Video: David Beckham Has No Idea Who Mike Richards Is

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Mike Richards has changed.

Earlier this year we brought to you his attendance at the premier of Twilight: The Seventhy-Fifth Movie About a Forlorn Hottie Chasing Vampires Through a Field. His Tweets to Justin Bieber. His appearance on NHL 36. And now this little segment with Cabbie Richards.

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The two Richards attended a Lakers-Suns game earlier this season. They sat courtside, just a few seats down from David Bekham, who had absolutely no idea who (Mike) Richards was, just like the rest of the 20,000 people in attendance (this is funny because last year Richie went looking for Becks at PPL Park on the same day that he had surgery). Kobe Bryant, however, pretended to be chummy with Richie: “He plays for the Kings. Yeah, I know that.” 

Meanwhile, it must be getting close to playoff time. Mike's teammate and brotastic buddy, Jeff Carter, is in a walking boot.

Video after the jump.

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  1. For being someone who didn’t want to be recognized, he sure is throwing himself out there.

  2. Richie smoothly gets Kobe’s number there, as if Kobe couldnt get into a King’s game without his help haha

  3. Playoffs are close, time for Carter to dust off the ol’ walking boot, get his best suits dry-cleaned for the press box, and set the golf clubs next to the front door. He didn’t even have to leave Columbus for that!

  4. Kobe seems like a pretty good dude for a superstar athlete.
    I have zero idea who “Cabbie” Richards is.

  5. Cabbie Richards is essentially a male puck bunny who leaches onto Canadian hockey stars to propel his broadcast career. He’s a tool.

  6. It would not shock me 1 bit if Richards did a line of cocaine in the lakers locker room bathroom. Like James Worthy used to do back in he day

  7. Lol, fuckkkk! comment section fight! This site is generally much better than 700 level. They have a little more analysis about all the teams, and report on the sixers more, but it’s nothing you can’t find on CSN, or anywhere else. The only blog that’s pure stats and analysis that’s different from CSN stuff and thats actually worth reading is broad street hockey, but even then that site gets a little winded sometimes. (juztt read any of their posts about matt carle) And it’s just flyers. This blog provides a much more edgy and subjective fan perspective while still having the objective analytical side to it. It’s what 700level and CSN wish they could be but can’t be due to too many PC sponsors and Tim Panatchios hair plugs. K im done takin a dump. I’m gonna go back to drinking my bourbon.

  8. Well, Kings fans probably don’t know who Richards is either, so the feeling is mutual.

  9. Tom needs to stop being the blog police & start trying to get his dicked sucked.
    Tom get off the site pussy

  10. Wtf no coverage on the Kentucky game? Their going to the championship game!!

  11. Kyle Laskowski you closet homosexual you. You sound so “butt-hurt” and desperate. The scary part is u probably think you’re “somebody” in Philadelphia when in actuality you recycle other peoples stuff and pry in to lives of the athletes you root for and then knock them down again if they dont preform well. You are the epitome of whats wrong with a Philadelphia sports fan. And given the chance you couldn’t/wouldn’t defend yourself or ur girl without screaming for help. Do yourself a favor and fade away or choke on something…

  12. @Dan and @Tom I have an idea, it may be a little advanced so I’ll try to explain it so that you can understand. If you don’t enjoy reading the blog, don’t read it. It truly is that simple. Unless of course your life is so pathetic that you don’t have anything better to do than troll a sports blog. I have shit to do and a life, but hey maybe things aren’t going so hot for you. Personally I love the blog and find it funny, as well as informative. I like it so much, I made it my homepage, and visit it several times a day. I like it because I am currently in Upstate New York for school and this is something different from the ESPN or CSN articles that I could read about the games or philly news. But like I said, no one is forcing you to watch it, obviously enough people like the site since it was voted the best sports blog in Philly.

  13. Hey Brian its joke not a dick, dont it so hard. And slap that Dick out of your mouth its unbecoming. Please let me know how i can share in neverending fun that your experiencing in beautiful “upstate NY” .
    Key Kyle, nice nob deleting your fantasy hockey post you loser.

  14. This site was cool in 2010. Ya Aint barstool, ya aint deadspin. You bitch about commenters “trolling” but miss the fact that bloggers troll all day and make a living doing it.

  15. Lavy is the man!!!
    Miss Philadelphia trying so hard to bait Kyle.
    Keep up the good work on this site! Love it

  16. I guess I just never paid that close attention, but I never realized how gay Richards sounds when he talks.

  17. Who the fuck cares?? Richards is well aware that soccer is for pussies. Exhibit A is Beckhams hat.

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