Andy Reid Knows Damn Well That He Just Created Another Quarterback Controversy

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The logical question, one brought up by reports like the one in our previous post, is, What changes will the Eagles make next?

Reid was asked that question in about a thousand different ways at today’s press conference and by company shill Dave Spadaro. His answer never wavered: He says Michael Vick is the quarterback right now, but he’s evaluating everything, and therefore that includes Vick.

“As I sit here today, he’s the starting quarterback.”

“I’m going through and evaluating everything. I’m looking at everything. Everybody and everything.”

“I’m just telling the truth. Right now, Micael Vick’s the starting quarterback. I’ve told you that I’m going through and evaluating. I told it to you yesterday and I’m telling you today. And I’m trying to be real with you, and so, I’ll continue to evaluate myself and continue to do the things that I think are right for this organization.”

“I’m gonna look at all the turnovers. I’m going through and will analyze it.”


Reid’s tepid endorsements of Vick are somewhat surprising because just a few weeks ago, when Reid failed to clearly state that Vick’s job was secure, creating a (brief) controversy, he immediately backtracked. Now, when given multiple opportunities to clarify himself, he hasn’t exactly gone out of his way to give Vick any votes of confidence. And, if anything, Reid’s intentionally trying to light a fire under his starting quarterback.

My take? Vick will be given another opportunity, at home against the Falcons. No way Foles starts the first game of his career against the best team in the league. But should Vick play miserably again… then I think Reid goes to Foles against the Saints.

Watch video of Reid’s response to the question about Vick. [Caution: Spuds fellating Reid may be NSFW for some.]


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  1. Pic looks just like male escort Jeff Gannon asking GW Bush questions….lobbing them softball queries.
    fellating ?
    c’mon Kyle thats greek for ” sucked so hard the bedsheet went up my azz”

  2. I don’t think it’s really a quarterback controversy. It’s more like a quarterback consensus. The consensus is that Vick sucks.
    Due to the state of the offensive line, there is really no possibility of a good option: it’s simply a matter of taste whether you prefer to protect Foles by leaving Vick out there to throw the kid out there to get destroyed. Neither option leads anywhere near the Superbowl.

  3. Don’t most coaches evaluate and improve things in the offseason and preseason? We should try that sometime.

  4. hortonone hit the nail on the head. No matter who the quarterback is, Mike Vick, Nick Foles, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees, he’s going to get killed behind that sieve of an offensive line. Changing QB’s won’t solve a damn thing until the problems on the O-line are fixed. Bottom line: this so-called controversy is much ado about nothing.

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