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Good morning, everyone! Beautiful day for Game 2 of the NLCS.

I’m sorry, I’m trying. As noted yesterday, I’m onto the dark humor stage of grieving. 

If last Monday was a day filled with frustration and anger over the Eagles’ fourth quarter collapse and Cliff Lee pissing away a 4-0 lead, then today has to be just quiet sadness. No life remains. The Phillies’ season could not have ended in a more horrific fashion- Ryan Howard, for the second year in a row, made the final out. This time, instead of standing there and watching the season spin by him and into Buster Posey's glove, he went down swinging. Unfortunately, he put up such a fight (?) that he tore his Achilles tendon and will need major offseason surgery. In a cruel twist of fate and timing, Howard’s $125 million contract began at almost the exact moment of when his Achilles ripped apart and sent the big man flailing to the ground like somebody tripped Big Bird.

It’s not a sunny day today.

The Eagles? They’re done, too. Andy Reid has become a caricature of himself. While yesterday’s loss can hardly be blamed on him – rather, turnovers – he still fulfilled his two embarrassment quota by starting the second half with a botched onsides kick and then almost walking out of his post-game press conference because questions weren’t hurled his way in a timely fashion. Here’s the ironic part: Reid complained to the media about them not being ready to ask questions… I’d imagine that’s what his quarterback feels like during a two-minute drill while waiting for some sort of cue from the Fat Man. It takes real balls to complain about others not being able to think on their feet. He should be fired. And if you need a few additional reasons as to why, read Adam Reigner’s plea, which was written before the Eagles dropped a deuce on the field in Buffalo.

Just two months ago, the Phillies and Eagles were the talk of the sports world. The Phillies strengthened their lineup by trading for Hunter Pence and the Eagles signed a myriad playmakers. Unfortunately, the rest of the Phillies can’t hit and the Eagles setup their investments for failure by drafting a fireman to protect their $100 million quarterback, not having even an average linebacker, and employing an offensive line coach as their defensive coordinator. You actually can’t make this stuff up.

So, Flyers, we turn our attention to you. A shutout win on Saturday night, the club’s first since April, 2010… the month the Phillies began their first of two consecutive seasons with the best record in baseball without a World Series appearance to show for it. Disgusting.


A couple of quick notes:

– We were scheduled to host a quizzo this Thursday at Drinker’s Tavern, but the planned Phillies game had thrown a wrench into that. We will have something going on, perhaps a quizzo, stay tuned for details.

– Our friends from Philly Phaithful are here to help you usher in the Flyers’ season (or hop on the bandwagon). They unleashed their line of all-new Flyers t-shirts, which include Pittsburgh-hating Jagr, Bryzgalov, Kimo Timo beer, and Broad Street Broad for you ladies. Get them all right here.

– BC Sports is selling game-worn jerseys from the Phillies’ 2011 campaign…. did you hear they had the best record in Major League Baseball? All jokes aside, they’re worth checking out, it was a memorable season. Right here.


The roundup:

– Shane Victorino and Jimmy Rollins had nice weekends. How about you?

Screen Shot 2011-10-10 at 9.56.04 AM
Screen Shot 2011-10-10 at 9.56.04 AM

– Casey Anthony rocks a Phillies hat.

– Jason Babin had eight shotguns stolen.

– I know you hate hearing about Mike Richards and Jeff Carter, but TSN has a fascinating interview with Richie in which he says that both he and Carter were promised – with handshake – that they would not be traded. 

– Bill Lyon, legend, on an awful weekend in Philly.

– Peter King on the kind of play that ruins seasons.

– Our friend Rudy Mezzy could not have put it much better:

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– The Eagles talk about Juqua Parker’s boner.

– Here’s a pretty ridiculous NHL 12 glitch.

– Jayson Werth refused to perform pre-game drills for the Nationals.

– Wayne Simmonds beat the piss out of David Clarkson.

– Vance Worley went out for an Italian dinner last night. He wasn’t recognized… but the Phillies’ batting practice pitcher was.

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– Nyjer Morgan drops an F-bomb on TBS. Also, boobs.

– Finally, you probably want to “like” the Fire Andy Reid Facebook page.