Your Tuesday Morning Roundup: Mega Stuffed Everything You May Have Missed And The Winter Classic Post Holiday Edition

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Happy New Year… welcome back to reality. Rough commute this morning– it was a long haul down the stairs, which were treacherously cold thanks to the draft coming through the front door. I would hate to have to leave my house in this frigid weather. 

Good, now that you sufficiently hate me, we can get straight to the Roundup. Today’s version is a mega-stuffed, nearly two-week-long recap of the Winter Classic and everything else you may have missed while drinking Egg Nog and eating pies, cannoli and strudels.


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The roundup

Winter Classic

– Photo galleries– NBC Philadelphia, GettyFlyers

Briere’s penalty shot against Henrik Lundqvist from Net Cam.

Ed Snider is fine with Ilya Bryzgalov being nuts

The Winter Classic flyover. Warning: you have to deal with Patti Labiaelle for a few seconds.

– Fucking Pat Sajak and Ashleeeee Simpson were at the game.

Pictures of girls in their underwear holding the mask Bryz was supposed to wear in the Winter Classic.

– The Flyers didn’t appreciate Mike Rupp’s salute.

– John Tortorella posits conspiracy theory… even though he won. 

Everything else

image from

Roy Halladay and Chris Carpenter

– Yes, Virginia, we did know about Roy Halladay rescuing a naked man who had been bitten by an anaconda in the Amazon. In fact, we were one of the first places to post it. No less than half a dozen people have sent this to me over the past few days. Must-read story from Friday.

  image from

– Our Top Ten Philly Sports Moments of 2011

– This is the Thermos crazy Bryz was drinking out of yesterday while he sat on the bench.

– Claude Giroux’s sister got engaged at Citizens Bank Park. Claude told his future brother-in-law to “grow some balls and just do it.” Boom– Niked.

– Ilya Bryzgalov’s crazy press conference in which he told reporters that Bob would be starting the Winter Classic.

– Lindros and Clarke interviewed together.

– Video of Peter Laviolette telling Steve Ott to go fuck himself.

– Lou Williams treated a would-be robber to McDonald’s on Christmas Eve, so he says.

– Rick Tocchet was arrested over the holidays. He failed to declare $18k in the Bahamas. He does have a history of gambling

– Yahoo! Sports' Puck Daddy named us the "Best Investigative Blog" of 2011.

– The Sixers continue to form the greatest show on the hardwood. They hired the makers of the Madden 12 intro to create videos for the team this season. Awesome! Now how about an elite player?

– There is a serial bank robber in Philadelphia, and he wears Phillies hats.

– Bryce Harper continues to be a douche. He named his new – cute – puppy Swag.

– The Marlins would like to host the Winter Classic. Really.

– An interview with the subject of our number one Philly sports moment of 2011, Mike Richards.

John Miller writes about the top five things that went wrong with the Eagles, who will hold a press conference today at 2:30. That should be fun. 


Happy 2012, folks. We’re back in-full to being the best sports blog in the city. And you, the best readers. 


8 Responses

  1. While I couldn’t be at the Classic (fuck you, hard-to-get-tickets), I did tailgate. Then went to my cousin’s apartment in Old City… where we heard the fly over prior to the M18s reaching CBP. It was AWESOME. Like, Patti Labelle is singing, we’re wishing Lauren Hart was singing, and all of a sudden that noise starts. We knew exactly what it was and were jumping up and down having heard it.
    For someone who grew up in Chester County and doesn’t often get those types of experiences, I was pumped. So cool. Just another reason why this event was phenomenal.

  2. If the point of the open was to try to get us to hate you then you should have shoehorned in a “Ms. CB” reference where it didn’t need to be. You know, like you usually do.

  3. with all due respect, i’m thinking most days you’re investigating your own toe cheese, that’s about it.

  4. Went to high school with one of those girls in their underwear holding Bryz’ mask. Some people were actually concerned she was autistic.

  5. Deezy,
    “Ms. CB”?
    Don’t you mean A Whole Lot Of Rosie Palms and her 5 sisters?
    Ah, look at it this way, look what happened last time when the Flyers lost in OT in their last Winter Classic… So Maybe this time losing in regulation means a certain Cup win hahahah.

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