Your Monday Morning Roundup

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What did you do this weekend?

Tim Tebow couldn’t connect with Jesus. Aaron Rodgers discount double choked (©The Internet). Andy Reid led his men into battle in the second round of the NFL playoffs chilled at home in California with Shady McCoy and others and most likely watched some NFL football and Man v. Food. Also, sandals.

What did I do? Well, other than watching Ricky Gervais land somewhere between funny and not at the Golden Globes, I had a nice meal at the Il Cantuccio in North Liberties. Both that restaurant and its sister, La Locanda in Old City, come highly recommended by this blogger (full disclosure: not an ad). If you’re looking for authentic Italian food, made by Italians, in a restaurant that feels like an Italian kitchen, either is a must-experience. Both are BYOBs, cash-only, and typical American pleasantries don’t alway exist in such authentic environments– but that's all part of the experience (don’t put cheese on your fish). 

That's your weekly food tip. Let’s hit it.


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The roundup:

– Epic. Lacrosse. Fight.

– Joe Paterno spoke with The Washington Post, said very little.


Another Fat Scott Paterno update.

– Phil Sheridan writes about the Eagles being limited by their in-house approach.

– Jim Salisbury on Phillies' arbitration process.

Results of our weekly CB Six Pack, in graph form! It’s worth noting that put up a poll on Saturday and, as of writing this, received fewer votes than our Six Pack did last Wednesday.We continue to kick everybody’s ass. 

– An interesting article about our friends over at, a must-read for all you Penn State folks.

– Finally, in very sad news, our partners,, have shutdown. I may have more on it later, but Philly sports lost its best kept secret on Friday, and we wish everyone involved (John Miller, Dave Isaac, Tim McManus, Ryan Bright, Jim McCormick and others) the very best.


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  1. Phillysportsdaily best kept secret….Was that the problem? I mean I forget how I stumbled upon them and was like, Wow! How long has this great website been available and no poof they are gone. Guess I need to go back to work so I wont miss it so much.

  2. Well, after watching the G-Men take Green Bay apart, I popped the Blu-Ray version of Jurassic Park in my PS3 and enjoyed that on my 55 inch HDTV with some Barbecue Chicken Hot Pockets and a tall glass of grape Kool-Aid. Mmmmm! Life is good!

  3. Which one of these is not like the other.
    And R.I.P. PSD
    I now am left scrambling for a leadoff hitter in my morning internet line-up.
    This is sad day.

  4. Yo, FuckedUpFlashInThePan (what yer old lady calls you, no doubt), Did you ever say anything funny and have people laugh at it? Until you get over yer OCD comments (as you and as Ron Noel), just STFU because your the densest wankerer on this blog and nobody cares what you have to say, ya fartknocker.
    Anyways, that Sallisbury article on Phillies arbittration says that they’re having trouble getting Hamels to commit to more than a 1 yr deal. I wonder if he’s trying to minimize his time in the hopes he can go West, especially with the Padres…

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