Your Monday Morning Roundup: Comprehensive Both Ends of the Spectrum Edition

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Good morning, Philadelphia and its surrounding suburbs. Joe Paterno news notwithstanding (more on his passing below), yesterday was an incredible day of sports. For those of you who enjoy soccer, the morning brought two big-time English Premier League matches, one between Manchester City and Tottenham (my squad), and the other, Manchester United and Arsenal. The latter, on FOX, was the first live EPL game to ever be broadcast on one of the four major US networks, and it wasn’t a coincidence that it happened on a Conference Championship Sunday– the second occasion will be just seven hours before the Super Bowl next month. FOX is trying to sell you soccer whether you like it or not.

So that was the morning. Then there was the simultaneous excellence that was the Flyers-Bruins and Ravens-Patriots. The first period of the Flyers game was the sort of hockey Ed Snider loves: hard hits, lots of fights, and mediocre defense and goaltending. The rest of the game included a natural hat trick from Scott Hartnell, two comebacks by the Flyers, more mediocre defense and goaltending, and the always fun end the period early because we have to clean up hats from the ice routine. The game finished just in time for you to watch Billy Cundiff begin a long, downhill spiral which will eventually land him at Shady Acres, and most likely end with him having breatseseses and working as a detective in South Florida. Maybe.*

Then there was the Giants…

Thanks, Andy. 

*Just to bring that Jim Carrey-Ace Ventura reference full-circle: Carrey’s daughter was a contestant on last night's American Idol, which FOX is also trying to sell to football fans (it wasn’t an accident that they opened the show on an aircraft carrier with a half-naked jugfest and a 26-year-old MILF with pipes… and a good singing voice).  Jane Carrey could actually sing, too, but what I want to know is how organic her audition was. Like, there’s no way daddy did hook that up for her, right? This whole thing has the feel of a gigantic, two-way PR stunt. Plus, Jane was cast as a “waitress from Los Angeles,” a waitress whose dad is a multi-millionaire, talented actor and one hell of a model American. Your Ace Ventura reference is now complete.

Let’s hit it.


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The roundup

– The Sixers lost to the Heat on Saturday, but after Friday’s game, Doug Collins got all Zen again. And we like it.

– Sebastien Le Toux watched Bolton-Chelsea match.

Video of Brayden Schenn becoming a man.

– I may have mashed up Scott Hartnell’s second goal from yesterday with Russ Tyler’s Knuckle Puck from D2: The Mighty Ducks.

– The Flyers are the worst team in the National Hockey League in shootouts.

– David Beckham is wearing a Phillies hat again.

– Busted Coverage put together a gallery of Julie Dorenbos pictures, which, as is often the case with Julie Dorenbos pictures, are worth viewing.

– Ravens fan absolutely loses his shit over Billy Cundiff.

– This, which I don’t think was a joke:

Screen Shot 2012-01-23 at 9.12.20 AM

– Jaromir Jagr wants to give Scott Hartnell’s dad a contract.

– Penn State student newspaper’s coverage of Joe Paterno’s death.

– Jerry Sandusky issued a statement on Paterno’s passing.

– Bill Lyon, legend, weighs in on Paterno, the man he knew so well.

Finally, here's a hard-to-watch slideshow of Joe Paterno remembered through student pictures. Watch it after the jump.


Video is via The School Philly, who has continuing coverage of the Penn State student reaction to Joe Pa’s death.


18 Responses

  1. worst day ever in sports. started with van persie missing an open net, then having arshavin come in and secure the loss. then the flyers lost in a shootout after a great game. cundiff went out and lost his job, which i think the ravens could have won in overtime. then the 49ers must have been taking play calls from andy reid, because their decisions at the end of the game were just dumb. then, the giants made a hell of a signing in kyle williams as a punt returner, as he singlehandedly won them the game.

  2. Harbaugh should have used that timeout. The kick looked rushed. Either way Cundiff should have hit it.
    That #10 for the 49ers should feel worse then Cundiff. He literally cost them the game, twice.
    Bryz sucks. He hasn’t stopped a single shot in a shootout this year after stopping 70% of the shots he faced in shootouts last year. Weaksauce. If Bob played yesterday they win that game.

  3. That’s actually a Ravens fan losing his shit in that video (obvious mistake). Either way, it’s quite understandable. I also agree with FACE, I think Williams had the worse night of the two. I don’t see any way he could have left that stadium last night without some kind of secret service protection or something. Inexcusable.

  4. I like how the SF punt returner was channeling his inner D Jack yesterday…. coincidence they are both #10??? i think not!

  5. “We win as a team and we lose as a team, keep your head up Billy.”
    -Ray Lewis after yesterdays loss…CLASS

  6. What I had planned for to be an awesome sunday filled with sports was cut short after Balotelli getting a penalty after not being sent off caused alcohol intake to escalate and my bedtime became 3 o’clock in the afternoon.
    Howard Webb hates Tottenham

  7. really enjoyed kicking it right in the Spurs asses yesterday. No Champions League for your boys.

  8. I’ll never forget Joe Pa yelling at the heavyset lady that worked at the uni mart on beaver ave while I was a student there. He was fired up his hot dog was too soggy

  9. coys- totally agree, i didn’t want to get too soccer heavy, but my god, Balotelli is scum and watching him win the game pissed me off to no end

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