thinking “This will be our SECOND starter in the playoffs?!” and how we would be invincible?
    Or was it that a backup quarterback labeled his team the Dream Team? Was it Ed Wade inexplicably contributing another high talent piece to his former team? Could it be the teams got too cocky, and the fans just got caught in the middle of the gods coming down on the teams?
    Or is it just horrible, horrible coincidence that a great baseball team ran into a hot baseball team and was beaten, like we see time and time again, and a team of high-priced talent, with huge holes between, who didn’t have any offseason workouts to jell, and that all that exposes the head coach for the fraud he is? Could it be that just happens to happen to this town, all in one weekend?
    I sure hope the tri-state area gun shops stop sales completely for the next two weeks. Because there could be many, many fans lined up to make their final life purchase.

  8. anyone else, reluctantly, think charlie needs to go? he didn’t manage the team at all during the series. Polanco should have been benched in favor of Valdez before game 4. The only reason you keep Ruiz in the lineup is for his chemistry with the pitchers… but there was no reason for Polanco to be in.
    I would fire the entire coaching staff, bring back Francona before he gets picked up!

  9. Actually, I’m less miffed about the Phillies losing earlier than later in the NCLS or WS (like 2009 & 2010); it turns out a lot of the team were banged up: HP3 has a hernia like Polly that too may need operating on; Hamels has “floating bodies” in his arm that need to be taken out. I think there are a couple more but it’s not in me head now. And I’m assuming that Howard’s achillies is the same foot of his nagging heel? If so, could that earlier issue where he was getting cortizone shots be the early stages of his tending coming apart. Then that was a tragic miss diagnosis by the medical staff—heads should roll.
    And Cholly should have reworked the order with Pence after Howard. I knew he wasn’t going to unless he lost 2 in a row (before an elimination game). Perhaps with the hurting he should have tried Valdez/Martinez as a starter (for Polanco and gasp, even Howard) I’m not sure it’s time for Chuck to go… maybe. 50/50 right now.
    I’m still dejected, but look at it this way, Laddie. you were 25 when they won in 2008. I had to wait shyteload longer for them to win back in ’80, so I’m used to waiting a long time and can hope for the years to come, even though it looks like a long shot unless RAJ makes some slick moves.
    Right now I’m fitting right into Flyers mode and am keeping my fingers crossed that theire 2-0 record means a good season to come.

  10. I put everything on Andy Reid, including some of those turnovers. The interception on the tipped sreen for example. Why can’t they just run a damn screen play? Why does it have to be a triple playaction screen? He doesn’t understand the word simplify.
    Not to mention, isn’t Reid more or less the Eagles GM? I mean Roseman is just a puppet for Reid…so Reid can be blamed for the lack of linebackers, offensive linemen, and for Castillo being our defensive coordinator.
    The Eagles make me sick. The Phillies choked against a decent St. Louis team and it sucks but they at least were respectable. This current Eagles team is uninspired, lacks discipline, ignores the fundamentals of the game, and clearly just doesn’t believe in Andy’s scheme anymore.
    Jon Gruden 2012, FTW

  11. Juan Castillo’s face on the sideline when the Bills lined up in the wildcat in the red zone said it all. “Wait. What? They can do that? What is that? Oh no (sad face).”

  12. I feel like we got dropped back in Loserville this weekend.
    No matter what the Phils do next regular season (162-0)- we cannot get excited until they prove they can step it up in October.
    The Eagles spent tens of millions to upgrade their defense and they are worse. (Should have invested a little in a real coordinator).
    Flyers ? – Cut me a break – there’s no reason what-so-ever to expect 36 years of playoff exits to change.
    Dunkball ? – who cares.

  13. Not sure why anyone has to provide much of an argument to get Reid outta town. This move is about three years over due. What’s with all the band wagon mentality these days? The current record? Well, had they handled the problem years ago, they most probably would be in better shape today.

  14. I don’t think anything pissed me off more this weekend then to see those tweets. As a matter of fact, I decided not to go to work today in honor of the phillies

  15. Seriously – those tweets say it all. That burning desire to win just wasn’t and isn’t there for this team. Maybe once you win it, you just don’t have that same drive.
    This Phillies team is gonna look a lot different next year.
    Let’s go Flyers – your town now.

  16. Hey, at least the Flyers have addressed the situation which led to no Cups for 36 years- they got a goaltender! If they play defense like they can, and if they get enough goals (it looks as if Giroux-JVR-Jagr could provide all the goals they need), they could go places. Definitely worth watching.
    It’s very early, but I must say, I was one of the ones who hated trading Richards. We’ve seem good teams for stretches before, but the offseason moves may well put the team over the top. If that happens, I’ll be the first to admit I was wrong.
    One thing for sure, it will be an exciting team. Tune in for sure.

  17. Kyle, since you hate SABR and WAR so much, how do you value Ryan Howard’s .105 BA in the NLDS? Also, how much value of his $25MM/year contract is derived from the awful approach he takes at the plate? I’m taking you to task on this because of how ridiculous you have been on the subject.
    All I can hope is that the Phillies got insurance for Ryan Howard’s contract.

  18. Didn’t even buy my first gallon of apple cider and my baseball AND football seasons are over? Atleas the birds did it quickly, the phils tortured us.

  19. If Ryan Howard had smoked that ball out of the park to tie it, then ruptured his Achilles out of the box, he would be a hero right now even if the rest of them stayed true to Game 5 form and coughed it up in extras.
    Lay off him. Chase Utley and Hunter Pence made the first two outs before he stepped in the box. Ryan Howard made four outs, not twenty-seven. In two games, he compiled more RBI than the entire bottom of the order in five games combined.

  20. Roy did his job on Friday and pitched like he meant it, pitched like a champion, got into a little trouble and out of a little trouble over and over, stayed the course, gave it his all. And not one millionaire on the offense who is paid to hit a baseball – I repeat, paid to hit a baseball! – could manage a run for him. Not one? It was embarrassing.
    The energy in CBP with Roy walking Pujols toward the end (was that the 8th?) to load the bases with Berkman up and only one out (I think? I’m still dazed) and getting out of that shiz with 45,000 people screaming our throats raw and whipping rally towels like little white cyclones above our heads was magnetic. Even though I had been weighed down with dread since the third inning when I saw no one was going to hit, I thought to myself, “They all just saw that, too, right? They see Roy doing it, don’t they? We got this, here we go…”
    And then emptiness. An usher had to tell my friend and I that it was time to leave our seats and go home. We sat there staring out onto a field that three hours earlier looked all dressed up and ready for a night on the town but now was angry-drunk, desperate, and filthy.
    C’est la vie, I suppose. I’ll be back out there in April, but right now? It’s a little too soon to be reading the Tweets about playing with dogs or hitting the links.
    I’m still sad. Shouldn’t they be, too?

  21. God has a seriously warped sense of humor is Nyjer Morgan is playing for a shot at the World Series and the Phillies aren’t.

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