DeSean Jackson and His Chicago Bulls Hat Were in the Studio with Snoop Dogg Last Night


Ya boi continues his millionaire lifestyle on a hundredthousandaire paycheck. 

Last night, at around 3 a.m. in the East and midnight in the West, DeSean Jackson tweeted this picture with Snoop Dogg as the two got their – quote – studio grind – end quote – on. 

The D-oh-double-gizzle and D-Jac go way back– DeSean was on Snoop’s show in 2009, and Snoop recorded a song for DeSean in 2010. And now it seems like there maybe another collabo in the works. YA HERRR MEEH?!!

And yes, that is a Bulls hat on D-Jac’s head. So, children, if you’re keeping score at home (I am), D-Jac has outwardly supported the Bulls, Lakers, Nationals, White Sox, and Yankees this offseason. WILL SOMEONE GET HIM A SIXERS HAT?!

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22 Responses

  1. So its clear now that he’s not dissing Philly.
    He’s just a front running douchebag.
    Probably has 900 ‘lids’.

  2. The NFL should be knocking at D-Jax’s door right… about… now with a urine sample cup to drug test him. Cause you know him and Snoop got crazy high in that studio.

  3. Im sorry but following this man around the internet to get pics of him wearing a hat other than a Philadelphia team is stupid and haterish (yeah i made that word up). I’m a life long Philadelphian and proud supporter of my team but I wear a different team hat everyday….so what, my only beef is that their snap-backs and not fitteds.

  4. If the 6ers keep winning he will be sporting their hat soon too. As long as it matches his shoes. He is just more of a “fashion plate” then a sports fan.

  5. i cant beleive ppl dont understand that we wears hats for two reasons. To rep he’s from the west coast (Nationals (west coast), Lakers, Kings) and to match what hes wearing. Get over it.

  6. DeSean’s more worried about his “swag” and “reppin’ westside” than he is about wearing Philly apparel all the time…he doesn’t really care

  7. Why do you care so much what athletes are wearing it’s borderline homosexual. Oh yeah that’s Wright, the whole Nova thing.

  8. An athlete wearing clothes from another town should only be a story if its in the same sport. There is no clause in his contract that says he has to support the rest of the towns teams, especially the one everybody forgot about for 5 years. This is one of the rare times I disagree with you Kyle.

  9. I don’t see why we should care what hat an athlete wears. I guess I see the dilemma if an Eagles player has a Cowboys hat on or if a Flyers player has on a Rangers hat. Otherwise, who cares?

  10. All of these pictures will be even more amusing in a few years when Rosenhaus won’t return his calls and Snoop pretends he doesn’t know him. At least he’ll still be friends with that tranny stripper.

  11. Instead of getting him a Sixers hat, why don’t we just show him the door so he can GTFO…Pretty sure he’ll turn into an extreme cancer in <2 years, wherever he is.

  12. Desean is getting beyond annoying. I never seen someone soo desperate for attention. Personally he ca walk for all I care. Give me a receiver who is 6’3 and actually shows up to play in big games. And also a receiver who aint afraid to go up the middle.

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