Goodbye, John Bolaris… You Are Free To Recount Your Sordid Tales on CB

Screen Shot 2012-01-10 at 5.38.13 PM(Photo via @_d_m_c on Twitter)

John Bolaris is not sports. He has nothing to do with sports, in fact. But we still write about him. Why? Because whether he’s hitting Lauren Hart’s high note (sweet HOOOOOME), getting roofied by Latvian chicks in Florida, playing with monkeys on Preston and Steve, drawing weather penises, Twitter fighting with Howard Eskin, or borderline sexually harassing anchors, John does things that we appreciate… or laugh at. 

Anyway, he got fired parted ways with FOX today. 

More, from Dan Gross of

The Fox 29 meteorologist had been suspended since Dec. 22 but this afternoon a Fox spokeswoman confirmed that, “We mutually agreed that it was time to part ways.” She declined further comment on the parting.


Last month, J-Bo was suspended by FOX Philly, mostly because of an interview he gave to Playboy in which he said that the reason he went with the Latvian women who roofied him in Florida was because “I’m a guy. There was the thought I might get laid"… oh, and the nude cell phone photos he shared with the magazine (no pic at that link).

So we make a sad. Not because Bolaris won’t be telling us the weather (we have the Internet for that), but because it seems like he has a ton of great stories that he’s just itching to share…

– lightbulb –

… And since there are few, if any, local media outlets that wouldn’t censor the Jesus fuck out of them, and because we’re the most read independent local website (unofficial, but I’d say it’s a safe bet), here’s the Bo Signal: We want John Bolaris to tell his stories, about anyone or anything, here on Crossing Broad

His words, his tales, his photos… whatever. Whatever you want, John. crossingbroad [at] yahoo [dot] com– attn: J-Bo Knows

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24 Responses

  1. Get another job reading the weather off of the internet in another high profile market filled with damp milfs, or completely torpedo your career by spilling sordid tales on a sports blog.
    We all have tough choices to make.

  2. John Bolaris is an asshat. Who the hell cares what he does or doesn’t do, hopefully he just goes away.

  3. What is it with this guy? I’ve met him a few times at Phils games and he’s always so nice and friendly, and actually quite funny. I guess he’s just a semi-good guy who makes really shitty decisions. Get him on here Kyle!!! I’d love to read the “Bolaris Chronicles” to go along with the new “Shit Malik Says”, which is epic if I may say so.

  4. John was in my shed once. Great man cave. I’m
    Having my 14th straight superbowl party this year.
    RIP Joey Gushue.

  5. This dirty dog is lower that the curs that roam the dark alleys of this god forsaken city. Sure put him on this pitiful sports BLOG, as he is as just as lowly as the money grubbing enterprises of the NFL, NHL, and MLB. Just a poor plastic suit trying to get an extra buck because of his NAME. Not even the cheerleaders will shed a tear when sports all goes straight to hell. And no one in Philadelphia county stays awake tonight for this sticky rummy.

  6. He got fired for telling the truth?
    No wonder FOX29 news is watched by no one.
    I’d still fuck Bolaris over Jenaphyr Frederick, Kathy Orr or Claudia Gomez.
    Get something worth looking at and maybe we’ll tune in.
    By the way, Thomas Drayton is deeper in the closet than my Elian Gonzalez.

  7. He sucked as a weather reporter and a moral person. What ever his forecast was I expected the oppsite and thats how I gauged the weather.

  8. Dude was eyeing up my girl Kelly at Jack’s Place in Avalon this past summer so I jacked his ass up with a right cross upside his pretty face. Punkass!

  9. What in the world is wrong with living your life like John Bolaris? He’s a man-about-town who gets lots of quality poontang. I’d like to hang out with the guy, both to listen to ‘the stories’ of the phoney-balonies in the local news world [and find out which female news workers to hit on, ‘Hello Erica Von Kiss Me!] and to get some of his chick leftovers. While he may seem a lightweight and ‘only’ a weatherman and not a ‘real’ journalist like that dick Mike Jerrick, who cares? As long as nobody gets hurt and we, his followers, increase our chances of getting laid, So What? Guys that say different are just jealous. Best of Luck, John, see you out & about!

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